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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/29/09


Written by Nathan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Jake walks by and spies David holding baby Stuart. He gives Liza a questioning look and then sneaks behind a wall and has someone page him. As David walks away, Jake comes back and criticizes Liza for letting him hold the baby. He reminds her not to let her guard down and to keep the baby away from David. Liza then points out that running away from David every time he comes near her will only arouse his suspicions further.

After J.R. leaves Adam in the waiting room in the hospital, Emma tugs on his sleeve and tells him that her mother did not shoot Stuart and that he knows that, too. Erica walks by and sees Emma and asks a nurse to take her back to her room. After the nurse leaves with Emma, Adam takes the opportunity to apologize to Erica about not believing her about Annie. Erica doesn't let him get away with it that easy at first, but relents and tells him that for what it's worth, she's glad that Annie missed. Adam tells Erica about what Emma said to him and that he now has doubts, and Erica tells him that Annie has completely brainwashed Emma. She tells him to go home and get some rest, and he asks her to do the same. As Erica walks away, she has a flashback of Kendall's confession and Zach's claim that he'll fix things, and she now has doubts herself. Adam attempts to see Emma before he leaves the hospital but changes his mind once J.R. comes to pick him up. They go home, and Scott comes by to plead Annie's case. As usual, J.R. doesn't have any sympathy for Annie, and Adam admits that he misses her.

Ryan visits Annie at the police station and argues with her about using Emma. However, Annie insists that she did not brainwash Emma and did not have a motive for trying to kill Adam. Ryan reminds her that she didn't have a motive for trying to kill Erica, either, and when Annie says that she was not in her right mind at that moment, Ryan accuses her of still being insane and just being better at covering it up. After he reminds her that her motive for trying to kill Adam would be that Adam caught her trying to kidnap Emma, he mentions that he would not feel guilty if he told their daughter that she would never see her mother again. After hearing this, it suddenly hits Annie that it was Zach who set her up in order to protect Kendall. Ryan doesn't believe her, and she tells him that he should go and ask Zach.

David runs into Marissa at the hospital, and Marissa informs him of Annie's latest legal troubles. They discuss her working with Liza, and she says that she enjoys it a lot. They approach Liza, and Liza thanks David for helping her with the baby. After David walks away, Marissa fills Liza in on what happened with Annie. Liza asks Marissa to go to the police station and explain to Annie that while she can still represent her for her past crimes, she cannot represent her on the Stuart Chandler murder case. She also asks Marissa to find out what she has said to the police since she's been arrested and to make sure that the information she brings back is useful.

Kendall figures out that Zach set Annie up and claims that Annie really is innocent and that it was she who shot Stuart. Zach tries to get her to see that her mind is deceiving her just as Emma's is, and Kendall continues to claim that she is Stuart's killer. Zach tells her to think of what it will do to their boys if she turned herself in and urges her to let it go. Liza comes by and shares the news about Annie and asks why Kendall doesn't look so happy. Kendall lies and says that she's thrilled but it's just a lot to take in. However, Liza doesn't believe it and can tell that something is off. Later, after Liza leaves, Ryan shows up and confronts Zach about setting up Annie. Zach doesn't not confirm this, but Kendall jumps in and says that it's true and that she is the one who shot Stuart.

Jesse catches Natalia investigating at the Chandler's, and she tells him that it doesn't make sense for Annie to be the shooter. He tries his best to throw off her suspicions and takes her off the case, claiming that it's because she needs to study for her upcoming exams.

Marissa runs into Scott at the police station, and Scott tells her that he believes that Annie was set up. Marissa agrees to let him know anything that she finds out. She walks into the room where they're keeping Annie. She gives Annie Liza's message, and Annie accuses her of believing that she's guilty. Marissa tells her that it doesn't matter what anyone believes, it's what the judge and jury think. She then meets Liza at ConFusion and confides in her that she doesn't think she's cut out for criminal law because part of her believed Annie's story.

Annie explains to Jesse and Natalia how Zach set her up. Jesse sends Natalia out of the room and then tells Annie that because of her history, it is very hard to believe her side of the story. Annie then realizes that Jesse has been working with Zach and Kendall.

Jake calls Amanda and asks her to meet him at ConFusion. Once there, Jake tells her that she cannot go to Taylor's condo and visit the baby whenever she wants to because if she does, David will catch on to their scheme and discover the truth. He also tells her that he has a plan for a happy ending but that they are only going to get one shot.

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