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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/21/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Juanita

Jake asks what is going on. Tad says that he had a little yard sale. Tad asks where Jake has been lately. Jake says that he had stuff to do. Jake says that David has given up. Jake says that he would like to introduce Tad to someone. Jake introduces Tad to Trevor, Amandaís son!

Marian asks Liza why she would defend Stuartís killer. Liza says that Kendall is innocent. Marian says that Liza is paid to say that Kendall is innocent and if she doesnít walk away from the case immediately, Marian wants nothing more to do with her.

Ryan asks Erica about Kendall. Erica says that Kendall hasnít changed her mind, but she came to check on Emma. Ryan says that he is keeping Emma home today. Emma comes up and promises that she wonít tell anyone what happened if she can go to camp.

Adam says that until J.R. accepts Annie as a part of his life, they have nothing to discuss. J.R. says that he thought Adam would want to know that Kendall is taking the plea deal, but he doesnít understand why. Annie comes out and realizes that Kendall is pleading guilty.

Kendall says that it could be the last time they are ever together like this because she is confessing to murder. Kendall says that she should get ready.

Tad and Jake go over what happened with Amandaís baby. Tad says that it is nice to see a smile on Amandaís face again. Jake says that his plan is to keep Amanda and the baby in town, but keep it under wraps. Tad says that he booted everyone out of the house. Jake asks if Tad needs some alone time and Taylor shows up for brunch. Taylor asks who the baby is.

Ryan says that he is keeping Emma home from camp and will talk to her to find out why she is so sure that Kendall shot Stuart. Erica asks him to keep her in the loop and he agrees. They talk about Kendall going to prison and Ryan says that Kendall has too much of Erica in her, so sheíll survive and be home before Erica knows it.

Marian says that if Liza stays on the case, she isnít any better than the woman who shot Stuart. Scott says that if Kendall did shoot Stuart, she did it by accident. Liza says that she needs to go. Marian says that Liza should be at home with the baby she wanted so badly. Liza says that she is doing this for the baby and that she has to leave. Scott tells Marian not to cut Liza off. Scott tells Marian that Stuart wanted to donate some stuff in storage to charity and they need to pack it up. Marian says that it is all in Adamís attic, but she canít go there. Scott says that he will take care of it and Marian thanks him.

J.R. and Adam get into it over Annie. Adam tells J.R. to get out. J.R. says that Annie killed Stuart and now is using Adam for protection. J.R. leaves. Adam apologizes to Annie. Annie says that she is used to J.R., but she canít believe that Kendall ruined everything.

Kendall tells Zach that he has to let her go because she is taking the plea. Zach says that he canít let her go because he needs her there with him. Kendall says that when she gets out of prison and comes home again, she promises to love him with everything that she has because with him is the only place she ever wants to be.

Ryan tells Emma that she isnít going to camp. Emma says that it isnít fair because she said she wouldnít tell. Ryan says that they need to talk about Emmaís secret.

Annie says that the charges against her only go away if Kendall is convicted of first degree murder, but if she pleads to a lesser charge, the information is useless. Adam says that Kendall being in prison will make Willis happy and he will probably drop the charges. Annie says that she canít go back to Oak Haven or prison. Annie says that if she loses Adam, she will die.

Liza says that they are due in Willisí office and asks Kendall if she is ready. Kendall says that the boys are still sleeping and asks Zach to explain to them what is going on when she doesnít come home. Liza says that they can take the deal off the table and fight. Kendall asks how they fight an eyewitness. Liza says that she can put Emma on the stand and prove that she was manipulated by Annie. Kendall says that taking the plea is for the best.

Amanda apologizes for being paranoid. Tad says that nobody is going to stop by unannounced because he made it clear that he wanted the place to himself. Jake says that if Tad or Taylor know of a place they can hide the baby, he wants to know about it. Taylor says that if they teach her how to change a diaper, sheís in.

Ryan says that sometimes secrets can hurt people and that is why he is keeping Emma home from camp. Emma says that she doesnít have to tell now because someone else is going to make sure everything works out. Ryan asks if Emma talked to Annie again.

Marissa asks if J.R. is thinking about a bloody Mary and he says that sometimes it helps just to stare at the bottles. J.R. asks if Marissa is supposed to be at the courthouse. Marissa says that the plea is practically a done deal and her job might be over before it got started. J.R. says that Annie is controlling Adam and Marissa says that J.R. is ticked because Annie is taking over his job.

