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Marissa asks David if he really thinks that Liza is raising his baby as her own. David says that he does and that if his son is still alive, he wonít be kept from him. David says that she can call him crazy but he is convinced that Lizaís baby is his son. Marissa says that she doesnít think he is crazy.

Krystal asks Jake to tell her that Lizaís baby isnít Davidís. Liza says that Jake delivered her son. Liza says that if David gets anywhere near her son, she will get an injunction against him.

Annie and Adam hear about DA Northís death on the news. Adam says that all he wants is justice for Stuart and that the DAís death wasnít an accident.

Randi asks Jesse how she is supposed to live with the fact that she killed a man. Jesse says that he will fix it. Natalia comes in and says that ADA Willis is there to see Jesse. ADA Willis says that if they canít find Henryís case files and notes for Kendallís trial, then the game plan is history.

Madison gives Zach all the files and notes for Kendallís trial. Zach says that Madison killed her husband, but she denies it. Zach asks why Madison is offering the information to him. Madison says that Zach has done something that Henry never did: love his wife.

Kendall tells Ryan that the judge granted them a continuance, so they have more time to prove that Annie killed Stuart. Erica comes out and asks if something has happened.

David says that Marissa doesnít know what it means to have someone support and understand him. Marissa tells David to back off Jake and Liza and that she will find out if the baby is his.

Liza says that she will do whatever it takes to protect herself and her son. Jake says that there is no doubt that itís Lizaís baby. Krystal asks why Liza would need an injunction if the baby is hers. Liza says that she probably overreacted but she will not be forced to fight for her son the way that she had to for Colby. Krystal says that she has tried to talk David down but he has worked himself up into believing the impossible. Jake suggests that they do a DNA test.

Kendall asks if Erica had car trouble again. Erica says that she had phone trouble, and Ryan says that it was sprinkler trouble. Kendall leaves. Ryan tells Erica about Henryís death. Erica realizes that Kendall came over because she wanted Ryanís help. Ryan says that he is done running after and picking up after Kendall. Erica says that she should go after Kendall because they need to talk.

Annie asks if Adam really thinks that someone killed the DA. Adam says that if someone killed the DA, Kendall would be that much closer to getting out of the murder charges. Annie says that everyone is going to try to convince the new prosecutor to hand the charges around her neck. Adam says that nobody is going to touch Annieís neck because he made her a promise. Annie says that she is going to go for a swim and clear her head. Annie says that Adam can come, too, if he wants and then after they can take a nap.

Madison says that she is offering up Kendallís freedom and that when she figures out the price she will let Zach know. Madison says that she knows who killed her husband because she saw it on the hotel security tapes. Zach asks what Madison is going to do about it.

Liza asks why she would submit her baby to a DNA test and says that she has nothing to prove to David or anyone else. Jake says that a DNA test would get David off her back. Krystal says that she will talk to David and try to get him to see the pain that he is causing. Krystal apologizes for upsetting Liza. Krystal leaves. Liza asks Jake if he is out of his mind. Jake suggests that they do the test and he fixes the results. Liza says that she isnít going to take that kind of risk. Jake says that Liza better hope that Krystal can talk David down because he will be back. Liza says that there has to be something else they can do. Jake says that David will throw everything he has at it but will never be able to prove that Stuart is his son.

Madison says that Henry brought this on himself and she doesnít see the reason to make it messier. Zach says that if the police figure out that Henryís death wasnít an accident, the spouse is the first suspect. Madison says that the police wonít be coming after her because the hooker who killed Henry had help from Jesse.

ADA Willis says that Henry thought he had an open and shut case but there is nothing but holes. Willis asks if Kendall is the only suspect. Jesse says that there is reason to believe that Annie Lavery is a possible suspect because she was on the scene and has killed before. Natalia comes in and says that Annie is running.

Zach asks if Jesse was on the tape with Henry and the woman. Madison says that this woman was a busy girl, servicing the DA and the police chief. Zach asks to see the tapes, but Madison says that she destroyed them. Madison tells Zach to save his wife.

Liza says that Stuart is hungry. Colby says that the room service guy should be right there. Marissa shows up and says that she passed the room service guy and thought that she would deliver the bottles. Colby gets a bottle ready. Marissa apologizes for going off on Liza at the police station. Liza says that it is all right because Marissa was just protecting her father. Marissa thanks Liza for keeping David out of jail. Liza asks if Marissa is still studying to be a lawyer and says that the passion is good because it will work very well as a lawyer. Stuart cries and Marissa asks if she can try to calm him down. Marissa takes the baby, and he stops crying. Colby asks how Marissa did it, and Marissa says that it was magic. Zach shows up and says that he needs to talk to Liza. Liza asks Colby and Marissa to take Stuart out for a walk. Colby says that that Stuart loves cruising the boardwalk for hotties, and Marissa says that she does, too.

Adam asks Jesse what he wants. Jesse asks if Annie is there because her monitor indicates that she has fled. Annie walks in, and Jesse realizes that she was swimming. Jesse says that the pool must be out of range, and Adam suggests adjusting the monitor. Jesse suggests asking a few questions while he is there. Adam refuses, but Annie says that she wants to put an end to it once and for all.

Krystal thanks David for meeting her. David says that he was wrong about Lizaís baby and apologizes to Krystal. David asks Krystal if she still loves him.

