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All My Children Update Thursday 8/6/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne

JR tells Marissa that Kendall did not kill Uncle Stuart no matter what she says.  Marissa tells him that Annie is off the hook and plans on marrying Adam; she suggests that JR get on board with the wedding since Scott has.  Marissa asks JR about making an effort to get along for his family.  He wants her to stop acting as if she knows whatís best for him, and she tells him that she is just trying to help.  He needs a minute to be pissed at Annie about her engagement to Adam; JR believes that Annie is a user, but Marissa thinks that maybe Adam and Annie are in love.

Adam looks at the paper showing that Kendall has confessed, and he says justice for Stuart will finally be served.  Zach arrives at Adamís house and Adam asks why he is there.  Annie comes into the room and tells Zach that she and Adam are engaged.  Adam tells her that Zach has lost Kendall forever.  Zach asks to speak to Adam alone.  Adam asks Annie to go outside and get his favorite flower, the Hydrangea.   Zach wants Adamís help to save Kendall from getting the death penalty.  Adam tells Zach that Kendall is confessing, and Zach tells him that she is doing that to get everything over.  Adam tells Zach that Kendall robbed his family of their heart and soul when she killed Stuart.   Zach reminds him that it started with Ian.  Scott walks into the room and tells Adam that his father would not wish the death penalty for Kendall.  Annie asks Adam to be lenient with Kendall as well for Spike and Ianís sake, Zach leaves.  Annie tells Adam that if he does not speak on Kendallís behalf, Zach will never leave them alone.  

Liza tells Kendall that she could have gotten more time befor her sentencing, but  Kendall does not want more time, because she wants to get the sentencing over. 

Natalia is at Frankie and Randiís home, and apologize for saying there is a police cover up by Jesse. Angie is there and asks about the police cover up.  Frankie tells Natalia and Randi that he has a doctor appointment for his hands. 

Jesse tells Ryan that he is not on the list of people speaking on Kendallís behalf.  Ryan realizes that he is not on the list, because he and Kendall were lovers.  Ryan still wants to help Kendall. 

Erica speaks to Kendall about turning herself in.  She tells Kendall that she had a plane waiting for her and the boys but she never made it.   Erica wants to know why Kendall did not make it.  Erica needs Kendall and does not want to lose her; she tells Kendall that it is not too late to escape.  Kendall asks her to go home.  

Erica sees Zach at the police station and wants him to do something about Kendall.  He tells her that they will do nothing, because Kendall makes the decision to turn herself in.   Erica asks for Ryanís help and tells her that the decision is up to Zach and Kendall. 

Kendall speaks to Zach and asks him not to look at her when they are in the courtroom.  She wants to remember his eyes when they loved her, not watching her go to jail.  She tells him that he will have a good life, and that she was glad to be apart of it.  He asks that she not say that.  He tells her that she was the best part of his life.   Her tells her not to give up because he intends to prove that she is innocent.  He gives her a passionate kiss, but tells her that there will be no goodbyes.

Natalia tells Randi that Jesse may not be on the level.  Randi tells her that everyone has secrets.  Randi tells Natalia that sometimes it is impossible to separate family from the job.  Randi tells Natalia to trust her dad.  Angie tells Frankie that Randi jumped to Jesseís defense. Angie feels that Jesseís secret is about Henry North and Randi is involved.   Angie tells Frankie that Randi knows the secret Jesse is keeping, because they are friends.  Frankie tells Angie to trust his dad and Angie wants Jesse to start trusting her.

Colby learns from JR that Adam is engaged; she thinks that the marriage would be a mistake. 

Ryan tells Erica that he is sorry about Kendall.  Erica blames Zach for not continuing to help.  Ryan tells her that Kendall made the choice.   They still believe that Annie is Stuartís killer. 

Annie asks Lucretia to help her with a wedding dress.  Lucretia is put off by the differences in Annie and Adamís ages.  Annie gets angry and tells Lucretia that she wants roses in the house instead of the hydrangea. 

Zach speaks on Kendallís behalf and ask the judge if he has kids.  He tells the judge that he loved Kendall but loved her more when they had kids together.  He asks for understanding and explains why Kendall showed up at Adamís house to kill him.  She was grieving for her son.   Scott says his father was forgiving and would not want death for Kendall.   Adam supports Kendall not getting the death penalty, and blames himself for Stuartís death since everyone was gunning for him.  Marissa congratulates Scott on his courtroom speech. 

Marian does not forgive Kendall.  She has no pity for Kendall, because her husband is gone.  Kendall killed two people the night she shot Stuart.  Liza approaches the stand and tries to soothe Marian, but she runs Liza away for defending Kendall.  Marian says that Kendall and her friends make her sick pleading for mercy.  She hopes Kendall suffers and rots in hell.  Marian tells Adam that she is moving from the gatehouse.  Liza apologizes to Zach for her motherís words.  Zach understands that Marian is in pain.

Frankie tells Madison that Randi lost her baby.  Angie sees Madison talking to Frankie and wants to know how they know each other.  Angie feels that something is off with Madison and Jesse, and there is something amiss about Henry Northís death.  Madison sees Randi and tells her she is sorry for the loss of her baby.  Randi blames her, but Madison tells her that she lost the baby because of her guilty conscience. 

Lucretia tells JR about Annie.  Annie rings a bell for her coffee.  JR takes the coffee to Annie.   Annie does not understand why JR is being so nice, because she knows he does not like her.  JR and Annie lay their cards on the table about their true feelings. 

Erica does not want to lose Kendall and Ryan tells her he understands. 

The judge listens and he understands the circumstances surrounding Kendallís case, but the law is the law.  Kendallís case was not helped when she escaped.  The judge has reached his verdict and asks Kendall to stand.

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