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Angie shows up to see Randi and Frankie. Angie says that she thought they could all watch the press conference together. Frankie asks what press conference she is talking about. Angie says that the coroner finished his report on the DA and that Jesse is announcing the cause of death. Randi remembers asking Jesse if Henry was dead and feels faint.

Natalia says that it is weird timing for the DA to turn up dead the day before Kendallís trial was supposed to start. Jesse says that sometimes justice comes from outside the law and remembers talking to Randi about the cover-up. Natalia asks if Jesse is glad that Henry is dead.

Kendall and Zach listen to the news about the press conference. Kendall says that she got an email from Liza, who is not going to be her lawyer. Zach says that Liza is good and available. Kendall says that there is another reason that Zach hired Liza.

Colby asks if she can take Stuart out on the grounds and says that she wonít leave the club. Liza agrees and says that if Colby sees David, she needs to come right back. Colby asks why David would care about Stuart. Liza says that David somehow thinks that the baby is his.

Jake asks where Tad has been. Tad says that he has been doing detective work. Tad says that David is sniffing around trying to figure out if Lizaís kid is his. Jake says that Krystal assured them that David is backing off. Tad asks why David is running a secret DNA test at a private lab if he is backing off.

David says that they should have the DNA results soon. Marissa says that she hopes the baby isnít his. David says that he thought she was on his side because she was the one who gave him access to the DNA. Marissa says that if Liza has been passing Davidís baby off as hers, it means that everyone faked a babyís death and she doesnít get how anyone could do that.

Zach says that he hired Liza because she will get the job done. Kendall says that she didnít agree to it.

Colby realizes that David thinks Liza switched the babies or something.

David says that he will call Marissa as soon as he gets the DNA results. David asks Amanda if she is okay, and she tells him to go away. David says that he thinks Amanda is very brave for going to therapy for all this and he wishes that he had the guts to do it but he would fall apart. Amanda tells David that she hasnít pulled it back together. David tells Amanda about running into Liza and feeling a connection to the baby. Amanda says that she felt it, too.

Tad asks why Jake isnít freaking out about the DNA test. Jake says that he has no reason to freak out. Tad says that the whole plan is going to get blown to hell because David is going to find out that Lizaís little boy is his child. Jake tells Tad to calm down. Tad says that Amanda is going to leave Jake when she finds out that he gave her little boy to Liza. Jake tells Tad to calm down and says that he has it under control.

Jesse says that Henry was as dirty as they come, but it doesnít mean that he is happy that the DA is dead. Jesse tells an officer to send the reporters in.

Randi says that she got a little dizzy and asks what time the press conference is. Frankie says that Randi needs to relax, but she says that she wants to watch it. Jesse announces that Henry died from injuries sustained during the car accident. Randi goes to use the restroom during the press conference. Angie says that Jesse looks tense. Frankie asks if Angie still thinks that Jesse had something to do with Henryís death. Angie says that Jesse hasnít been himself since that night and he shuts her down every time she brings it up.

Rachel tells Liza that Kendall is out but left a note. Liza says that she will wait. Kendall thanks Rachel. Liza tells Kendall that there is a lot to do. Kendall says that she doesnít want Liza to represent her because she hates Liza. Liza says that she isnít particularly fond of Kendall either, but she is doing a favor for Zach.

Taylor returns Brotís pager to him. They talk about her brunch meeting with Tad. Taylor apologizes to Brot, but he says that she has nothing to apologize for.

Randi says that she feels much better. Angie says that she has to get to the hospital and tells Frankie to take care of his wife. Frankie says that he knows what is bothering Randi and it isnít just morning sickness.

Zach says that Jesse took an oath and asks what is going to happen to Randi. Jesse says that his duty is to protect Randiís family. An officer says that someone is there to see Jesse.

Liza says that Zach needed a brilliant lawyer and got one. Liza says that she wants a fresh start. Liza says that she has a child now and she doesnít want sleeping with Zach to be how her homecoming is remembered. Kendall asks Liza what makes her think that she can get an acquittal when Henry North was so sure that he could convict her.

Madison says that she knows exactly what really happened to her husband. Madison says that the hooker murdered Henry and that Jesse helped her to cover it up. Jesse says that Randi is his daughter-in-law and there is no way that he would let Henry, the rapist, destroy her life.

Frankie says that Randi has overcome so much to create a beautiful life and future. Frankie says that Randiís mom would be proud and that she is going to be the best mother a kid could have. Frankie says that they are going to do exactly what Randi wants.

Madison says that her husband was not a rapist and that Randi was cheating on her husband. Zach says that Randi and Henry met years ago and they got serious. Jesse tells Zach to leave. Jesse says that Henry was obsessed with Randi and pressuring her to get back with him. Madison realizes that Randi is the woman that Henry never could forget about. Jesse says that Randi went to DC to convince Henry to back off and he tried to rape her.

Taylor reminds Tad that he was supposed to meet her for brunch at the Yacht Club. Tad apologizes and says that it slipped his mind. Taylor says that they will have to do it again sometime. Tad says that there is no way he is going to let Taylor go.

