AMC Update Friday 8/7/09

All My Children Update Friday 8/7/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall is being sentenced, and the judge gives her life imprisonment with a minimum of 15 years to be served before probation. He was harsh on her, because she tried to escape. Adam tells the press he is not vindicated, because lives have been lost. Zach tells Kendall that he wants to take her home and he will. She tells him that it is time she went to jail. They hug each other before Jesse. Kendall tells Zach that she will close her eyes, and when she opens them she need him to be gone. She opens her eyes, and cries when she does not see him.

Marion comes to court, looks at Kendall and pulls a gun. Liza sees her and pushes Kendall out of the way. A bullet hits Marissa, but Natalia and Scott disarm her. Zach takes Kendall back into the courtroom.

JR kisses Annie, but she pushes him away.

Tad is watching TV when Taylor arrives. The baby is having diarrhea and she cannot get it to stop, so she brings the baby over to Tad’s. Amanda comes home upset about Taylor not being at home; she finds her at Tad's house. Krystal hears noise and comes downstairs. Tad, Amanda, and Taylor hides the baby, but Kathy sees the baby later and wants to know who the baby is. Opal walks in and figures out that the baby is for Amanda. Krystal watches the TV and learns that Marissa is shot; she rushes to the hospital.

Liza sees her mother in the courthouse and instructs her to keep quiet. Liza sees Adam and blames him for all of the murder that surrounds him.

Zach is hanging around the courtroom and runs into Adam. Zach tells Adam that he lost his brother, and he lost his wife; he also tells him his kids lost their mother. Adam asks Zach if he is he blaming him, and Zach responds that he is all out of blame. Rachel offers to stay with Zach since Kendall is in jail. He tells her that he will pay her for the remainder of the year, but will stay with the boys himself. He plans to work at home. She hugs Zach and leave.

Marissa is rushed to the hospital. David removes everyone off her case, because he wants to operate. Krystal and Scott ask Jake to stand in as well during the surgery.

Colby, Annie and JR hear the news about Marissa. JR is going to see Marissa at the hospital. Colby learns about her fathers’ engagement; she lets Annie know that she does not approve of her, and calls her a wrecking ball.

Marion is taken to the police station with Liza. Marion has short-term memory and has forgotten that Stuart is dead, and that she recently shot at Kendall. DA Willis tells Liza that Marion will be placed in psychiatric evaluation.

Scott and Krystal fill in JR on Marissa’s condition; David tells them that he froze in the operating room and Jake finished for him. Liza comes to see about Marissa and David blames her for Marissa being shot. He asks her to leave the hospital.

Opal wants to know whose bright idea was it to pass off Trevor as a girl and to try to dupe David. She thinks that pink clothes could give the baby a complex. She tells Tad, Amanda, and Taylor that “Doctor Evil” will unravel their plan; she has a better plan.

Liza checks on Zach and wants to talk about Kendall’s appeal. He wants to spend time with his boys. Spike comes into the room and asks for his mommy. Zach talks to the boys about mommy being away.

Colby tells Adam and Annie to not invite her to their wedding. Adam tells Annie that he no longer wants revenge for Stuart’s death. He tries to remember the night Stuart died, but cannot. Annie tells him to forget that night and not to speak of it.

Liza tries to help Zach by offering to cook for him or to run errands, but he tells her he wants to be with his boys, so she leaves.

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