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Jake says that they will come up with lots of activities while waiting to adopt the baby. Amanda says that she canít wait until they can do it without sneaking around.

Tad says that they have to get back to the baby and Krystal asks what baby. Taylor says that Krystal is there. Krystal asks if Jenny is okay. Tad says that Jenny is fine, other than the fact that Opal is teaching her how to read tea leaves. Krystal asks Tad what baby he was talking about and he says that he was talking about the baby that he left behind.

JR shows Little Adam how to fish at the Yacht Club. Marissa comes up. JR asks Kirk to show Little Adam how it is really done and Kirk agrees. Marissa says that Kendall escaped through the restroom window. JR says that he hopes Kendall stays gone, so that the DA will finally find Stuartís real killer.

Adam tells Annie that they will start fresh today because now is all that matters. Adam asks for Annieís forgiveness and they kiss. Scott comes in and says that he should have knocked. Adam says that he wants Scott to move in with them.

Liza says that she told Kendall that they would have their day in court and would win. Jesse says that the odds of winning just went out the window. Liza swings her briefcase and hits David in the face. Liza apologizes and says that Kendall took off. Liza says that she could have gotten Kendall acquitted, but now she will go to prison.

Zach asks what Kendall is still doing there. Ryan says that Kendall wonít go, but Zach says that she has to keep moving. Kendall says that she canít take the boys away from Zach. Zach says that the boys have to stay for now, but Kendall has to go. Kendall says that she isnít going, but changes her mind as the police sirens approach. An officer tells Ryan to freeze.

Krystal asks what baby Tad has to get back to. Tad covers and says that it is their song. Taylor says that it is by Gene Autry and Tad says that it is called ďThe Girl I Left Behind.Ē Krystal asks if it is a new song. Tad starts telling terrible jokes.

Jake talks about the things he is going to teach Trevor.

Marissa says that it isnít fair to jump to the worst possible conclusions. JR says that Annie always plays the victim. Marissa says that JR is mad because Adam moved Annie back into the mansion, and JR misses Adam.

Scott asks why Adam wants him to move in. Adam says that Annieís life could be in danger. Scott says that he has a security team, but Adam says that Scott is aware and he can trust him. Adam says that Scott also cares about Annie, so they need him.

David says that he doesnít blame Kendall for wanting to take off because Adam gets away with everything. Liza says that Adam knows how to work the law and get away with it.

Jesse asks where Kendall is. Ryan says that he has no idea and Zach says that they tried to catch up, but were too late. Jesse says that he would have had evidence on Annie with a little more time, but Zach says that there wasnít enough time. Jesse asks if Zach helped Kendall escape. Zach says that he wasnít letting Kendall go down for Stuartís murder. Jesse says that Zach is an accomplice. Zach says to let Kendall run, but Jesse says that he canít do it. Jesse says that if he doesnít do this, someone else will and they wonít have half the sympathy that he does.

Kendall makes her way to the marina. An officer orders everyone to check specific places.

Amanda starts to worry about Tad and Taylor not being back yet. Amanda asks if they can call and make sure everything is okay.

Tad and Taylor talk about jokes. Taylor tells Tad to have a fry.

The maid comes in and tells Adam that Mr. Grant is there. Adam asks Annie to convince Scott that moving in would be the best decision ever. Annie asks Scott if he thinks he will move in. Scott says that Adam is being overprotective because he is already on the property. Annie says that it would be fun to have someone to sit around and watch movies with at night. Scott asks if Annie is coming on to him.

JR says that he is scared for Adam because he is living with the woman that killed Stuart and took a shot at Adam, but Marissa says that JR doesnít know that those things are true. JR asks Little Adam if he had any bites yet and Little Adam says no. JR says that he is scared that he and Little Adam are going to end up like him and Adam. Marissa says that JR is a great dad because he puts his son first and always will. JR asks if Marissa has a crystal ball and she says that she has faith in JR. JR asks what the police are doing there and Marissa says that she is going to check on something. Marissa tells Little Adam that if he catches a fish, she wants to hear all about it.

Ryan asks Officer Brock to get some juice for Spike and says that it is in the diaper bag. Officer Brock tells Ryan not to move. Zach asks Mitch what he has. Mitch says that the cops are looking all over the marina. Zach says that if Mitch sees Kendall, he is to get her on the boat and get her out of there. Zach says that they have a problem. An officer stops Mitch and asks who owns the boat. Mitch says that it is a rental and that he is just trying to beat the weather. The officer asks for a list of names that Mitch is expecting, but he says that he doesnít have that information. Kendall hides and thinks about her escape. Marissa asks if the cops are looking for Kendall. Natalia says that there is no sign of her yet. Kendall says that she gives up and Natalia reads her rights to her.

