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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/22/09


Written by Nathan
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Liza Colby stops by Tad's house and explains to him that she needs to go over his up-coming testimony for Kendall's case. Meanwhile, Jake, Amanda, and Taylor hide and try to keep quiet. Soon, baby Trevor starts crying, and the three try their hardest to get him to settle down. It's too late, however, as Liza has already heard the baby and questions Tad about it. At first, Tad claims that it's Jenny, but Liza knows that this can't be true because she just saw Jenny with Opal as she was pulling up. Liza walks past Tad to try and investigate, and Tad pretends to have a flashback. He lies and tells Liza that he is starting to remember the night of Stuart's murder but he can only remember when he is up and walking. He suggests that they go for a walk and discuss it, but Liza doesn't buy it. Tad manages to distract Liza by going over his theories about what happened on the night of Stuart's murder as Jake tries his best not to be caught in the living room. In order to help Amanda and the rest sneak out of the house, Tad kisses Liza until they are gone.

Jake, Amanda, and the baby all arrive at Taylor's house. Taylor reminds them that army training has taught her to adapt to new situations, so she should be able to handle taking care of the baby. After Amanda begins to worry about baby proofing the house, among other things, Taylor assures her that she will take great care of the baby. Tad shows up with some supplies for the baby and helps Jake and Amanda teach Taylor how to take care of the baby. After noticing the pink hand-me-downs given to Trevor by Jenny, Taylor, Tad, and Jake come up with the idea to disguise Trevor as a girl so that David would never become suspicious. Amanda hesitates going along with this at first, but then decides that as long as he's safe, it doesn't matter. Jake and Amanda leave, and Tad gets Taylor to sing baby Trevor a lullaby.

Jesse runs into A.D.A. Willis at Ryan's place. After asking him what he's doing, Willis informs the police chief that Emma is an eyewitness to Stuart's murder, and that Ryan may have taken his daughter and left. Willis tell Jesse that he got his information from Annie, and Jesse tries to discredit this by reminding the A.D.A. of what kind of person the former Mrs. Lavery really is. Willis then says that if Ryan has taken his daughter out of Pine Valley, it only proves that they have something to hide. Zach shows up at Adam's looking for Annie. Adam tries to get Zach to leave, but Annie walks in, announces that the police are on her their way and tells the boys that she's not afraid of anything after Adam asks her to go back upstairs. Zach confronts her about making Emma believe that she saw Kendall shooting Stuart and accuses her of using her daughter as a puppet. He warns her that Kendall is not going to jail for her crime, and Annie insists that Emma is telling the truth. Jesse shows up at the Chandler's with a police officer and tells Zach that he will have to spend the night in jail. Once they get to the police station, Jesse assures Zach that he has no intentions of arresting him. However, he does tell Zach that he needs to know where Emma is. Zach informs Jesse that he doesn't know where she is but that Ryan is protecting his daughter the same way Jesse protected Randi. Willis demands that he be allowed to question Zach about Emma's whereabouts, but Jesse is able to buy some time by asking for another chance. He then tells Zach that he's on his side and that he too believes that Annie has manipulated Emma. Meanwhile, Liza shows up, and Willis warns her that Emma and Ryan are missing and that the longer they are gone, the worse it will be when they are found. Meanwhile, Kendall shows up at the hiding place for Emma and begs Emma to tell the truth - that it really was not her that shot Stuart. Out of concern for his daughter, Ryan tells Kendall to stop. Feeling frustrated and scared, Kendall comes right out and says that Emma is lying. Emma yells at Kendall, saying that she's not lying and that she did see her shoot Stuart and runs to her room. Erica advises Kendall to calm down and reminds her that she's only making things worse by frightening Emma. Erica goes to talk to Emma and calmly explains that she didn't do anything wrong and that she's just trying to protect her "little girl" Kendall from getting hurt. She also tells her that while telling the truth is important, she needs to listen to her father. As she turns her back to find a book to read with her, Emma steals Erica's phone out of her purse and hides it under her pillow. Kendall urges Ryan to do something about Emma. Ryan then tries to get her to realize that Emma is his first priority and if he continues to push her, something could snap and make her exactly like her mother. When Kendall refuses to leave unless Emma tells the truth, Erica comes out from Emma's room and tells her oldest daughter to go home and to trust Ryan. Kendall leaves, and Ryan talks to Emma and tells her to think hard about what she saw on the night of Stuart's murder. Emma doesn't change her story and once alone, she pulls out Erica's cell phone and tries to call Annie.

Adam tells Annie that he wants to know what goes on in her head. Annie tries her best to avoid the question by asking why Adam would need to know this after everything has been going so great. Adam then brings out her journal from Oak Haven and tells the visibly shocked Annie that "it is a fascinating read." Annie asks him why he is so suspicious after she repeatedly proves herself to be a good person to him. After assuring him once again that she is now sane and has nothing to hide, Annie proclaims her "love" for him. Jesse comes back to tell Annie that Zach won't be bothering her anymore. Adam leaves to take a phone call, and Annie figures out that Jesse let Zach go. She asks Jesse why everyone in Pine Valley gets a slap on the wrist except her when Jesse tells her that he believes her side of the story. She doesn't believe him at first, but he manages to convince her that he's on her side. As they are talking, Emma calls Annie, and Jesse asks her who's calling.

Kendall comes home and tells Zach about her confrontation with Emma. Zach tells her to have patience and to stop following her impulses. Kendall doesn't want to hear it and wants to go back and question Emma again. Zach stops her and Liza comes by. The Slaters fill her in on everything that's happened that day, and Liza agrees with Kendall that Emma needs to be pushed, not gently prodded. Zach reminds them that it's not good to scare Emma any more than she already is when Liza gets an idea to beat Annie at her own game and put enough fake memories into Emma's head to create reasonable doubt.

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