AMC Update Thursday 7/23/09

All My Children Update Thursday 7/23/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

A package is sent to Randiís home containing the book-end murder weapon. Randi becomes upset and drops the book-end on the floor.

Liza goes to the safe house to question Emma. She wants to counter-brainwash Emma and plant ideas into her head.

Erica talks to Ryan and tells him that he is Emmaís shield and protector.

Emma use Ericaís phone to call Annie. Annie sees Ericaís name pop up and wonders why Erica is calling her. Adam and Jesse tell Annie to hang up, but she answers, and Emma is on the other end. Annie says she cannot talk now and will return the call later. Ryan walks into Emmaís room and finds Ericaís phone being hidden by Emma. Emma tells Ryan that she found the phone. Ryan and Erica notice that the last number called was Annieís. Erica calls Annie and asks her not to hang up. Erica talks to Annie about Emma and secrets and lies. Ryan talks to Annie and asks her not to use Emma as a tool, but he does not allow Annie to talk to Emma. Ryan and Erica figure out that Emma stole the phone. Adam asks Annie if she put ideas into Emmaís head, and she answers no. Annie promises that she would not brainwash her child in order to hurt someone else.

Frankie wants to know what is going on. Frankie and Randi are getting weird feelings from each other. Randi and Frankie kiss and cement their feelings about the baby.

Brot brings flowers to Randi and Frankie.

Jesse tells Annie and Adam that he will see that the harassment of Annie stops. Adam wants to know the status of Kendallís case, and Jesse tells them that the case against Kendall is stronger since there is an eye-witness.

Randi calls Jesse and sets up a meeting. Jesse tells Randi that Madison North sent the book-end because she is playing with their heads. Randi has stomach pains while talking to Jesse and has to be rushed to the hospital.

Kendall talks to Zach about needing to convince Emma to tell the truth. Zach tells her that the best thing to do right now is to keep Emma away from DA Willis and allow Ryan to talk to his daughter.

Brot and Frankie talk about Taylor. Brot senses that something is wrong with Frankie. He asks about Frankie, and Frankie shows him the message sent to his phone asking him if he is sure that the baby is his. Brot tells him that the message is from a jerk or prankster. Brotís words settle Frankie down.

Liza comes to the safe house to see Ryan. Liza wants to talk to Emma, but Erica is worried that she may upset Emma.

Ryan shows up at the Chandlerís mansion to speak to Annie, but Adam tries to get him thrown out. Annie agrees to speak to Ryan. She accuses Ryan of self-righteous behavior and parading a string of women in front of Emma. She kicks Ryan out after telling him about parallels with his behavior and hers.

Erica tries to call Ryan but cannot reach him. She calls Zach and tells him to come take Liza away from Emma. Zach arrives and pulls Liza away from Emma and tells her to let Ryan deal with his daughter.

Randi goes to the hospital. Frankie arrives after Jesse calls him and wants to know why Randi was with his father when she was supposed to be shopping.

Liza convinces Zach to speak to Emma. Zach wants Emma to tell the truth and does not want to tell her what she saw or what to say. Ryan returns home and is upset that Liza is there. He finds out that Zach is with Emma, and he rushes into Emmaís bedroom. Ryan orders Zach away from Emma.

Kendall is at home when a gust of wind blows into her living room. Stuartís vision appears at Kendallís front door and tells her that he is there to help her, not hurt her.

Adam is at the mansion with Annie when he has a clear memory of Annie telling Emma to forget what she saw the night of Stuartís murder. Adam grabs his gun and accuses Annie of killing his brother. Annie looks shocked.

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