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All My Children Update Monday 8/3/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Trevor cries and Taylor tries to figure out why. Tad tells Taylor that the baby needs to be burped. Tad helps Taylor figure out how to burp the baby and Trevor spits up.

Kendall dreams about being found guilty, while sleeping in her jail cell. Natalia comes in and tells Kendall that it is time to go.

Ryan asks if Zach has talked to Kendall. Zach says that he went down there, but couldnít see her. Ryan tells Liza that he is there for moral support. Liza says that Ryan canít be in the courtroom during jury selection because he is on the witness list. Liza tells Zach that he can stay as long as there are no outbursts. Liza says that an outburst from an angry husband isnít going to win any sympathy with the jury. DA Willis says that Kendall will need all the sympathy she can get, especially after Emma testifies.

Jake asks Amanda if she wants him to drive her home, but she says that she needs to be by herself. Amanda leaves. David says that he has seen Amandaís test results and says how sorry he is. David says that he knows what it is like to hear that you will never have children again.

Ryan says that his daughter is in no state to be in a courtroom. Liza says that Emma has been catatonic for two days and was just released from the hospital. DA Willis says that he will have Emmaís testimony recorded to spare her the stress of the courtroom, but Liza says that even talking about the incident is too stressful for Emma. DA Willis says that Judge Pearson has approved his request. Ryan asks Liza if there is anything they can do and she says that she can go for an injunction on the grounds that Emma is emotionally and mentally unstable, but there is no guarantee. Ryan tells Liza to do what she has to do. Liza tells Ryan and Zach not to do anything to jeopardize the case because they will only make it worse.

Jesse offers Kendall a bottle of water, but she turns him down. Jesse tells Kendall that he is still working the Annie angle, but Kendall says that it doesnít matter. Jesse tells Kendall not to give up because it is far from over and she has a lot of people on her side. Natalia comes in and says that the security detail is there. Jesse tells Natalia to observe the transfer.

Tad tells Taylor that it will take more than a couple spin cycles to get the regurgitated smell out of the shirt. Taylor tells Tad to throw it in the laundry and he asks if she is trying to seduce him. Taylor says that friends help friends keep their pants on. Tad says that he thought they were leaving things unresolved. Taylor says that they are just two people spending time together and enjoying each other. Tad says that Trevor is wearing a pink dress. Amanda comes in and says that she will hang out with Trevor if they want to get some lunch. Taylor asks if Amanda wants to take a break, but Amanda says that she just wants to be with her baby. Jake calls and tells Amanda that David bought it.

A waitress asks if Krystal is ready to order. Krystal says that she would like a few minutes because her date will be there soon. Marissa shows up and tells Krystal that she has to be in court in 20 minutes because they moved Kendallís trial up. Krystal tells Marissa to go. Krystal says that she will be dining alone after all.

Amanda says that David will be expecting them to adopt, now that they set it up so that he believes she canít have any more children. Amanda says that they need to use enough time to make it look real, but she thinks that it should happen as soon as possible. Taylor says that she is taking a break and tells Tad that she is going to ConFusion. Tad says that he has a headache because he is having a hard time processing a never-ending hit parade of lies. Amanda says that it is almost over and they will be a big happy family with Trevor. Tad says that Taylor has started bonding with Trevor, so giving him back to Amanda might not be as easy as she thinks. Amanda says that the last thing she wants to do is hurt Taylor, but giving Trevor back has always been part of the plan and suggests that Taylor needs a relationship.

Ryan stops in to see Jake at the hospital. Ryan says that he is trying to help Zach, so he brought Ian for a cardio checkup and a prescription refill. Jake asks Jo to find out when Ianís appointment is. Jo says that Ianís appointment is next Friday. Ryan asks Jake to give him a quick checkup while they are there, so he didnít waste a trip. Jake agrees and starts with the checkup.

Zach tells Kendall that it will be over soon. The judge orders that the prospective jurors come in.

Taylor and Krystal run into each other at ConFusion. Taylor insists that she and Tad are just friends, but Krystal says that it started that way until the benefits kicked in. Krystal says that if Taylor is going to be in Tadís life, they will see a lot of each other because Krystal and Tad are living together and share a child together. Taylor orders some fries.

Jake tells Ryan that everything looks perfect. Ryan asks if they can get the prescription refilled for 90 days, so that Zach wonít have to worry about it. Jake asks what name they want the prescription under. Ryan says that he is just picking up the prescription, but Jake says that if this was a normal errand, Zach would have sent the nanny or babysitter. Ryan says that he is basically the step dad to Ian. Jake says that Ryan is helping Kendall get out of town, but he understands that. Jake asks if there is something better he can do.

Liza says that they have a solid jury, but Marissa says that she is concerned about juror number one. Liza tells Marissa to pull up the jury questionnaire cards because she wants to know everything about every juror by morning. Zach tells Kendall to go to the bathroom. The officer tells Zach to back away from the prisoner.

