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Kendall says that she is turning herself in because it has to end before Zach does something stupid to protect her. Erica says that Kendall is leaving over her dead body. Kendall says that it is dangerous to say something like that to a killer, but Erica says that Kendall couldnít possibly commit murder. Erica says that Emma doesnít know what she really saw.

ADA Willis asks Emma if Annie scared her that night or if she wants her. Ryan says that ADA Willis needs to back off and tells him to leave Emma alone. ADA Willis says that Ryan is obstructing justice and Ryan says that ADA Willis is terrorizing his daughter. ADA Willis says that he can still have Ryan arrested. Ryan says that they will have to add assault to it because he will stop ADA Willis any way that he has to. Emma says that she wants to talk to her mom.

Something breaks on the terrace and as Adam comes back downstairs, a gunshot goes off. A guard tells Annie to freeze. Annie tries to explain, but Adam tells the guard to call the police and inform them that they have Stuartís murderer in custody.

Liza tries to get Stuart to calm down. A nurse comes up and asks if she can help. Liza says that she doesnít know what is wrong with her son, but he has been like that for hours and wonít stop crying. The nurse says that she will page the on-call pediatrician. Liza asks the nurse to call Jake. The nurse says that Jake is with a patient, but she will let Liza know when he is available.

Ryan says that Annie isnít getting anywhere near Emma because Annie is a big reason for Emmaís condition. Ryan says that the subpoena says that ADA Willis can talk to Emma, but it says nothing about Annie. ADA Willis says that Annie will be brought there and will see Emma. Jake suggests that Ryan make sure the visit is monitored, but Ryan says that he doesnít want Annie anywhere near Emma.

Annie begs Adam to listen to her, but he wonít let her explain. Annie says that she loves Adam, but Adam says that she shot the wrong brother so she decided to keep Adam alive and play the hero. Annie says that she didnít kill Stuart and that she didnít try to shoot Adam. JR and Scott come in. Adam says that JR was right about bringing Annie into the house. Annie says that she did not shoot at Adam and that someone else must have been on the terrace. JR asks the guard if he found anyone else. The guard says that he didnít, but he did find a gun in the bushes. Annie says that she canít even go to the pool without her ankle monitor going off and asks where she would get a gun. Adam reminds her that she can take her monitor off anytime she wants. Annie says that someone is setting her up and JR says that Kendall said that too.

Kendall says that she is the killer and needs to end it, but Erica says that Kendall isnít a killer. Kendall says that she remembers seeing Emma that night and Erica asks if Kendall remembers pulling the trigger. Kendall says that Erica canít stop her from doing this. Erica says that Kendall canít confess to something she didnít do. Erica says that Kendall isnít capable of murder.

JR and Scott talk about the attempt on Adamís life. Scott asks JR if he thinks Annie might be telling the truth. Adam says that trying to be a fair man almost got him killed by the woman who killed his brother. Annie says that she did not kill Stuart and didnít try to kill Adam. Jesse comes in and JR says that Annie tried to kill Adam again. Adam explains what happened between him and Annie and then says that he saw her right after she shot through the terrace window. Jesse asks what the argument was about. Adam says that Annie asked him to marry her and he turned her down because he wanted more time. ADA Willis calls Jesse and asks him to bring Annie up. Jesse says that he is getting ready to take Annie to the station for questioning. ADA Willis asks why Annie is being questioned again. Jesse says that someone just tried to shoot Adam and Adam is claiming it was Annie.

Jake says that maybe Annie is the one that could break through to Emma, but Ryan says that he canít trust that Annie will put Emma first. Jake says that the visit would be monitored by Dr. Meyer and tells Ryan to think about it. Liza motions for Jake to come outside.

Jake asks what Liza did to upset Stuart. Liza asks Jake to help her because the baby has been like this for hours. Jake says that he has worked all night and this is what pediatricians are for. Liza says that Stuart knows Jake and it might help. Liza asks Jake to help her and says that she hasnít sleep in 24 hours. Jake says that he will help when he gets off duty and Liza asks him to be quick.

Ryan says that Emma will be even more traumatized when she sees him being hauled off in handcuffs. ADA Willis says that the only person going to jail is Annie because she apparently just tried to kill Adam.

Kendall and Erica talk about what happened with Michael Cambias and Richard Fields. Kendall says that this will haunt her for the rest of her life, but Zach comes in and says that it is over.

Emma dreams about the night Stuart was killed and about Annie asking her to forget what she saw. Ryan comforts Emma after her dream and promises that he will do everything possible so that she wonít ever have to say a word.