Annie says that she thinks Scott is really sweet, but she is in love with Adam. Scott apologizes and says that it was out of line. Annie says that she isnít throwing herself at Scott. Adam comes back and asks if Annie has convinced Scott to move in. Scott says that he will think about it and leaves. Adam says that he has a surprise for Annie.

Jesse tells an officer to set the boys up in his office with some milk and cookies. Jesse asks Zach who is going to raise the boys when their parents are all in prison. Liza says that she is in on the questioning. Zach says that they donít need Liza, but Jesse says that they do and that is why he called her. Natalia says that Kendall surrendered at the marina. Kendall says that she went to the restroom and saw the window open, so she took the chance at freedom. Jesse asks if Kendall saw Zach, Ryan or the boys. Kendall says that Zach and Ryan had no part of it and that her children need their fathers. Kendall asks Jesse if she can talk to Zach.

JR and Marissa walk into ConFusion and he asks her if she wants to say hi to everyone, but she says that she will do it later.

Tad and Taylor dance. Taylor says that they have to leave, but Tad says that he sidestepped the whole baby thing. Taylor says that David walked in. Jake comes in and says that Amanda would really like them to be home.

Marissa tells JR that Kendall just walked up and surrendered. JR says that Kendall goes back to jail and Annie can stab, shoot and kill again. Scott walks up and asks JR to give Annie a break. Scott suggests that JR took the shot at Adam to frame Annie. JR says that he hates Annie, but would never risk jail time to get her out of the way. Scott says that Adam asked him to move in to keep Annie safe. JR congratulates Scott and says that Adam has decided that Scott is the son he never had.

Kendall apologizes to Zach and says that she couldnít take the boys, but she couldnít leave them and Zach either. Zach says that he will get her out of this. Jesse tells Kendall that they got to get her back to her cell. Kendall tells Zach that she loves him.

Amanda says that she had a bad feeling about them being out. Tad says that David would have just seen him and Taylor laughing it up on a date. Taylor says that Krystal wasnít laughing though. Tad explains that he slipped up and said something about the baby, but Taylor says that he covered it up brilliantly. Tad says that all David heard was him telling a stupid joke. Jake says that the slip-up could have cost them Trevor.

Scott says that Adam isnít trying to replace JR and that he is just worried about Annie. JR says that Adam is using Annie to reel Scott in to make him a real Chandler. JR says that Adam will strip Scott of all his high morals and will kill the Stuart in him. Marissa goes off after Scott. David comes up and comments that JR could probably use a drink. David says that he would be celebrating because JR is rid of Adam and Little Adam will definitely be better off. JR tells David to go to hell.

Adam tells Annie that she is his life.

Ryan says that he wants to see Kendall and asks for five minutes. Jesse agrees and asks Officer Thompson to take Ryan to see her. Natalia asks Jesse if he still thinks Kendall is innocent, but Jesse says that it doesnít matter what he thinks. Natalia says that she has a feeling that Jesse has one foot outside the law, but Jesse says that both of his feet are exactly where they should be.

Ryan tells Kendall that Liza will prove reasonable doubt and Kendall will be home soon. Ryan asks Kendall to fight this for her kids and Zach.

Zach says that Rachel is giving the boys a bath and asks what the strategy is. Liza says that their reasonable doubt went out the window. Zach says that he promised Kendall that she wasnít going to prison and is going to keep his promise. Liza wishes Zach luck and says that she quits.

Amanda tells Trevor that she will see him soon. Tad apologizes for the mess-up at ConFusion. Taylor says that they were careless and Tad says that he will never utter the word ďbabyĒ again. Jake and Amanda leave. Tad and Taylor share a kiss and then he leaves.

David says that Krystal looks like she is having as much fun as he is. Krystal says that Tad and Taylor have their own song already.

JR flings an unopened bottle of liquor against a wall and gets dizzy in an alley.

Adam proposes and Annie accepts. Adam places a huge ring on Annieís finger. Scott walks in as Annie and Adam kiss.

Kendall paces around her jail cell and thinks about everything that has happened. Kendall says that she canít fight and that she doesnít want to.

Zach says that he wonít let Liza quit. Liza asks if Zach is going to tell the world that her baby is Davidís son. Zach says that he doesnít care about her secret because itís about Kendall going to prison for life, or worse. Liza says that she is sorry and that she gets why Kendall ran. Zach asks Liza not to quit on Kendall and says that he will do anything she wants.

Officer Thompson says that they have a problem with Kendall and that she is cracking up. Kendall says that she is guilty and that she murdered Stuart.

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