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All My Children Update Thursday 7/9/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Juanita
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Jake brings Amanda to the hospital for postpartum depression. Jake talks about Amanda’s pain and tells her that someday he will be able to give her exactly what she wants. Amanda meets with her therapist, and Jake talks to Dr. Joe Martin. Joe wants to know if Jake needs to talk to somebody about the death of Amanda’s baby. Jake tells his father that he feels as if something will come between Amanda and him.

Erica meets Jack at a restaurant to talk about Kendall jeopardizing her murder case. Jack is upset that Kendall is trying to prepare her own case and getting herself into more trouble. Erica tells him of her promise to butt out of Kendall’s business. Liza shows up at the restaurant and tells Jack to advise Kendall to leave Adam and Annie alone.

Krystal meets David and asks her for another chance. They are at the same restaurant with Erica and Jack. David tells Krystal that now he is more insightful, and he asks her if she still loves him.

Jesse and Randi push North’s car off the road, with him in it. Randi has dreams of hurting North. Frankie is home, and Randi is happy when she awakens from her dream. Jesse tells Angie that he will not resign; he thinks that Kendall will get a fair trial because he has a feeling.

Zach comes home wanting to know where Kendall was. Kendall wants to know where he was. Ryan takes Spike to watch TV so that Kendall and Zach can talk. Kendall tells Zach about her plans with Adam to entrap Annie. Zach tells her that her idea was dumb and that North is missing. Ryan returns to the living room, then butts into Zach and Kendall’s conversation. He tells Zach that he should be more open about what he is doing about Kendall’s case. Zach lets Ryan know that if he thinks they are a team, then he is mistaken. Zach thinks that Ryan is still pursuing Kendall, so he tells him to watch Kendall and he will do the rest. Before he leaves, he says, “Go team”. Kendall's conversation leads Ryan to believe that she wants Zach and the boys. She came to him for help with Annie, but she really wants Zach. Ryan believes that Zach thinks he wants Kendall as well.

Jack walks over to Liza and tells her that the baby is looking red and funny. David overhears and goes over to look. Liza shoos David away, and he thinks that her behavior is over the top. He starts to become suspicious about Liza’s baby. Liza takes the baby to the hospital, and David follows to try to help.

Zach tells Mrs. North that he went to DC to visit her husband but he was not to be found. She becomes jumpy.

Zach knocks on the door of Randi’s apartment, and Frankie wants to know why he is there. Zach is surprised to find Frankie at home. Randi is taking a shower, but she overhears Zach’s conversation as she enters the room. They pretend that Zach is picking up a folder for Kendall. Randi sends Frankie to get the folder while she speaks to Zach. Zach asks her if she saw North while she was in DC. Randi answers no. Randi blurts out to Zach that they are having a baby, and Zach wishes them well. She asks Zach to keep the baby a secret.

Angie and Jesse eat breakfast. Jesse has a gut feeling that North will not convict Kendall. Randi lied to Frankie about her reason for returning home early. She later tells Frankie that she is pregnant and wants to know if he is happy. Frankie is ecstatic. They plan to visit Jesse and Angie and tell them of the pregnancy. Angie, Randi, Jesse and Frankie toast the pregnancy.

David asks Amanda about Liza’s baby and Jake. He thinks that there is a connection. Amanda does not agree. David asks Jake why he is doing so much OB work with Liza and her baby.

Erica and Krystal exchange barbs about David. Erica cannot believe they may be reuniting. Krystal reminds her that her past with men is sketchy, so she should not talk.

Ryan meets with Erica on the wharf. He tells Erica that going to see Annie and talking to Adam was a bad idea; he blames Kendall for the decision. He plans to stay away form Kendall. He believes that Kendall still loves Zach. Erica agrees that Ryan should stay away from Kendall. Erica compliments Ryan on being strong and everything that is good.

Zach returns to North’s suite in DC and is told that the DA’s burned body was found in a wreck.

Kendall tells her boys that she may have to go away for a little while, and Zach walks in and says maybe not because Henry North is dead.

Amanda follows Liza and her baby to the elevator. She plays with the baby, but Liza waves her away. Amanda asks why Liza is keeping her away from her baby.

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