AMC Update Friday 7/31/09

All My Children Update Friday 7/31/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Tad and Taylor kiss and, afterwards, try to discuss the how and why of it. Taylor does not think that she and Tad are a good idea. They both make excuses for not getting together. Amanda arrives at Taylor’s home. Tad and Taylor kiss again, and Amanda sees them.

Marissa talks to Opal and Krystal about Kendall and Annie. She is surprised at how cocky Annie has become since she has been with Adam. Krystal and Opal tell her that the cockiness is from the Chandler mansion. Marissa tells them that there are some good things in the mansion, and then they both say “J.R.” J.R. arrives, and Opal and Krystal leave Marissa alone with him. J.R. tells Marissa that Little A and he are moving back to the mansion since Annie is in jail. J.R. is intense, and Marissa uses her masseuse skills on him. J.R. tells Little A that they are moving back to the mansion, so they leave to pack. Krystal tells Marissa she has it bad for J.R. She warns Marissa that J.R. has some bad in him and sometimes reminds her of David. Marissa confesses that she likes Scott and J.R.

Natalia arrives at the Chandler mansion with theories on who shot at Adam. Natalia’s new theory is that someone was aiming for Annie. She gets Scott and Adam to listen. Natalia proves that someone else took the shot at Adam. Jesse arrives and wants to know her reason for investigating. Natalia is a cadet but keeps butting into police business. Adam concludes that there was a police cover up.

Kendall is at the police station asking to speak with Jesse. Liza sees Kendall at the police station. She tells her she has more time to prove Annie is guilty. She is shocked that Kendall was about to confess. Liza tells Kendall that if she confesses, she will go to jail and Zach will go to jail and leave their kids alone but Annie will be happy and rich in the mansion with Adam. Liza tells Kendall that she thought she was stronger than she is showing herself to be. Kendall thinks about her words and leaves the station without talking to Jesse. Jesse tells Liza to keep an eye on Kendall because she is barely hanging on. Liza tells him that is Zach’s job.

Jack accuses Zach of setting up Annie, but Aidan arrives and tells Jack that he is Zach’s alibi because they were at the casino together. Jack threatens Zach about the truth. Zach is suspicious as to why Aidan is lying for him; he wants to know if the reason he is lying is because he has a beef with Annie Lavery.

Zach arrives home, and Ryan is there. At first, Zach is not interested in what he has to say and orders him out. Ryan suggests that Kendall and the boys leave town to save her from jail. Kendall arrives home, and Ryan tells her that she and the boys are leaving town tonight. Kendall notices that Zach is quiet and wants to know what he thinks about her leaving. Zach does not want Kendall and the boys to leave. Liza arrives and senses something is awry. She asks someone to start talking.

Amanda and Taylor talk about Tad. Taylor wonders where the relationship will go because Tad is weird and has no job.

Tad returns home, and Krystal is there. She wants to know where he spent the night. He tells her he is seeing someone, and she is upset. Tad tells her that she is upset because they still care about each other. They talk about their feelings. Krystal wants to know who Tad is seeing, and Opal blurts out that he is seeing the Army girl. Krystal is shocked.

Liza tells Zach and Kendall that she could instill reasonable doubt. She promises that she will find a way to not put Emma on the stand. She tells Zach that if they run away, the feds will be all over them.

Adam tells Jesse that if he does not release Annie, he will tell the papers of a police cover-up. Jesse releases Annie. Adam arrives home with Annie as J.R. and Little A are attempting to move in. J.R. leaves with his son.

Jesse comes over to the Slaters and tells them that the charges against Annie have been dropped. He tells Liza the DA is moving in on Kendall’s conviction, so he has to take her in because she is a flight risk. Jesse carts Kendall off to jail.

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