AMC Update Wednesday 8/5/09

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/5/09


Written by Nathan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Marissa finds J.R. in an alley and asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he's just dizzy and hot. They discuss the current situation with Scott, and J.R. confides in her that he's angry and jealous of Scott because he is the type of person he wants to be but can't. Marissa asks him if he has been drinking, and he assures her that although he wanted to, he didn't. Marissa then tells him to cut Adam and Scott some slack because he needs all the family he can get.

Scott asks Adam and Annie what's going on, and the happy couple announce that they're getting married. Adam sends Annie to get some champagne while he talks to Scott. They discuss his happiness and the fact that Adam has reconsidered Scott's new mission statement for the company. J.R. and Marissa walk in and see the three celebrating over champagne, and Annie happily announces that she is going to be a Chandler. After J.R. insults Annie, Marissa reminds him of what she said about him needing family, and he then puts on a fake smile and tries to pretend to be happy for them. After Marissa and J.R. leave, Annie tells Scott that she didn't believe J.R.'s act for a second and expresses how happy she is that he decided to move in.

Kendall frantically shouts that she's guilty in front of Jesse and Ryan. Jesse walks away, and Kendall pleads with Ryan to bring him back so that she can confess. Ryan tries his best to talk her out of it, but she won't listen. Zach continues to beg Liza to stay on Kendall's case. After much hesitation, she finally gives in as Zach receives a phone call from Jesse warning him about Kendall's confession. Ryan gives up, and Zach goes to see her. Kendall tells him that her confessing is the right thing to do and asks him to accept her decision. Liza sits by Kendall as he confesses all to Jesse. They are both visibly touched by her explanation of why she tried to kill Adam and killed Stuart instead. Kendall sees Stuart again, and he tells her that she did the right thing and that he accepts her apology. When he says that everything worked out well, Kendall asks him how, and he says it's because he can now go to a better place.

After overhearing Kendall's earlier conversation with Ryan, Natalia confronts Jesse about trying to cover up Kendall's crimes. They argue over doing the right thing and exactly what that is in this case. While sleeping, Randi flashes back to the night Henry North was killed and the day she lost her baby. Home from grocery shopping, Frankie wakes her and tries to get her to open up to him. She says she feels guilty about the baby, but he assures her that it wasn't her fault. Natalia comes by to vent about Jesse. Hearing them use words like "murder" and "kill" makes Randi feel even more guilty about what happened to North. Feeling a little better, Natalia leaves, and Frankie and Randi finish their discussion about the baby. He tells her that they should try again, but Randi says that she's still grieving the child that they lost and insists that she's not ready.

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