AMC Update Friday 7/24/09

All My Children Update Friday 7/24/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Ryan returns home and is upset that Liza is there. He finds out that Zach is with Emma and rushes into Emmaís bedroom. Ryan orders Zach away from Emma, but Zach tells Ryan that Emma was just about to tell him something. Ryan accuses Zach of doing anything to save Kendall.

Kendall is at home when she has a memory of Stuartís murder. Stuartís vision appears at Kendallís front door, and Stuart tells her that he is there to help her, not hurt her. Kendall tries to dismiss Stuart, but he is in her home. Stuart wants to help Kendall find the truth.

Adam grabs his gun and accuses Annie of killing his brother after he remembers Annie telling Emma to keep quiet about what she saw. Annie explains how she killed Stuart and then hid Adam and kept Emma and Adam upstairs. Adam begins to see the impossibility of Annie committing the murder and hiding him at the same time. Adam apologizes to Annie.

Marissa is at the hospital looking for the lab when she runs into her parents. She tries to give them time alone, but they see through her matchmaking. David asks Krystal if they could be together again, and she tells him probably not.

Angie and Randi talk about her illness and their relationship. Natalia arrives at the hospital and hugs and talks to Frankie.

Ryan and Zach discuss Emma. Ryan orders Liza and Zach out, and Erica repeats his command. Zach tells Liza and Erica that Emma was going to talk to him before Ryan stopped them from talking. Zach asks Erica to attempt to talk to Emma. Ryan tries to soothe and reassure Emma, but she is not talking to him. Erica asks Ryan if she can speak to Emma alone, girl to girl. She tells Emma that when she is upset, she feels better if she eats ice cream or goes shopping.

David arrives at Lizaís house to see her. David tells Marissa that he is at Lizaís apartment to see Liza. Liza arrives home wanting to know why David is there. He is seeking a friend.

Jesse sees Madison at the hospital and grabs her by the arm to pull her into a conversation. He wants to know why she is at the hospital. She tells him she is there because of sleeping problems. She suggests that he watch his temper. Angie comes over to talk to Jesse, and Madison introduces herself and gives Jesse glowing reports on dealing with her husbandís death. Angie is suspicious about the report on Northís death. She questions the cause of death of North. She asks Jesse if he saw DA North before his death.

Randi talks to Frankie about their future. Frankie soothes Randi, but she begins to have more cramping.

Annie tells Adam that she is the only person who had nothing to gain from killing Stuart.

Stuart tells Kendall to remember the night he was killed. She remembers seeing Adam from the patio, dropping the gun then running away. She also remembers stumbling into David. Later, she remembers seeing Emma watching her. Kendall questions if she killed Stuart or not. She ask Stuartís vision if she killed him, but the vision has disappeared. She asks if Stuart came to her because she has a guilty conscious. Kendall tells Rachel that she is going for a walk.

Erica tells Ryan that Emma may need to see a professional. Ryan, at first, refuses.

Zach suggests to Liza that Emma may need a professional and that the only way to get that may be to turn Ryan into the police. He calls Jesse to tell of Ryanís whereabouts. Zach returns home to find Kendall missing. Kendall is at Adamís. She walks into Adamís home, and the alarm goes off. She looks at Adam and calls him Stuart. Realizing that it is Adam, she apologizes to him about Stuart.

Adam calls Zach and tells him that Kendall is at his home looking crazed and dazed. He accuses Zach of trying to get an insanity defense. Zach hangs up on him. Adam instructs Annie to call ADA Willis. Adam gives ADA Willis a tape of Kendallís entry into his home to use in the trial. Annie is nervous when she finds out that Adam has been taping events in the house. She wants to know what else he has on tape and asks how long she has been planning their wedding.

Jesse and Natalia knock on Ryanís door, but he is not there. Ryan is at the hospital with Emma telling Angie that Emma needs help. Erica accompanied them.

Zach finds Kendall in a chapel, and she confesses to killing Stuart.

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