David says that he canít let it go because the connection was too powerful. David apologizes and says that Amanda probably wants to go home. Amanda asks David to tell her more. David says that he couldnít help but to wonder if Lizaís baby is their son. Amanda leaves. David gets a call about the DNA test.

Kendall asks why she is taking the stand. Liza explains that the prosecution line-up is a list of Kendallís nearest and dearest and they need to counter it. Liza and Kendall prepare for the trial and go over Kendallís testimony. Zach comes in and asks what Liza is doing to Kendall.

Tad and Taylor talk about how neither of them are the Yacht Club type. Taylor says that she never should have gone to the hospital to return Brotís work pager. Taylor talks about how things are different now that she isnít with Brot anymore and asks how Tad is doing. Tad says that he wishes someone would put another bullet in his head.

Madison says that she isnít a vindictive woman but she is practical. Madison asks Jesse to help her expedite the insurance policy that Henry had taken out. Madison tells Jesse that she destroyed the surveillance tapes.

Liza says that they were prepping for court. Zach says that he hired Liza to help Kendall, not to mess with her head. Liza says that where Kendall is right now is exactly where she needs to be when she gets on the stand.

Marissa shows up to see Liza, but Colby says that she isnít home. Marissa asks if she did something wrong. Colby says that David thinks that Stuart is his son. Marissa says that she isnít David and says that Colby needs some help. Colby apologizes and invites Marissa in. Marissa gets Stuart to quit crying. Marissa and Colby talk about grief. Colby says that Amanda saw Stuart right after he was born and didnít get crazy like David.

David says that he was promised DNA results an hour ago and if he doesnít have them within the hour then someone will find out about some botched tests. David argues with Brot over a spill on the floor. Brot quits his job and tells David to clean it up himself. Jake comes by, and David says that Amanda ran off crying a little while ago. Jake says that he is sure David said something to Amanda about Lizaís baby. David says that he is backing off because he knows the baby isnít his. Jake asks what finally convinced David. David says that if his son had lived, Amanda couldnít have given him away, especially to someone in Pine Valley.

Amanda tells Colby that she came to see Liza. Colby says that Liza is gone and that she has to put Stuart down for a nap. Amanda asks if she can hold the baby before Colby puts him down, and Colby agrees.

Jake leaves a message for Amanda. Angie comes up and says that she needs Jakeís help with something that requires breaking some rules. Jake asks what they are cracking David for this time. Angie says that it has nothing to do with David and that she needs to see the autopsy report of Henry North.

Frankie says that Randi is a gorgeous pregnant woman. Brot congratulates them. Frankie thanks Brot. Brot says that he is a little jealous because they could work it out.

Jesse asks Angie where she got the autopsy report. Angie asks why the coroner only performed a cursory autopsy and why there is no evidence of a broken neck in the report. Jesse says that there was not much left of North and tells Angie that North died in an accident and she needs to leave it alone. Jesse asks what Angie is thinking. Angie says that she is thinking that if Jesse doesnít start answering questions, she will start to worry that he killed Henry.

Kendall says that Liza is good and they might actually win. Kendall says that Liza is a liar and Zach is still holding out on her. Kendall asks Zach if he got Liza to take the case because he is sleeping with her again. Zach says that all he is trying to do is help Kendall, but all she sees is betrayal. Kendall asks Zach to admit that he still wants Liza. Zach says that he was with Liza once when he was single and tells Kendall not to talk to him about betrayal because she and Ryan had a full-blown love affair while she was still married to him.

Jake asks Amanda why she didnít return his calls and says that he has been worried sick. Amanda says that every time she sees Lizaís baby, she feels an intense connection. Jake says that David has problems.

Marissa tells David about being at Lizaís and Amanda zeroing in on the baby. David says that the DNA results are in.

Tad says that itís like the bullet blew all the garbage that had been weighing him down away and now he gets incredible migraines. Tad suggests that he and Taylor should try to blow away some of the garbage. Taylor accepts the ďmissionĒ, and they shake on it.

Amanda asks Jake if he loves her, and he says that of course he does. Amanda tells Jake to swear on their love that he didnít give Liza her baby.

Marissa asks David if Lizaís baby is really his.

Jesse asks if Angie really thinks he could kill Henry. Angie says no but she has a feeling that he is keeping something from her. Jesse says that the feeling is wrong and that she needs to believe it. Angie says that she knows Jesse would never break the promise he made to keep no more secrets.

Brot says that he is going to leave Randi and Frankie alone. Frankie tries to get Brot to stay, but Brot leaves. Frankie says that he is going to go check on Brot, and Randi waits. Madison comes up to Randi and asks if she can join her. Madison introduces herself to Randi.

Kendall says that she and Ryan are over. Kendall says that she hates that they are always accusing, blaming and attacking each other. Zach says that he doesnít want it to be that way, either. Kendall asks Zach what he wants because it is obviously not her. Kendall asks why they canít just love each other and kisses Zach.

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