AMC Update Thursday 7/16/09

All My Children Update Thursday 7/16/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita

Amanda believes that Liza’s baby is her baby after overhearing Jake tell Liza that he made the switch, and David brought it.  Amanda tries to go to Liza’s baby, but Jake stops her.  Jake tells Amanda the truth about her baby.  He tells how Liza threatened to tell David about the baby so he got her another baby.  He also tells her that he has someone else looking after her baby for her.    He tells her that Liza’s baby is not her baby.  Jake never told Liza that she did not have Amanda’s baby, because he did not want her to mention anything to David.   Amanda asks about her son.  Jake tells her that he put him in the country.  Amanda does not believe Jake so he decides to take Amanda to visit her baby. 

Marissa show up to help Liza with the baby.  Liza does not trust Marissa at first, until David apologizes and promises not to obsess over her baby. 

ADA Andrew Willis takes over Stuart’s murder case.  He has to question everyone since North’s notes are missing.   The ADA introduces himself to Adam.  Adam tells him that Jack dropped Kendall as a client, because he did not want to lose the case.  The ADA wants to speak to Adam alone.   Adam walks into his home with ADA Willis who meets JR and Annie.  The ADA asks Annie to repeat her testimony.  She tells him about kidnapping her daughter. 

Annie tries to convince DA Willis that she has done wrong before, but she did not kill Stuart. 

Zach tells Kendall that Emma may have seen something the night of Stuart’s murder.  Zach tells Kendall that Emma may be the key to everything. 

Ryan reviews Emma’s testimony with her.   Emma tells Ryan she saw Kendall shoot the gun.  She did not tell what she saw earlier, because she just remembered.   Ryan questions Emma, but she insists that she is telling the truth.  Ryan believes that Emma does not want her mommy to get in trouble. 

Erica is outraged that Liza is Kendall’s lawyer, because she thinks Liza wants to send Kendall to prison so that she can get Zach.  Erica visits Liza and talk about her representing Kendall.  Erica believes that Liza wants Kendall in jail so that she can have Zach, Kendall’s husband. 

Liza contacts Dr. White about North’s appointment.  White testifies that he had an appointment with North.  The doctor specializes in repressed memories.  North wanted to know if a child could inherit a parent’s insanity, and Dr. White told him, yes.

Zach tells Ryan that he has North’s notes that mention a kid, which he thinks is Emma.  He thinks that Emma may have mentioned that she saw Kendall kill Stuart. 

Scott asks Annie if she has a thing for Adam.  She asks him to taste a canapé and to tell her if he likes it.  Annie tries to convince Scott that she is with Adam, because she wants a real family again. 

Emma calls Annie and tells her that her dad did not believe what she saw.  Emma is interrupted by Ryan, before she could finish her sentence.  Annie is on the line trying to urge Emma to talk.

Amanda arrives at a house, looks into the window and says, “Its him, that’s my baby.”

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