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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/22/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Tad answers the door and finds Liza there wanting to come in and chat about the night Stuart was murdered, but she hears the baby crying. As Liza walks past him into the room, he fabricates a story about his memories hurting his head but heís OK while heís standing up and needs to go for a walk. Meanwhile, Taylor, Amanda and Jake are trying to keep the baby from crying. Tad is having a hard time keeping Liza away from the kitchen where Jake, Amanda and Taylor are keeping Trevor. Jake begins to creep out and into the living room looking for something and suddenly takes a flying leap over the sofa when Taylor tells him to come back just as Liza is turning around.

Tad is still talking to Liza and telling her how they need to look at all the facts in the case, but then Jake almost comes into the room, and Tad kisses her. She stops that, and he tells her again he doesnít know who shot Stuart.

Zach enters the Chandlerís mansion, and Adam wants him to leave. Annie tells Adam that the police are on their way. Zach tells Annie that being a mother means nothing to her because she is filling Emmaís head with lies, but Annie said she is telling the truth. Zach tells her that Emma is saying what Annie wants her to say. Jesse arrives, and Adam wants him to arrest Zach, who volunteers to leave, but not before Annie tells him she will live a long life with her daughter, and Kendall will live a long life in prison, which is what she deserves.

At the police station, Jesse asks where Emma is located. Zach doesnít know, and Jesse tells him that Willis isnít the bully that North was. Jesse assures Zach that they will find Emma Ė Ryan needs to protect Emma, too.

Willis is knocking on Ryanís door when Jesse walks up to him and asks what heís doing. Willis is there to interview Emma, but Ryan wonít answer the door or his phone. Jesse wants to know why he wants to talk to Emma, and Willis replies that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart Chandler and now he thinks Ryan took his daughter and ran. Willis thinks that if Ryan took his daughter away from Pine Valley, then she must have something important to say.

Kendall arrives at Ericaís and is greeted by Ryan and Emma, whom she immediately tells that she must be sure to tell the truth. Ryan stops her from questioning Emma further. Ryan is upset, and Kendall is apologetic, but she doesnít want a 7 year old sending her to death row. Erica calms her down. Erica talks to Emma and questions her, but Emma holds firm to Kendall as the shooter. Erica is very good with her, but to no avail. Kendall is telling Ryan she didnít kill Stuart, and Ryan tells her that Emma believes she killed Stuart. Emma is more important than Kendall right now, and if they pressure Emma, she might snap just as her mother did. While Erica looks for a book to read Emma, the little girl steals her cell phone out of her purse.

Kendall is frantic that Ryan is going to let Emma continue to lie. Ryan assures her he wonít let that happen, but he also wonít let her scare Emma. He says he thinks Annie shot Stuart but Emma canít face it yet. Erica tells her to go home and let Ryan handle this. She trusts him.

Annie is talking to Adam and asking what makes her tick Ė sheís unlike any woman heís ever known. Annie asks if he thinks sheís hiding something, but he says no. She tells him she feels many things, and then she sees her journal and definitely isnít happy that Adam has been reading it. She wants to know why he read it, and she thinks itís because he doesnít trust her. She recounts why she killed Richie and then was dumped by Ryan, her husband. She continues the pity-party by telling him why she decided to run off with Emma. Then she says again that Adam saved her life.

Liza finds Willis at the police station, and he tells her that Ryan is keeping Emma away from him and that just makes him worse on her client. After Kendall leaves, Ryan talks to Emma, who wants to know if Kendall will kill her. Emma asks why he doesnít believe her when she says Kendall did it. Erica talks to Ryan about protecting Emma.

Kendall arrives home and confesses to Zach she was at Ryanís trying to get Emma to tell the truth. Zach isnít pleased and takes up for Emma. He tells her to be smart about what she do and be patient. Kendall doesnít understand why Erica was babying Emma also, and she wants to go find Emma and talk to her again. Zach is not happy. Liza arrives and remarks that she heard he got arrested and she is concerned about getting Emma to change her story, and Kendall says she needs to push her. Liza agrees and wants to go talk to her. Liza asks why they donít put false memories in Emmaís head, but Zach says truth is on their side.

Taylor, Amanda and Jake arrive at Taylorís condo, and Amanda is unsure that leaving Trevor there is a good idea. Jake says they can take him back to the country where he was being kept, but Amanda needs him close by. Taylor assures her that she will rely on her military training in adapting to situations and asks to hold the baby. She assures her she will take excellent care of her baby. Tad rings the doorbell and arrives with the formula and other supplies.

Taylor is remarking how all this stuff could be for just one baby. Tad tells her that she just needs to get a routine: feed, change, nap- and say it over and over. Jake suggests throwing a bath in there, and Amanda says he needs hugs and lullabies, also. Jake then tells Taylor he needs changes of clothes so he doesnít get too hot or cold. There is a pink garment that was Jennyís, but Jake says he canít wear girl stuff. Taylor assures them that she wore hand-me-downs of her brothers and there was nothing wrong with her. Amanda holds her baby lovingly and asks Taylor to promise sheíll take good care of her son.

Taylor suggests they tell people that Trevor is a girl and that would keep people like David from catching on. Taylor will say the baby is her niece, Tracy, and she will guard him with her life. Amanda asks what she will do if she canít keep him from crying. Tad jumps up and says he will stick around and help. In fact, he will spend the night and show Taylor the ropes if itís all right with everyone. There was a shocked silence, but in the next scene, Tad is there playing with the baby. He begins to sing, and Taylor says she canít sing -she shatters glass. She sings, and sure enough, glass almost shatters.

Jake and Amanda are in bed, and Amanda misses Trevor. She tells Jake she can never thank him enough for knowing even more than she did that she would miss her son so much.

Jesse arrives at Adamís, and Annie guesses correctly that he let Zach go. Adam takes a phone call, and Annie harangues Jesse about how Kendall is free to walk around, and no one believes her. Jesse tells her that the rich are connected and get away with anything, even murder. She says he must hate what Adam is doing for her. He says she thinks sheís innocent, and he tells her sheís been playing by the rules and heís on her side. The phone rings, and itís Emma calling Annie on Ericaís phone.

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