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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/15/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

At the Yacht Club, Randi is approached by Madison, who announces that she’s heard that Randi killed her husband. Randi denies it, and Madison brings up Randi’s past with her “Johns”. She asks if Randi is pregnant with North’s child, but Randi denies that also just as Frankie walks up and asks if something is wrong. They talk, and Frankie learns the identity of Madison, who wishes them a good life and leaves.

Zach and Kendall talk. She asks why they keep hurting each other and why they can’t just love each other. They share a loving kiss, but Zach breaks it off and says they can’t do this. He says he would love to fall into her arms and their past but asks where they would go. He reminds her they are living under the same roof as strangers and they aren’t who they were at one time. She talks about her feelings, and he thinks the feelings turn into more trouble. He returns to the conversation about the trial. She is weeping and telling Zach she is feeling nothing but love for him, and he says he can’t allow himself to feel that love. She leaves.

Jesse comes by, and Zach asks him what he thinks of Willis, the A.D.A. Jesse thinks Willis isn’t sure why North was so hell-bent on convicting Kendall. He has Jesse talking to a lot of people about Annie, but he knows he doesn’t think Kendall did it. Zach asks how he, Frankie and Randi are doing, and Jesse responds that they are all good and things will be ok.

Frankie and Randi exchange kisses, and Randi begins to think of North grabbing her to have sex, and she breaks away. She tells Frankie it’s just nausea, and he leaves to get a soda for her. Jesse arrives, and Randi is frantic to tell him that Madison knows that she killed North, but she assures Jesse she didn’t admit to a thing. He explains that Madison has the hotel surveillance tapes and knows what happened. He implores her to let him take care of this, telling her everything will be fine.

David opens the DNA report in front of Marissa at the hospital and finds it doesn’t match. He immediately thinks Jake had it changed, but Marissa talked him out of it by telling him it’s his obsession and he will need to choose that or her. He chose her.

Amanda and Jake are at the hospital, and Amanda is asking again if Liza has her baby. Jake swears to her that Liza doesn’t have him. As they stand there, David approaches and tells them he did something he isn’t proud of – he had a DNA test run on the baby. Jake interrupts and states what he already knows (the DNA doesn’t match). David said he is sorry and he’ll never go there again. After he leaves, Amanda tells Jake that David will never give up, and she becomes quite upset all over again. They walk into lunch and find Marissa and Krystal talking. They tell the two women what David said about having the DNA run but vowing to back off, and Krystal doesn’t trust him, either. She goes to him, and he tells her he needs her to believe in him. She says she’ll think about it. She suggests a walk, and he declines in order to do something important.

ADA Willis is at Ryan’s home talking to him as Emma hides and listens. He wants to ask Ryan more questions involving his relationship with Kendall. Liza joins them and stops Ryan from answering anything else. She and Willis spar a bit, and she asks him if he wants to win or if he wants the truth. He answers that he’s after justice and leaves. Ryan is sure Annie killed Stuart, and Liza asks why. He tells her that one big reason is the picture Emma drew of Annie holding the gun. Liza asks to see it and wants to talk to Emma, but changes her mind. Kendall approaches Ryan’s home just as Liza is leaving.

Kendall is feeling lost and is acting without thinking. She tells Ryan how she is returning to her bad habits again with Zach living with her but not living with her and it’s not fair to Ryan. Ryan agrees. He knows she loves Zach and that she has made it very clear. He needs to get on with his life, but it hurts Kendall to hear it. He says she shouldn’t really be there, and she replies, “I need to be somewhere.” She feels as though she needs a life preserver. He says sometimes she sounds like she did kill Stuart. “Only those who are drowning need a life preserver.” Ryan tells her for the next few days she must be very careful of what she says and how she says it. Kendall tells him sometimes she feels as though she did it with so many thinking she did or accusing her of it. Kendall apologizes and leaves, saying she really shouldn’t have come.

Liza is at the casino, and Zach joins her. She has the D.A.’s notes and points out that every time Willis mentions Ian, he underlines his name or writes it in big letters. In the center of his notes he wrote, “The Kid.” After her visit to Ryan’s, and after looking at this computer, Liza is beginning to think Emma knows what happened. Zach remembers that the police had talked with the kids and uncovered nothing. North’s last entry was the phone number of a children’s trauma center.

David goes to find Liza and confesses that he believed that Jake had given his baby to her, so he had a DNA run. He tells her that the DNA didn’t match and he hopes she will forgive him. She agrees, and he thanks her and leaves. She calls Jake and asks how in the world he kept David from knowing about the baby. He replies that it doesn’t matter how, saying, “ I made the switch and David bought the whole thing.” Amanda hears every word he says.

When Kendall leaves, Emma comes to Ryan and remarks about his keeping the picture and his thinking that her mother killed Stuart. She tells Ryan that she didn’t see her shoot him, and Ryan asks if she saw anyone shoot Stuart, and she says she did. She talks about what happened that night. She and Little A were watching a movie when the lights went out. She was afraid and went downstairs. He continues to question her and asks who else she saw that night. She says she saw Zach and then she saw Kendall shoot Stuart!!

Zach goes home, and Kendall arrives. He asks who else saw her that night and if any of the children saw her. She says she doesn’t know, but Zach suggests Emma might have seen her. Kendall asks if Zach thinks Emma saw something.

Madison and Jesse meet up at the casino, and Jesse is furious that she approached Randi. She says how ironic that “…the love of his [North’s] life ended up ending his life.” Jesse tells her in no uncertain terms that if she bothers Randi again, he will make sure she regrets the day she got to know him because he will do anything to protect his family. Madison tells him that he’s the one trying to cover up a murder and if he tries to play games with her, she will bring him down and his entire family with him. She storms off.

Frankie and Randi are talking, and Randi tells him she’s better. She goes in to take a nap, and Frankie’s cell phone beeps. An unknown person texts him the following: “Are you sure it’s your baby?”

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