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All My Children Update Monday 7/27/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita
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Tad tells Trevor that he has nothing to cry about and tries to get him to stop crying. Tad apologizes for waking Taylor up. Taylor says that she hates to miss a party and asks how long Trevor has been crying. Taylor asks why Tad didnít wake her up, and he says that he was supposed to be the expert but he was wrong. Taylor says that maybe the thunder scared him. Tad says that he canít offer Trevor the one thing that he needs but Taylor can because Trevor needs breasts.

Randi says that it hurts, and Frankie says that he is going to get help. Randi asks Frankie not to leave her, and he says that he has to get help.

Angie asks if Emma is hurt. Ryan says that physically, Emma is fine, but she wonít talk or respond to anything because she is traumatized. Erica says that she will be in the waiting room, and Ryan thanks her.

Jake asks what is going on. Erica tells Jake that Emma shut down because of the pressure of Stuartís murder.

Ryan says that the doctors are going to help Emma, and Emma hides under the pillow.

Annie asks if Adam has been recording everything, and he says that he likes to keep up with the latest technology. Annie asks what else he has seen. Adam asks Annie how long she has been planning their wedding. Annie says that she loves him so much that she couldnít help but to fantasize what it would be like to be his wife. Adam says that there is a whole list of Mrs. Adam Chandlers who would be willing to share their insights with her but she would be running when she heard it. Annie says that she loves Adam and kisses him. Annie says that she falls harder every day. Adam asks what Annie is doing, and Annie says that she would like a little privacy. Annie turns the camera off and asks Adam to marry her.

Kendall tells Zach that she shot Stuart, but Zach says that it isnít true. Kendall says that she remembers seeing Emma at the mansion and she had the gun in her hand. Zach says that Kendall dropped the gun and ran away. Kendall says that she must have blocked out what really happened because she couldnít face the fact that she shot a man in cold blood.

Taylor says that her breasts werenít part of the deal. Tad says that Trevor is used to being taken care of by a woman and is used to curves, softness and bumps. Trevor fusses, and Taylor takes him. Trevor stops fussing. Tad says that all Taylor has to do is make Trevor feel safe. Taylor says that she feels safe herself except for the squirming around part. Tad tells Taylor to keep walking around and says that she is a natural. Taylor says that Trevor is going to sleep, and Tad says that it is supposed to work that way. Tad says that he never doubted Taylor for a minute except the first time she changed Trevorís diaper. Taylor asks for the bottle. Taylor says that she didnít think she could do the baby thing but she is. Taylor says that she wants a baby.

Randi tells Angie that she is trying to be strong and positive for the baby but it hurts. Angie says that Randi is doing everything right and tells Sarah that the cramps and bleeding have resumed. Sarah says that she will take it from there. Frankie says that everything is going to be alright. Angie tells Frankie that everything could still be okay, but he says that Randi is losing the baby. Frankie asks what kind of husband he is because he questioned whether or not Randi wanted the baby. Angie tells Frankie to stop because whether the baby lives or not is in Godís hands, not theirs, so there is no reason to pass blame.

Jake talks to Ryan about Emma witnessing Stuartís murder. Ryan says that everyone wants to interrogate Emma, so he tried to prevent it, but Zach was asking Emma questions and she curled up in a ball and shut down. Ryan asks Jake to see if Emma is okay. Jake says that Angie called the psychiatrist. Ryan says that Jake is good with kids and Emma has always liked him as a doctor. Jake agrees. Erica asks Ryan how Emma is, and Ryan says that there is no change. Erica says that Emma will be all right. Ryan says that he sat through the same thing with Annie, hoping for a breakthrough, but instead he watched her get carried off in restraints. Erica says that Emma isnít Annie and that Emma will come back to Ryan.

Adam asks Annie why they should ruin what they have by rushing into matrimony. Annie says that people who love each other get married. Adam says that nothing murders romance faster than a trip down the aisle. Annie says that part of Adam still thinks she killed his brother and that after they are married, he is next.

