AMC Update Friday 7/10/09

All My Children Update Friday 7/10/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Tad and Krystal are cleaning out the house because Tad has decided to throw some things away. Krystal tells Tad that David is obsessing over Little Stuart, Liza’s baby. David is questioning Jake about Little Stuart. Tad wants to know why David cares about Little Stuart. Krystal thinks that David feels cheated, as if he is owed a child. David knocks on the door, and Krystal tells him that their relationship is over. David is questioning his baby’s death because he never saw the body.

Krystal does not buy into David’s theories.

Amanda talks to the baby then asks Liza if she is trying to keep her baby away from her. Amanda asks if she can hold the baby. Amanda tells Jake that she wants her baby.

Erica talks to Ryan and compliments him on standing strong and deciding to stay away from Kendall. Ryan makes Erica give him all of her techno tools, such as her phone and her e-mail access. Ryan takes Erica sailing. The sprinklers at the wharf turn on and wet Ryan and Erica.

The Hubbards watch the report of Henry’s accident on TV. Jesse leaves for the office, and Randi follows him, making up an excuse to work at Fusion. She meets Jesse in the hallway and asks him what they are going to do. Angie talks to Frankie. She tells him about Jesse’s predictions that Kendall will get a fair trial and that he will not have to resign. Frankie assures her that Jesse is not a killer.

Zach tells Kendall that North is dead, and Kendall wants to know what really happened to the DA. Kendall thinks that it is too convenient that North was murdered a day before her trial; she suspects Zach. Kendall is concerned that Zach did something to North that will cause him to leave her. If he were taken away for her, she would lose her hope. Zach swears to Kendall that he had nothing to do with the death of North. He tells Kendall about Randi’s meeting in Washington, DC, but Kendall does not understand because Randi is only a receptionist and does not handle meetings. Zach becomes suspicious.

J.R., Marissa and Little A have a picnic in Marissa’s room. J.R. thanks Marissa for the picnic. David knocks on the door and is rude to J.R. when he sees him. David tells Marissa his suspicions about Little Stuart.

Madison is told that Henry is dead, and she pretends to cry. A flashback shows that she saw Randi leave her husband’s hotel room in Washington, DC. She found Henry hurt on the floor after Randi left.

Jesse arrives in Washington DC and tells the local police that he has been allowed to work the case on North since he was the DA in Pine Valley. He overhears the Local DA ask Madison about the earring found in the suite. Jesse will be assisting on the case.

Jack, Kendall, the new DA and the judge are in the courtroom. The trial will be delayed so that the new DA can get on board. Jack mentions to Kendall that North’s demise is a little too convenient. Kendall mentions her wrongdoings and tells Jack that just because she did those things does not mean that she killed the DA. While rambling, she mentions that she ran Greenlee off the road, and Jack is furious that she did not tell him the truth. He excuses himself from her case and will no longer represent her.

Krystal tells Jake about David’s suspicions. Tad finds Liza at the wharf and talks to her about David’s suspicions. Krystal asks Jake questions about Little Stuart.

Randi tracks Kendall down and talks to her about her work for Fusion in Washington, DC. Kendall knows nothing about the goings on at Fusion since Erica is in charge.

Zach shows up at North’s hotel. Jesse wants to know why Zach is snooping around. Madison does not want them to mention that Henry was with a hooker in the hotel. She also wants them to keep quiet about finding the earring. She asks Jesse to get rid of the earring. The local DA tells them the security tapes of North’s room are missing. Zach tells Jesse that they know some of the same information.

Erica and Ryan return home wet. Erica wants some rice to draw the water out of her cell phone. Kendall comes over to tell Ryan that her case is delayed and wants him to help with Annie. Erica comes down the stairs after her shower.

Jesse gives Randi her earring. He tells her that security footage is missing, and they mistakenly believe that there is no footage of her visit to North’s suite.

Madison is looking at the security tapes in her room at the casino. Zach comes to her room, and she gives him Henry’s briefcase with all of the files and notes on Kendall’s murder case. Zach tells Madison that she killed her husband.

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