AMC Update Friday 7/17/09

All My Children Update Friday 7/17/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Jake takes Amanda to meet her baby. Margaret, the nanny, has been taking care of the baby until Amanda is able to be with him. Amanda enters the house and holds and talks to her baby. Jake introduces Amanda to Margaret. Jake sees Amanda is in love with her baby, so he doesn’t give it away. Amanda, at first, is upset that Jake lied to her, but, later on, she thanks him for taking care of her.

Erica runs into J.R. at ConFusion. They drink non-alcoholic beverages and talk about Adam and Annie’s relationship. J.R. thinks that Annie’s plan is to marry Adam. J.R. believes that Annie wants a wedding ring on her finger. He thought that Erica would be upset about his news, but Erica tells him that her feelings for Adam are over and that she does not know who Adam is these days. J.R. wants Erica to help him save Adam from Annie.

Emma talks to Annie on the phone, but when her daddy walks in to the room, Emma immediately hangs up the phone. Annie is upset that Emma hung up, so she asks Adam to help her take off the ankle bracelet to allow her to visit Emma. Emma wants to see her mommy as well, but Ryan will not let her.

Kendall talks to Zach. Ryan believes that Emma is not lying, and Kendall believes that Zach believes Emma, as well. Zach tells Kendall that she is making as much sense as a seven year old. Kendall slaps him. Zach later tells her that he thinks that Emma was coached. Zach cannot believe that Kendall does not see that he believes in her. He tells her he is afraid that she might be taken away from their family. Erica walks into the house.

Liza talks to Ryan about Emma. Zach told Ryan about North’s notes. Liza asks Ryan about what Emma is saying, and he tells her that Emma fingered Kendall as the murderer. Emma tells Ryan and Liza that a man met her after school and asked her questions about the night Stuart was murdered. Everyone believes that Annie advised Emma to lie. Zach asked Ryan to take Emma away until after the trial, but Ryan refuses. Erica tells Zach she will talk to Ryan and ask him to take Emma away. Ryan tells Liza that Annie called Emma tonight. Liza believes that North could have planted the idea that Kendall was a killer in Emma’s head. Liza believes that Annie is the key to Emma’s thoughts regarding the murder, so she goes to Adam’s house to visit Annie. Liza knocks at Adam’s door.

Amanda names the baby, Trevor. She wants the baby fulltime. Jake says no because David will find out about the baby.

Adam does not allow Liza into his home to visit Annie, claiming that she's sleeping and cannot be disturbed. Liza becomes suspicious and starts to believe that Annie is not home. Annie could have gone to see Emma or Kendall, so Liza calls Ryan to warn him.

Kendall tells Zach that she has made a decision to turn herself in and accept the deal that the DA offered earlier. Zach says no because he and the boys would be without her for five years.

Amanda says goodbye to the baby and cries because she does not want to leave her baby again.

J.R. questions Adam about his love for Annie. Adam looks horrified when he spots Annie's ankle monitor next to J.R. on the sofa.

Annie sneaks into Emma’s room, worried about what she saw until her daughter tells her that she saw Kendall shoot Stuart. Annie relaxes once Emma names Kendall as the shooter. Ryan knocks on Emma’s door, wondering why it's locked.

Against Zach's wishes, Kendall calls the DA’s office to accept the plea agreement and turn herself in. Liza shows up at the Slaters’ door.

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