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Written by Mandy
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Adam admits to J.R. that he loves Annie and she loves him back. J.R. says that he needs a drink. Adam suggests that J.R. is looking for any excuse to dive back into the bottle. J.R. says that he didnít say he was going to take a drink. Adam says that J.R. has a distinct deficit of self-control. J.R. says that he is worried and Adam asks where all the worry was the night Stuart was killed. Adam says that at least Annie puts her child first.

Emma says that she saw who shot Little Adamís uncle. Annie tells Emma not to tell anyone else ever what she saw, but Emma says that she already told Ryan. Emma says that she told ďdaddyĒ that Kendall did it. Emma asks if she is in trouble and Annie says that Emma has done nothing wrong. Ryan starts knocking on the door and Annie leaves after giving Emma a cell phone for emergencies. Emma unlocks the door and Ryan asks if Annie was there.

Kendall asks Zach to promise to keep on Annie. Zach tells Kendall not to do this, but she says that she already did it. Zach realizes that Kendall called the DAís office. Liza comes in and says that they have a problem. Liza says that Ryan told her that he caught Emma calling Annie and that she thinks Annie got out of her ankle monitor. Kendall says that she is ready to confess.

David tells Marissa that the least he could do was offer her a celebratory dinner, since he almost cost her her job with Liza. Marissa thanks David for talking to Liza. David says that he meant everything he said. Marissa tells David to call Krystal because every kid wants their parents to end up together.

Ryan asks if Annie locked the door and Emma says that she did because she had a scary dream. Ryan asks Emma not to lock the door anymore and says that she has nothing to be scared of. Erica tells Emma good night.

J.R. says that he always puts Little Adam first and does everything for his son. Adam says that he is going to do this for himself. Meanwhile, J.R. reclines against the pillow covering Annie's ankle bracelet, which makes Adam nervous.

Kendall tells Zach and Liza about the deal. Zach says that Kendall refused before because she was innocent. Liza says that she can bring in the fact that insanity is hereditary, but Kendall says that she wonít subject a little girl to that. Zach suggests having Ryan take Emma out of town until they find the truth. Kendall tells Zach that this is their only option because at least this way she will definitely have a future with their sons.

Ryan says that Emma is scared and confused. Erica says that Annie is preying on it. Erica says that if Ryan hadnít gone upstairs when he did, she thinks that Annie would have taken Emma and disappeared. Ryan says that he will never let Annie get anywhere near Emma again. Erica says that they have to leave tonight.

Annie says that she was sick of being cooped up in the house, so she went for a walk in the garden, but the garden is out of her perimeter, so she took her ankle monitor off. Annie asks Scott to help her.

J.R. says that one day Adam will wake up lonely, humiliated and broken. Adam tells J.R. to get out. J.R. goes to leave and Adam asks what is going on.

Liza, Zach and Kendall talk to ADA Willis about the deal that DA North offered. ADA Willis says that he will have the paperwork drawn up. Liza tells Kendall that in the morning, they will go to the ADAís office and sign some paperwork before Kendall is taken off to the state penitentiary. Kendall realizes that this is her last night at home. Liza says that she will see Kendall in the morning. Erica asks what happened and Kendall says that it is over.

David reminds Marissa that she wasnít happy when she caught him and Krystal kissing and asks what is going on. Marissa says that it was before she got him. David says that he appreciates her enthusiasm, but there is no future for him and Krystal. Marissa says that Krystal still loves him. David says that Krystal told him that if he loved her, then he would let her go. Marissa says that Krystal has forgiven him, but David says that he hasnít forgiven himself. David says that he can try very hard to make the family work and he will always be there for Marissa and Krystal. Marissa says that she wants David to be happy. David says that Krystal gave him two amazing daughters and with Marissa in his life, he couldnít be anything but happy. Marissa asks David to tell her that he isnít giving up on love.

Erica says that things will look much better in the morning because Ryan is taking Emma away so that she wonít have to testify against Kendall. Kendall says that they wonít have to leave. Ryan says that Annie got to Emma again. Kendall says that Emma wonít have to testify because she took the plea bargain. Erica and Ryan try to talk Kendall out of it, but she insists that it is the only way. Kendall says that five to ten years sounds a lot better than life and leaves to be with the boys. Zach says that he talked to Kendall, but she wouldnít listen to him either. Erica goes to talk to Kendall. Ryan asks Zach why Kendall would sacrifice everything and asks if she got the idea from Zach.

Scott says that he found Annie on the terrace and she twisted her ankle. Annie and Adam thank Scott for helping her back in. Scott leaves. Adam asks Annie what it was really about. Annie says that she was testing Scott and she thinks that Scott is on their side because he could have told J.R. about the monitor, but didnít. Annie suggests that they should get the monitor back on. Annie thanks Adam for trusting her enough to go see Emma. Annie says that Emma saw who killed Stuart.