Jesse asks if the gun is Adamís and Adam says that he has never seen it before. Adam says that there is only one gun in the house and it isnít the one that was found. Jesse asks where Annie got a gun and Adam says that he has no idea. JR says that Annie killed Stuart by mistake and waited around for her second chance to kill Adam. Scott says that there might be more to the story. JR asks why Scott is defending Annie after she murdered his father. Scott says that they shouldnít come down on her until they hear what she has to say. Adam says that Annie tried to kill him the same way she killed Stuart.

Annie tells a cop that she wants to call her lawyer, but she can't reach Liza.

Liza tries to get Stuart to calm down and ignores her phone when Annie calls. Annie leaves a message for Liza saying that she needs help.

Kendall asks Zach what he did, but he says that it doesnít matter because itís already done. Kendall says that Zach doesnít get to blow her off like that, but Erica says that maybe Kendall should trust Zach and let it go. Kendall says that she has to end this right now because she has to face what happened. Erica says that she wonít let Kendall volunteer for a death sentence. Zach says that Annie killed Stuart. Zach says that the boys have lost Kendall once and they arenít going to lose her again. Kendall realizes that Erica left and says that the guilt is killing her. Zach says that the guilt is about Ian, not about Stuart. Zach tells Kendall to hold onto her boys because they need her and admits that he needs her too.

Erica asks about Emma. Ryan says that she had another nightmare and that ADA Willis got Emma to say that she wanted her mom. Erica asks if Ryan is going to let Annie see Emma and Ryan says that Annie has been arrested for taking a shot at Adam. Ryan says that Adam is Annieís best shot at staying out of prison and asks why Annie would want Adam dead. Erica says that Annie would have gotten away with murder unless Adam remembered what really happened the night Stuart was killed. Emma sneaks out of her room, while Ryan and Erica talk.

JR and Adam find a calendar that Annie had and realize that she was setting up a wedding for Thanksgiving. Adam asks JR to forgive him, but JR says that there is nothing to forgive. Adam collapses and JR calls for an ambulance.

Annie asks Scott why he pretended to be her lawyer. Scott says that he wanted to hear her side of the story because Stuart wonít be at peace if the wrong person is punished for his murder. Annie says that she didnít kill Stuart and that she didnít try to kill Adam either. Annie explains what happened to Scott. Scott says that the guards didnít find anyone else, but Annie says that the guards were too busy wasting time with her. Annie says that she was set up, but wonít ever be able to prove it. Scott says that Annieís lawyer will. Annie says that she really needs a lawyer who believes in her. Scott says that Liza is there for Annie, but Annie says that Adam is probably paying Liza double to ignore her.

David talks to Liza about the baby. Liza says that it is Jakeís turn to babysit, but he isnít around. David offers to help out and Liza agrees. David holds and soothes Stuart.

Scott says that he saw Annie at the station because he thought she could use a friend. Ryan says that Adam made that same mistake and she took a shot at him, but Scott says that Annie believes that she was set up. Ryan visits Annie at the station and she asks why he is there. Ryan says that Emma is completely shut down and the only person she wants to talk to is Annie. Ryan asks how he is supposed to tell Emma that she canít see Mommy because Mommy tried to kill someone else.

Kendall says that she is glad that Jesse is there. Jesse asks why and Zach says that Emma must have finally told them the truth. Jesse says that it doesnít matter what Emma has to say now because Annie was just arrested for trying to kill Adam, again. Kendall asks if Adam is okay. Jesse says that Annie missed, but she took the same shot through the same terrace door. Zach asks if Annie will be charged with Stuartís murder. Jesse says that it looks like there is a solid case against her because of the similarities in the cases. Kendall asks if that is why Jesse showed up and he says that he thought Kendall would want to know. Kendall and Zach thank Jesse. Zach says that he will walk Jesse out and asks what Jesse didnít want to say in front of Kendall. Jesse asks Zach what he thinks really happened.

Dr. Meyer says that he will check on Emma tomorrow and Erica thanks him. Jake says that he is going to punch out before he passes out and says that if anyone needs anything, he should be paged. Erica thanks Jake and he says that he wishes he could have been more helpful with Emma. Jake is surprised to see that David is holding Lizaís baby.

Adam says that he doesnít need an ambulance, but JR says that he isnít taking any chances. Emma says that Mommy didnít hurt Stuart and Adam knows that too. Erica asks Emma what she is doing there.

Annie says that she didnít shoot at Adam. Ryan says that Annie filled their daughterís head with lies and gave her nightmares. Ryan says that Annie has to stop using Emma to protect herself and to get back at Kendall. Annie says that she isnít using Emma, she didnít kill Stuart and she didnít try to kill Adam. Annie says that she is being set up and asks if Ryan did it.

Zach asks Jesse his opinion. Jesse says that someone who really loves Kendall took a shot at Adam. Zach and Jesse agree that they arenít that different. Kendall comes out and asks Zach if he did it. Zach says that it doesnít make a difference because Annie is behind bars and the guilty person is being punished.

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