Kendall says that her mind is getting clearer and asks how long it will be before she remembers pulling the trigger since she now remembers seeing Emma. Zach says that Kendall didnít pull the trigger. Kendall says that Zach confessed because he thought that Kendall did it. Zach says that he overreacted and that she didnít shoot Stuart. Kendall says that Zach wants to believe it and so did she but now she sees the truth. Kendall cries into her hands and apologizes to Stuart. Zach asks Kendall what happened. Kendall says that Stuart came to see her and helped her see the truth. Zach asks Kendall if she sees ghosts now. Kendall says that it wasnít a ghost; it was her guilty conscience forcing her into reality. Zach says that Annie is putting stuff in Kendallís head the same way she put stuff in Emmaís. Kendall tells Zach to stop trying to absolve her. Zach says that Annie shot Stuart, but Kendall says that nobody saw Annie on the terrace with a gun. Zach tells Kendall to stop confessing something that she didnít do. Kendall says that the truth will come out. Zach says that Annie will go to prison for killing Stuart, not Kendall.

Jake talks to Emma to see if she will respond. Ryan says that Emma looked at Jake and that is progress. Erica thanks Jake for trying. Jake apologizes for not being able to do more.

Adam says that he isnít calling Annie a black widow spider. Annie says that there will always be doubts because Adam read her file from Oak Haven. Adam says that he loves Annie. Annie says that Adam wonít marry her, and he says that he isnít saying never. Annie asks if he would make her sign a pre-nup, and he says yes. Annie says that Adam doesnít trust her and asks what kind of love they have if they donít have trust. Annie says that she saved Adamís life and reminds him that he held her up with a gun and accused her of murder.

Tad says that it sounded like a proposition. Taylor says that she was just full of feelings. Tad says that it usually works that way. Tad says that women usually get that way when they hold him, too. Taylor asks Tad if he is ever serious, and he says not if he can help it. They hear a crash, and Taylor realizes that she left her window open.

Angie says that she just got off the phone with Jesse and apparently something came up with the Chandler case. Frankie says that everyone says that the first year of marriage is the hardest but they have been through more than their share. Angie says that God doesnít give them more than they can bear. Frankie says that it is enough with the God talk. Sarah comes out, and Frankie finds out that Randi lost the baby. Frankie finds Randi crying in her bed and holds her.

Emma meets with Dr. Meyer. Ryan says that it will take a lot more than bedside small talk because Emma has been through a lot of things. Erica says that Emma is going to recover. Ryan says that he doesnít know what to do to protect Emma now. ADA Willis comes in and says that Ryan can start by letting him question Emma. Ryan says that ADA Willis isnít going anywhere near Emma. ADA Willis says that he has a subpoena and can have Ryan arrested. Erica says that ADA Willis isnít going near Emma or arresting anyone.

Kendall says that nothing has worked in proving that Annie killed Stuart because Kendall did it, not Annie. Zach asks Kendall not to tell anyone that she killed Stuart, and she promises that she wonít. Zach asks Kendall to give the boys a kiss for him.

Adam says that Annie is overreacting, but Annie says that she is finally seeing the truth. Annie says that she thought they had a future. Adam says that they do but he just found her and they are still learning about each other. Annie says that if Adam canít love her, sheís going to call the judge because she would rather spend her time in jail than with a man who is just bedding her for fun until she is carted off. Adam says that he loves Annie. Annie says that he wonít commit to her. Adam says that it has been a long day and suggests that they get a couple of nightcaps and he will tell her everything he loves about her. Annie says that she wants to be alone. Adam says that he is going to bed and hopes that she will join him when she calms down. Annie says that Adam will marry her.

Jake tells Ryan that there are other ways to handle the ADA. Ryan says that ADA Willis has to be stopped because Emma is very fragile. Jake says that Ryan needs to protect Emma but canít from behind bars. Jake gets beeped and tells Ryan to stay away from ADA Willis.

Erica says that Emma has been through enough and is completely traumatized. ADA Willis says that he is in the middle of a murder trial, and Erica says that Emma is on an emotional edge. ADA Willis says that Erica canít protect Kendall forever and that is what this is about. Erica says that Emma is hospitalized and is the priority right now. ADA Willis says that he wanted to question Emma before she was put into the hospital. Erica asks ADA Willis if he is willing to risk the emotional stability of a child and asks Jesse to do something. ADA Willis says that if Erica and Ryan donít cooperate, they can both be arrested. ADA Willis says that Jesse has five minutes to explain it to them. Jesse says that Zach called and said that Emma is ready to talk. Ryan says that Zach is the reason that Emma is there. Jesse tells Ryan that they have to cooperate because Willis has the law on his side.

