AMC Update Thursday 7/30/09

All My Children Update Thursday 7/30/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Kendall reads the paper and sees Annie and Stewart on the cover. Erica comes over to take Kendall to work at Fusion. Erica is OK with Annie being put into jail. Kendall tells her she has guilt because she knows she killed Stuart. She thinks that she blacked out Stuartís death. Erica tells her to stop confessing and move on. Erica suggests that she get back to work and to life. Kendall and Erica are at Fusion, and Kendall keeps saying that she killed Stuart. Erica thinks that Annie should pay for her crimes; Kendall thinks that Annie should pay for her own crimes and not Kendallís. Erica tells Kendall that she cannot loose another child and that she does not want Kendall to spend time in jail. Kendall insists that she will turn herself in.

Liza tries to get the case against Kendall dropped based on the fact that Annie shot Adam and probably shot Stuart as well. The judge tells Liza and Jesse that they are trying to get Kendall off without evidence. The judge gives Jesse and Liza additional time to prepare their case.

Ryan apologizes to Emma for not believing her. She hugs him in forgiveness. Zach arrives to speak with Ryan, but Ryan does not want to talk that long. Ryan thinks that Kendall must be guilty or she would not have confessed to him. Zach does not understand how Ryan could be in love with Kendall two weeks ago but now think that she killed Stuart. Zach tells Ryan that he does not know Kendall at all if he thinks that she committed murder even though she said she did.

Annie tells Adam that what they have as a relationship is real. She set out to trap him but later started to care for him. Jack arrives at the police station and asks Adam if Annie is guilty because they had a loverís quarrel or because she really did shoot at him. Jack goes into the holding room to see Annie. Annie gives him her theories about Zach shooting at Adam. Jack finds it odd that Annie wants to discuss Kendallís case and not her own. Annie tells Jack to look in Kendallís face and he will see a killer.

Tad brings Taylor cereal with chocolate to congratulate her for spending her first night with a baby. Brot arrives at Taylorís to tell her that Randi lost her baby. He wants Taylor to go with him to visit Randi and Frankie. Tad comes out in his robe, and Brot practically runs out of the door. Taylor is angry that Tad came out in his robe before Brot. Tad apologizes and says he did not want another person to know about the baby, so he planned to run Brot away. Taylor thinks that Brotís feelings were hurt. After Tadís apology, Taylor sees him in a different light, and they kiss each other.

Jack arrives at Fusion to visit Kendall. He tells Kendall that he is representing Annie, and Erica blows her top. Erica tells Jack that he lost his daughter and now he wants her to lose Kendall because of Greenlee. Jack denies anger over Greenlee. He tells her he came because Annie wants him to look in Kendallís eyes to see guilt. Kendall leaves when they start fighting. Jack claims that he sees Kendallís guilt in Ericaís eyes.

Annie calls Aidan and asks him to investigate Zach shooting Adam. Aidan wants to know why she needs him now when she dumped him for Adam.

Adam comes to see Emma, but Ryan stops his visit. Adam is starting to feel that Annie is being persecuted and railroaded by Zach, Kendall and Ryan. Ryan and Adam are starting to believe that people are playing God with Annieís life.

Liza lets Zach know that she knows that he framed Annie; she asks him why he is framing Annie if his wife is innocent. He tells her that he does not want twelve strangers to decide his wifeís fate. Jack arrives and asks Zach about shooting at Adam. Liza advises Zach to not answer.

Kendall arrives at the police station and asks to speak to Jesse. Jesse is not at the station, so Kendall asks Natalia to call him. Kendall goes into Annieís holding cell; Annie starts accusing her of killing Stuart.

Jesse arrives at the station to see Kendall. He is upset because Kendall is speaking to Annie.

Jack starts to accuse Zach of shooting at Adam, but Aidan walks up to Jack and tells him that Zach was with him the night of the shooting and could not have shot Adam.

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