Aidan says that he heard about Henryís death and asks what the plan is. Ryan says that there is no plan. Aidan says that he hasnít had a chance to plant another bug on the Chandler Mansion. Aidan asks if Ryan wants to let it go. Ryan says that he is done playing vigilante and that if Annie is guilty, Jesse will prove it. Aidan says that Ryan has done what he should have a long time ago: cut loose a woman he never had in the first place.

Erica says that she is happy about the continuance. Kendall asks if that is why Erica is there. Erica says that she thought they could talk, but Kendall says that there is nothing to talk about. Kendall says that she knows exactly what she saw at Ryanís.

Liza says that the death of a rising political star is tragic and asks why Zach has Henryís briefcase. Zach says that he is lucky, but didnít kill Henry. Zach says that the entire strategy for Kendallís case is in the briefcase. Liza asks why she has it, and Zach says that Liza will need it in court because she is Kendallís new lawyer.

Krystal admits that she loves David but says that she canít give him a second chance because it is too self-destructive. David says that they can make it work, but Krystal disagrees. David says that he will do anything for Krystal to come back. Krystal says that if David loves her, then he will let her go. David says that he needs Krystal in his life.

Marissa says that she always wanted a baby brother or sister. Colby says that it wasnít part of the plan but Liza showed up in town pregnant. Colby says that Liza gave birth in the Martinís basement. Colby says that she tried to help but Jake said there was a complication and kicked her out.

Liza says that Kendall has Jack for a lawyer and he is one of the best, but Zach says that Jack quit. Liza says that there are dozens of other lawyers, and Zach says that they might have an ethical problem with this. Liza asks if Kendall is okay with this, and Zach says that he will deal with Kendall. Liza says that she has a full caseload right now, but Zach says that she will have to make some room. Liza realizes that Zach is going to blackmail her into taking the case.

Aidan says that he should have listened to Ryanís warning to stay clear of Annie. Ryan says that Annie is Adamís problem now. Aidan asks what happened with Kendall, and Ryan says that Kendall is still in love with Zach, so he is keeping his distance. Aidan says that he is taking a break, and Ryan agrees.

Erica says that there is nothing going on between her and Ryan. Kendall says that she knows that but she keeps finding them together. Erica says that they have been working together to help get the charges dropped. Kendall thanks Erica and says that doing it naked is a bit extreme. Erica says that she wasnít naked - she had Ryanís shirt on. Erica says that they were at the Yacht Club and got caught in the sprinklers. Erica says that Kendall is home and has Zach. Kendall says that Zach doesnít want her and she doesnít blame him.

Colby and Marissa come back, and Colby asks about the paperwork. Liza says that she is representing Kendall because Zach asked her to. Liza says that there is nothing like a high-profile murder case to bring in new clients. Colby says that it is going to be a lot to juggle. Liza says that she can multitask and when she canít, she will ask Colby to help out more with Stuart. Marissa suggests that Liza could hire a law student clerk who needs the experience. Marissa says that she has to go. Liza says that she will think about it, and Marissa gives Liza her number.

Adam says that there is no reason for Annie to be talking to Jesse without her lawyer. Annie says that she doesnít need a lawyer and that she is just going to tell Jesse the truth. Annie tells Adam to go see Little A and that she will be fine. Adam leaves. Annie says that Jesse is there because of Erica. Jesse asks why Erica would leave him five messages about Annie. Annie tells Jesse about Erica trying to get her to confess. Annie says that she did not attack Erica and she didnít kill Stuart. Annie says that Erica wants to save Kendall and wants to hang her because Erica lost Adam to her.

Erica says that Zach loves Kendall and remarried her. Kendall says that they only got remarried so that Zach couldnít testify against her and she is living back in the house for the boys but Zach doesnít love her. Erica insists that Zach loves Kendall and asks if Kendall is ready to work it out. Kendall says that it doesnít matter what she wants because Zach is done with her. Erica tells Kendall not to give up. Erica tells Kendall about Annie attacking her. Kendall says that Annie should be arrested, and Erica says that by the time she is done, Annie will be arrested. Zach calls Kendall and says that he needs her to come home. Kendall tells Erica that she has to go.

Jake asks if Krystal has talked to David. Krystal says that David realized that he overreacted about the baby and says that he will leave Liza and the baby alone.

Colby says that she has to go to class and asks if Liza needs anything while she is out. Liza asks if they can trust Marissa. Colby says that from what she has seen, Marissa is cool.

Marissa tells David what Colby said about Stuartís birth. Marissa says that Liza has taken over Kendallís defense, so she volunteered to clerk for Liza and babysit. David realizes that Stuart spit up on Marissa. Marissa says that it is going straight into the wash, but David tells her to stop. David says that Marissa has just given him his sonís DNA.

Adam says that Jesse is trying to force a confession out of Annie right now. Erica says that she hopes Jesse gets the confession. Adam says that this has nothing to do with justice and accuses Erica of being jealous. Erica says that if Adam keeps Annie in his life, he will end up as dead as Stuart.

Annie says that Erica is angry because Adam dumped her to be with Annie. Jesse says that Erica isnít the only one who thinks that Annie is guilty. Annie says that she is going to be the new Mrs. Adam Chandler and will be so golden that no one will be able to bring her down.

Kendall asks if the boys are all right. Zach says that everything is fine and that he has found her a new lawyer. Zach says that Liza will be representing Kendall. Kendall says that she will plead guilty before she lets Liza represent her.

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