Angie tells Jesse that Randi lost the baby. Angie says that there was nothing the doctor could do. Jesse remembers Randi telling him that she was pregnant. Jesse says that everything he did was for the baby. Angie asks Jesse what he has done.

Dr. Meyer tries to get Emma to talk to him. Erica says that they are going to have to let ADA Willis question Emma. Ryan says that if ADA Willis pushes too hard and Emma shuts down and they lose her, he will tear Zach apart. Erica tells Ryan to leave Zach to her.

Zach takes a gun out of his safe and makes sure itís loaded.

Amanda apologizes and says that she doesnít know what she was thinking. Tad says that Amanda is lucky that Taylor didnít clock her. Amanda says that she didnít mean to scare Taylor but she heard Trevor crying in her sleep and had to see him. Tad asks if there was something wrong with the front door, and Amanda says that she didnít want to wake Taylor up. Amanda says that she will buy Taylor a new flat-screen, but Taylor says that there are no worries. Amanda asks if Trevor is okay. Tad says that Trevor is sleeping but wasnít a half-hour ago. Amanda asks if she can stay for a little while, and Taylor says that Amanda can stay as long as she needs to. Taylor says that she will warm up the bottle, and Tad says that he will help. Tad asks Taylor not to tell anyone that he let her handle the burglar. Taylor says that Tad has her word unless she ever needs to blackmail him. Tad says that he is guessing that the baby proposition is off the table.

Ryan asks about Emma. Dr. Meyer says that Emmaís withdrawal is a coping mechanism. ADA Willis says that he needs to question Emma, but Dr. Meyer says that Emma is very fragile and he canít allow questioning. ADA Willis says that he has a job to do, and Dr. Meyer says that he will need to monitor the interview.

Jake asks Ryan how Emma is doing, and Ryan says that she is about the same. Jake says that he stole some coloring books and crayons for Emma from Pediatrics to make her feel better. Ryan says that he isnít sure he will be alright.

Angie asks Jesse what it is. Jesse tells Angie to trust him and leave it alone. Angie asks if Jesse is in danger. Jesse says that they need to worry about Frankie because he just lost his baby.

Zach tells Erica that it isnít a good time. Erica asks Zach why he would tell Jesse where Emma was, and Zach says that he had to do something. Zach says that if Ryan hadnít come in, Emma would have told them the truth. Erica says that Emma is practically catatonic. Zach tells Erica to make sure Kendall stays home and doesnít answer the phone.

Taylor says that she thinks Amanda is there for the night. Tad says that he will get his cell phone and call Jake. Tad realizes that Taylor is crying. Taylor apologizes. Tad says that Taylor should go easy on herself.

Frankie says that they are taking Randi to the OR and then she can go home. Frankie says that he let Randi down. Angie says that it was out of his control. Frankie asks what he does now, and Angie says that he heals with Randi and makes a wonderful life with her.

Randi says that this was her punishment for killing Henry. Jesse tells her not to talk like that and holds her hand while she cries.

ADA Willis tries to talk to Emma. Dr. Meyer says that Emma is too traumatized to discuss the incident. Emma remembers Annie telling her to forget what she saw. ADA Willis asks Emma to draw him a picture of who scared her that night, and she writes ďMommyĒ on the blackboard.

Kendall asks where Zach is, and Erica says that he went out. Erica asks what Annie did to Kendall. Kendall says that Annie hasnít got to her and admits that she shot Stuart, but Erica says that it is impossible. Kendall asks Erica to take care of the boys and Zach because she is turning herself in. Kendall says that it has to end tonight before Zach does something stupid to protect her. Erica says that Kendall is leaving over her dead body. Kendall says that it is a dangerous thing to tell a killer.

Annie hears something break and says that maybe they will have a Christmas wedding instead of a Thanksgiving wedding. Adam asks if Annie is down there. While Annie kneels next to a broken flower pot on the patio, Zach fires a shot into the door. As the gunshot rings out, Adam and Annie look stunned.

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