Taylor and Krystal talk about Tadís habits. David shows up saying that he is meeting Marissa. Krystal says that Marissa is in court because Kendallís trial started today. David leaves. Krystal says that Taylor could do a lot worse than Tad, because she did with David.

Amanda tries to get Tad to admit that he likes Taylor. Tad says that he likes her and she is attractive, so Amanda asks what the problem is then. Tad says that there are problems everywhere, like how long she has been unengaged, his divorce and the fact that he lives with his ex-wife. Amanda says that Tad and Taylor are both full of excuses. Tad asks Amanda what Taylor said about him. Tad tells Amanda to spill, but she tells him to first.

Aidan tells Zach that juror number 11 is the key to a mistrial and that he can work her. Zach asks Aidan what he wants. Aidan says that he wants to see justice move along because they all know that Kendall is innocent.

Natalia says that she will pull the van around. Kendall says that she has to use the restroom. The officer says that she will have to wait until they get back to the station, but Kendall says that it canít wait. Kendall suggests that it is harassment and that her attorney would be happy to file suit against the police department. The officer agrees to let Kendall use the restroom and she goes in. Ryan sticks his head in the window. Kendall asks what Ryan is doing there and Ryan says that he and Zach arenít letting her spend another night behind bars. Kendall says that it will only be a couple of seconds before the cops bust in. Ryan says that they need to go then.

Krystal asks if she can give Taylor some advice and Taylor says that she will take all the help she can get. Krystal tells Taylor to be good to Tad. Taylor asks if Krystal still loves Tad. Krystal says that she wants what is best for Tad, but it isnít her.

Tad says that Taylor is fun and is always game for anything. Tad says that he likes spending time with Taylor. Amanda says that Tad doesnít seem to mind kissing Taylor. Tad asks if Amanda was spying on them and Amanda says that Tad isnít the only one with the talent of observing. Amanda asks Tad what the worst thing that could happen would be. Tad says that he could get his heart torn to shreds again because Taylor decides she isnít over her war hero ex. Amanda says that it would be worse to pass up on an amazing woman. Amanda tells Tad to be honest with himself and let himself feel.

Natalia comes back and asks where the prisoner is. An officer says that she is in the ladiesí room and has been for a few minutes. Zach stages a fight with Aidan. Natalia comes over and tells Jesse that Kendall is gone. Jesse tells the officers to seal off the courthouse. Jesse orders an APB for Kendall. Jesse tells Natalia to get to the marina. Liza reminds Zach that she asked him not to play hero and Zach says that he didnít.

Kendall asks Ryan what they are doing. Ryan says that they are leaving town, but had to pick up something first. Jake brings the boys to meet Ryan and Kendall. Ryan thanks Jake. Jake says that he got Kendall and Ianís meds in a 6-month supply. Kendall asks Jake why he is doing it. Jake says that he is a real big believer in moms and their kids being together lately. Jake leaves. Ryan says that he has to get the cuffs off. Ryan tells Kendall that Erica is going to take Kendall and the boys out of the country. Ryan tells Spike to take care of Kendall and Ian. Ryan says that they have to go, but Kendall says that she isnít going anywhere.

Liza tells Zach to end this and tell her where Kendall is. Marissa says that she has an idea that might help, but Liza tells her to fix it. Liza says that the only way she can make this better is if Zach tells her where Kendall is. The bailiff comes out and tells Liza that the judge wants to see her. Liza says that she will be there in a minute.

Amanda says that she knows that she isnít supposed to be there, but she was careful. Jake says that he couldnít stay away either. Amanda says that Trevor is the happiest boy in the world, except for the pink dress. Jake says that Trevor will be very happy when he gets out of the dress. Amanda says that she has the most incredible husband in the world and the most adorable baby in the world. Jake says that they just have to be a little more patient. Amanda says that some things are worth waiting for.

Taylor orders another iced tea, but Tad says that she has had enough. Taylor says that she was just calling him. Tad orders a beer. Tad talks about his bad habits and Taylor brings up the sock thing. Taylor says that she may have a source. Tad says that they have to get back to the baby. Krystal walks up and asks what baby they are talking about.

Liza leaves a message for Zach telling him to call her as soon as he gets it. Jesse says that there is no sign of Kendall and asks if there is any idea who helped her. Liza says that Zach was busy there. Jesse suggests that Liza advised Kendall to run with her kids. Liza says that she told Kendall that they would get their day in court and that they would win. Jesse says that the odds of winning just went out the window. Liza hitís a chair and the table then swings her briefcase and it smacks David in the face.

Ryan says that Kendall needs to go now because otherwise the police will be there and she may not see her kids for who knows how long. Kendall says that she wonít take the boys away from Zach and Ryan. Ryan says that Kendall isnít going back to jail. Zach gets there and asks what Kendall is still doing there. Ryan says that Kendall wonít go. Zach says that Kendall has to keep moving. Kendall says that she canít take the boys away from Zach. Police sirens approach.

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