Adam says that he will not leave Willisí office until he swears to honor the deal and drop the charges against Annie. Adam leaves. Annie says that if Kendall goes to jail today, then Annie should be free no later than September and the wedding will be around Thanksgiving. Scott comes in and asks Annie what is going on.

Erica asks Kendall if she is sure about doing this. Liza says that her client would like to get it over with as soon as possible. ADA Willis says that the deal is off the table because new information has come to light. ADA Willis says that he has an eyewitness and that means that he has enough for murder one, so they are going to trial. Liza asks Zach and Kendall to go outside while she confers with the ADA. Liza tells ADA Willis that he can still take the deal, but he says that he canít with what has come to light. Liza says that Emma has been manipulated by her mother, who is guilty of murder, kidnapping and assault. Erica says that she and Ryan will take care of Emma. Liza says that Willis is determined to go for murder one.

Ryan says that Emma isnít in trouble and asks if Annie was there and that is why the door was locked. Emma says that Mommy told her not to tell. Ryan says that if Emma sees Annie again, she needs to tell him.

Annie says that she heard a noise and overreacted. Scott says that he should have knocked. Annie asks what is with the boxes and Scott says that Stuart wanted some things in the attic donated to charity. Annie offers to help and says that it is the least she can do.

J.R. says that he loves Adam, but is trying to protect him. J.R. and Marissa talk about Scott and Stuartís relationship.

Adam asks ADA Willis if the deal with Annie stands. ADA Willis says that he is a man of his word and that he rejected Kendallís plea. ADA Willis says that he has to encourage Adam to encourage Annie to continue with therapy. ADA Willis gives Adam some reports, evaluations and a copy of a journal that Annie kept when she was in Oak Haven.

Annie says that Scott is lucky because his dad loved him. Annie says that these boxes have Stuartís name on them. Scott tells Annie that Adam is downstairs calling for her.

Tad says that the idea sounds fairly inspired. Taylor thanks Tad and he says that nobody is going to think to look at Taylorís for the baby. Amanda asks if Taylor really doesnít know how to change a diaper. Jake says that anyone can learn how to change a diaper and suggests that Amanda let Taylor hold him. Tad says that Taylor is a natural and that she is hired. Amanda suggests that they should explore all their options first, but Jake says that Taylor just needs a little baby boot camp and Taylor says that they should start with a diaper change.

Zach suggests that they let Rachel go home and go play with the boys. Kendall says that she canít believe this is happening and Zach says that they arenít giving up. Zach says that Ryan and Erica are taking Emma somewhere to hide for a while. Kendall says that when Willis gets to Emma, she could get the death penalty, but Zach says that Kendall isnít getting convicted.

Erica tells Ryan that Willis took the deal off the table because he has an eyewitness. Ryan says that they know who tipped him off. Willis calls and Erica says that he wants to question Emma, so they have to get out of there immediately.

Scott says that he and Stuart were talking about going fishing, right before he was murdered. Adam says that they will go fishing in memory of Stuart. Scott says that he will come back later for the rest of Stuartís stuff and thanks Annie for her help. Scott leaves. Annie says that it was very sweet of Adam to offer to take Scott fishing. Adam says that Annie could probably go with them because her deal is safe. Adam say that Willis rejected Kendallís plea bargain and she will be standing trial for Stuartís murder.

Amanda asks Taylor if she is sure about babysitting. Taylor says that she can do it, but she needs some tips. Liza shows up and asks Tad for help. She hears a baby cry and asks Tad about it.

J.R. thanks Scott for coming and Scott asks what is going on. J.R. says that he wanted to apologize for being an ass. J.R. says that he is pissed that Annie will get away with murder. Marissa says that Willis denied the plea, so Kendall is going to trial and Emma is his star witness. Marissa says that Emma swears that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. J.R. says that Annie got to her own daughter.

ADA Willis knocks on Ryanís door.

Erica says that Emma will be fine there. Ryan asks how Emma likes her room. Kendall asks them to let her in. Kendall comes in and tells Emma that she has to tell the truth: That Annie shot Stuart, not Kendall.

Adam reads Annieís diary. Adam asks Zach what he wants. Zach asks where Annie is and if Kendall is there. Adam says that if Kendall shows up, he will string her up personally. Zach says that the only person that is going to get strung up is Annie.

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