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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/8/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Anoma

Marissa walks into J.R.ís office to say sheís sorry for running off after the kiss, but Scott turns around in the chair and surprises her. He apologizes for not making his presence known before she finished speaking. He thinks kissing J.R. must not have gone too well. She says it just happened but J.R. told her he was thinking of Babe and thatís when she ran away. Scott tells her he isnít the mysterious guy that women seem to like. He suggests she come with him, and he takes her to the casino, and they are play on the slot machines. Theyíre losing, but Marissa thinks they should keep playing until they win everything back, and finally Scott agrees, so they go to the black jack table. They get back what they lost and then some, so Scott doesnít want to leave. He finally agrees that if he wins, he will take her out for a great dinner. Then he decides that they should cash out. J.R. is there. Scott assumes Marissa wants to talk to J.R., who walked into the casino to relax after a hard day. J.R. figures out that Marissa was at Chandler, so she tells him why she was looking for him. J.R. tells Marissa heís trying to be smarter about life for him and for his son and that if he feels himself reacting too strongly to anyone (her), he tries to slow down. They get soft drinks at the bar, and he asks her for a date sometime. She says she will go if he brings Little A with them, and of course, he agrees.

Madison is at the casino. She implies that she left her husband and thanks Zach for making her see the light. She assures him everything will be all right for her. Madison begins to win at the casino and remarks on how things are going much better now. Zach tells Madison that her husband isnít answering his phone, which Madison says is not surprising. She asks Zach if heís found his wife and suggests maybe she took her own trip to D.C. She begins to remember being in the hotel room in D.C. and her husband suffering on the floor. She remembers she picked up the bookend and bashed him again, killing him, and then made a phone call.

Randi and Jesse are in Northís room. Randi asks Jesse if heís really dead, to which Jesse responds that he is. Jesse assures a very upset Randi that they will work something out. He wants to call the police, but she stops him. She is the one who hit North and she canít go to jail because sheís pregnant. The room is straight, there is no blood and no sign of a struggle, so they can leave. Jesse asks if anyone saw her come to the room. She was the only one in the elevator, the hallway was empty and she told no one she was going to this room. Then she remembered she told Zach she was going there. Zach is calling Jesse on his phone, but he doesnít want to talk to him right now and doesnít answer. Randi tells Jesse that itís not what he thinks. Henry was being followed by Zach, who was trying to get dirt on him, and he followed North to her place to find out what North wanted. She told Zach about her past with Henry, and how he invited her here this weekend. She admits Zach told her not to even consider going because North is dangerous. Randi tearfully admits she chose to try to go to talk sense into Henry and get him to back off Kendall and Jesse, whose life he would make a living hell if she didnít go with him. Jesse comforts her and says they can think of something. Jesse picks up Northís phone and sees that itís Zach and doesnít answer.

Randi wonders what Frankie will think, but Frankie knows she didnít want to kill anyone and will be so happy she is going to give him a child. There is a knock on the door. It is room service delivering the meal that most likely Madison ordered. Jesse tells the waiter to leave it in the hall by the door, and he complies. When heís gone, Jesse brings the table into the room and begins to cover up the murder. Jesse tells Randi that he feels she was acting in self-defense in trying to fend off North, so she should just trust him. Randi goes to the corridor and calls Jesseís phone, and Jesse carefully pushes the table out of the room. An arm falls out from under the tablecloth. They leave, and Zach arrives at the door to Northís room.

Zach arrives at the hotel room with the manager. He questions him if anyone came to see North that day, and he says room service delivered a tray over an hour ago. Zach wonders aloud where it might be.

Jesse and Randi are outside, and Randi is wondering how Jesse will get by with this cover-up since North has been dead so long. Jesse tells her that if the car explodes the way itís supposed to, the autopsy canít really predict the time of death. After Jesse puts the dead North in a car and buckles the seat belt, he pushes the car off, and it speeds down a hill. There is an explosion.

Adam, Annie and J.R. are in the Chandler mansion, and Adam says he remembers what happened the night of the murder Ė Annie killed Stuart. He says she raised the gun and shot him. Annie wonders what would happen if she confessed when in reality she saved Adamís life. Of course J.R. doesnít buy that she saved Adam. J.R. wants to call the police, but Adam wonít let him. He says he hadnít remembered a thing, and Annie knows she was testing her. She walks from the room, and Adam is perplexed. Adam wonít allow J.R. to call Annie psychotic. Kendall and Ryan enter. They argue with Adam that just because Annie didnít admit killing Stuart doesnít mean she didnít do it. He wants Kendall and Ryan arrested. Annie is upstairs crying. She pulls out her ankle bracelet from under the chair cushion and puts it on.

Jackson walks into the room, and Adam says Kendall and Ryan broke into the house, which is a lie. Kendall explains about the test to trick Annie into telling she killed Stuart. Jackson says the guilty one is Adam for wasting everyoneís time. Adam sneaks into Annieís room, and Annie finds him. She tells him she hurt her, and now heís apologizing to her. She thinks that because he tested her, heís no better than anyone else in this town when it comes to not believing her. But she tells him she needs his support. Meanwhile, Jackson is not happy with Kendall for the little ploy to trick Annie. Kendall and Ryan are at Kendallís home, and Ryan is trying to convince her that another suspect could arise.

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