Liza tells Marissa that Kendall is taking the plea bargain. Marissa asks why Kendall would volunteer to go to prison if sheís innocent. Liza says that ďinnocentĒ isnít always enough. Marissa asks if it has anything to do with the fact that Emma might have been a witness. Liza says that it doesnít matter because if their client wants a deal, they get them one.

Zach says that Kendall is taking the deal because she wants to spend as little time away from her boys as possible. Ryan asks Zach to tell Kendall that his confession for a crime he didnít commit was the worst thing he could have done and wouldnít do it again. Zach says that it would be a lie.

Kendall asks how to make up for all the time that she could be away from the boys. Erica tells Kendall that she is free to change her mind. Kendall says that a few weeks isnít enough time to fill Ian and Spikeís heads with memories that last a lifetime. Kendall says that she could get the death penalty, but at least this way she has control and she will have a future with her sons.

Scott asks J.R. what he is doing. J.R. says that he is drafting a new bylaw for Chandler that prohibits anyone from gaining access to shares or voting rights. Scott says that Annie seems pretty rational these days, but J.R. says that she is as crazy as they come. J.R. says that he is making sure Annie doesnít steal the Chandler from them. Scott says that he believes that Annie really cares for Adam and isnít in it for the money. J.R. says that Scott believes the best about everyone, but Annie is playing Scott and Adam.

Adam says that he knew that Kendall killed Stuart. Adam says that he is calling the police, but Kendall says that he canít because they will know that she was with Emma and she will go back to prison. Adam says that if they donít tell the authorities then Kendall could escape and go free. Annie trips her monitor by cutting it off and says that she is getting the ADAís undivided attention.

David tells Liza to try the salmon and says that he was hoping to catch Marissa again. Liza says that Marissa just left. David asks Liza if she would like some company. Liza says that she is used to eating alone, but David says that she doesnít have to tonight.

Scott asks why it is so hard for J.R. to believe that Annie might love Adam. Scott says that Adam has a good heart and reminds J.R. that Adam funded his production company and kept it afloat for years, without making a dime. J.R. says that Adam needed the write off, but Scott says that Adam sees the potential in people and is willing to invest in them. J.R. says that the only potential Annie has is to expand to mass murder. Scott tries to get J.R. to realize that Annie has had a tough life. Scott says that if Annie is working Adam, he will see it. J.R. says that Adam hasnít seen it yet.

Adam says that there is no reason to overreact. ADA Willis asks where Annie is. Annie comes out and says that it was fast. Willis tells someone to cancel the APB and have another ankle monitor sent out. Annie says that she could save Willis a lot of time and energy where Kendallís trial is concerned. Annie says that if ADA Willis get the charges against her dropped, she can give him everything that he will need to convict Kendall for murdering Stuart.

Erica asks what Ryan is going to say to Emma and Ryan says that he doesnít know. Erica says that Ryan will find the words because he is so good with her. Ryan says that lately he has felt her pulling away. Ryan says that Annie was a normal happy little girl until Richie messed with her mind and it nearly destroyed her, but now she is doing the same thing to Emma.

David asks if being alone gets any easier. Liza says that when Colby left, she didnít know how to be alone, but she focused on herself for the first time in a really long time. David says that Liza became a hotshot lawyer. Liza says that if she wants Colby to make a difference in the world, then she needs to set the same standards. David says that he became a doctor because he thought if he could save enough people, that maybe he could save himself. Liza says that David saved her life when she was in labor for Colby. David says that being alone has made Liza a very wise woman. Liza says that it was losing her child that made her realize the mistakes she made. David says that he has to go and leaves.

Marissa tells Scott and J.R. that Kendall is pleading guilty to Stuartís murder. J.R. says that Kendall didnít do it and that Annie did. Scott says that he is getting justice for his dad, but J.R. says that this is a joke because Annie gets away with murder again. Scott says that innocent people donít admit to crimes that they didnít commit. Scott says that J.R. just wants Annie gone so that she is away from Adam. J.R. says that at least he cares enough about his father to do right by him. Scott tells J.R. never to say that he donít care.

Erica says that Emma will be fine. Ryan asks how Emma will be fine and goes over what Emma has been through with Annie. Ryan asks how he couldnít be worried about his daughterís sanity. Erica says that Emma has a father who loves her more than anything in the world and would do anything to protect her.

ADA Willis says that he canít make the fact that Annie killed a man go away. Annie says that it was self-defense and if she didnít kill Richie, he would have killed her. Willis says that Annieís lawyer should have no problem proving it in court, but Annie says that there is no way she is going to get a fair trial after being all over the tabloids. ADA Willis says that the evidence would have to be compelling to get a conviction on Kendall. Adam asks what could be more compelling than an eyewitness. Willis asks who the witness is and says that they have a deal. Annie says that her daughter saw Kendall pull the trigger. Willis says that he appreciates Annie coming forward and that a new ankle monitor will be sent out. Annie asks about her deal. ADA Willis says that Annie has his deal, but only after he gets his conviction.

Kendall asks Zach to promise that he wonít let the boys forget her. Zach says that the boys will never forget Kendall and she thanks him.

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