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Written by Mandy
Pictures by Suzanne

Randi asks Henry what he wants. Henry says that if Randi will be with him for old time’s sake, he will give her anything she wants, but Randi refuses. Henry says that Randi is afraid to remember how good they were together.

Angie says that she has already ran the tests and the results won’t change by doing them again. Jesse says that he has to go through the motions to get the DA off his back. Angie says that it is ridiculous and Jesse thanks her. Jesse says that there is no time to finish the investigation because Kendall’s trial is starting. Frankie tells Jesse to do what he needs to in order to save Kendall.

Zach asks if Ryan has heard from Kendall, but Ryan says that she hasn’t returned his calls. Zach says that Kendall ran to keep from facing the jury. Kendall calls Zach and says that she can’t come home and that he will have to trust her.

Erica says that Annie killed Stuart, not Kendall. Erica screams and a man asks what is going on. Adam asks what happened and Erica says that Annie tried to kill her.

Randi says that they had a deal and that she came to DC so that Henry would lay off Jesse and Kendall. Henry says that things can go back to the way they used to be, but Randi says that everything has changed. Henry asks if Randi has missed him and she says that she has thought about him. Henry says that they can pick up where they left off, but Randi says that they are different people now. Randi says that her future is with Frankie, but Henry says that he can give her more. Randi says that Henry needs to let it go. Henry says that he only married Madison because she could put him on the fast track, but he doesn’t love her. Randi says that it would have never worked, but Henry says that Randi is lying. Henry asks why Randi won’t just admit that she wants him as much as he wants her.

Erica says that Annie left claw marks on her neck and that Annie tried to strangle her to death. Erica asks Adam to call the police. Annie tells Adam that Erica wrapped her own hands around her neck. Erica asks Adam what he is doing and he says that he is having her removed. Erica says that she is leaving. Adam tells his security guys to grab Erica because she is a dangerous intruder. Erica says that if Annie doesn’t kill Adam, she will. JR walks in.

Ryan says that the longer Kendall stays away, the more time they have to press Annie for answers, but Zach says that the DA is the problem. Ryan says that Kendall panicked and that they will find her and talk some sense into her. Zach says that it will play into the DA’s hands if he finds out that she is missing. Ryan asks what the next move is. Zach says that he will get his people to look for Kendall and Ryan says that he will cover some ground too. Kendall comes in. Kendall says that she wanted to make sure Zach was gone before she climbed up the fire escape. Ryan asks what is going on. Kendall says that she needs Ryan.

Erica says that they have no right to keep her there. JR asks what is going on and Adam says that Erica broke in, so he is having her arrested. JR tells Adam that they need to talk in private. Adam tells JR that he won’t let Erica destroy Annie. Adam says that he has an obligation to protect Annie because she protected him. JR says that if Adam throws Erica in jail, she will use the media to attack them and kill Chandler Enterprises. Erica says that Annie won’t get away with this, but Annie says that she already has. Erica tells Annie that her only hope of seeing Emma again is to admit that she killed Stuart. Annie asks when Erica became chief justice of Pine Valley and Erica says that Annie went after everyone that she cares about. Adam tells his security guy to let Erica go.

Zach tells Francesca to put a team together because Kendall is missing. Madison says that it is funny that Kendall has disappeared, because so has Henry. Madison asks Zach who Henry is sharing a bed with in Washington. Zach says that Madison deserves better, but she says that there is nothing that she can do about it. Zach tells Madison to stand up and show the world what kind of a person Henry really is. Madison says that she doesn’t want to live like that anymore.

Henry says that he tried to shut Randi out of his mind when she left, but couldn’t do it. Randi says that her husband is a hero who got injured serving his country and they all owe him. Henry asks if Randi is with Frankie out of obligation. Randi says that she is with Frankie because she loves him. Henry says that they can start over anywhere they want. Randi says that she has found the man that she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Randi tells Henry that it is over.

Kendall says that she wants Zach to think she is gone because she has a plan, but can’t do it without Ryan’s help. The door bell chimes and Kendall asks Ryan not to tell anyone that she is there. Erica tells Ryan about being attacked by Annie. Ryan says that he will get Erica a glass of water. Erica tells Ryan that Annie threatened to finish her off. Ryan says that Annie won’t hurt Erica again. Erica says that Annie is definitely the one who killed Stuart. Ryan says that there is something he needs to tell Erica and she says that she doesn’t like the sound of it. Ryan says that Zach thinks that Kendall left town to avoid the trial. Erica says that they have to find Kendall because she is innocent.

Adam says that Erica was trying to find proof that Annie killed Stuart. Annie says that Aidan even bugged the house. JR says that maybe someone other than Kendall did kill Stuart, and then tried to strangle Erica. Annie says that Erica put the marks on her own neck. JR says that Adam is going all out for the woman who might have killed Stuart. Adam says that Stuart was the heart of the family and that he wouldn’t help Annie if he thought she was the one responsible for his death.

Randi tells Henry to stop and that she shouldn’t have come. Henry asks what Frankie will think when he hears that Randi has been sneaking off to have sex while he was in the hospital. Randi says that Henry never used to treat her like that and asks what has happened to him. Henry says that they are different people now. Randi asks Henry not to do it. Henry says that he is done talking and tells Randi to take her clothes off. Randi asks what the rush is and suggests they have a glass of wine at an Italian restaurant. Randi tells Henry to let go of her, but he says that he is in charge and doesn’t take orders from a woman.

Angie tells Jesse that the tests came back exactly the same. Jesse says that he is going to DC to turn in his badge. Angie asks if that is what Jesse really wants. Jesse says that he wants Kendall to have a fair trial. Jesse says that still thinks he can help Kendall by making a statement about why he is stepping down.

Randi calls Frankie. Randi says that somehow she missed her flight.

Henry asks Madison to help him. Madison asks if one of Henry’s hookers did this to him. Henry asks for help again. Madison says that she wishes she could help him, but he is making it very hard for her to love him.

Ryan says that they will find Kendall because he is sure that she hasn’t gone far. Erica says that they went about it all wrong by confronting Annie. Ryan says that when Kendall comes home, they will come up with a new plan, but Erica says that they need to do it now. Ryan suggests that Erica go home and take a long, hot bath. Ryan says that he will call when he hears anything about Kendall and Erica thanks him. Ryan tells Kendall that she can come out now.

Adam says that Kendall is guilty of killing Stuart, but JR says that Annie was there with a gun that night too. Adam says that JR had a gun too. JR says that he has never shot anyone dead. JR says that he wants proof of Annie’s innocence. Adam says that he is alive because of Annie. JR says that he only came over because Little Adam forgot his blue dragon game. Adam asks Annie what Erica did to set her off. Annie says that Erica walks talking about her never seeing Emma again unless she confessed to killing Stuart. Annie says that she wasn’t going to kill Erica. Annie goes to get some tea and talks to JR. JR says that he knows that Annie is working Adam. JR and Annie disagree about the night of the murder. JR asks if the story that Annie fed Adam is what really happened.

Erica asks Zach if he has heard anything about Kendall. Zach says that he is working on it and Erica says that she wants to help. Zach says that he will find Kendall and make sure that she is in the courtroom. Erica asks how Zach is going to convince Kendall to go to trial for her life.

Adam says that he doesn’t need the button to summon security because his lungs are adequate. Kendall says that she is there because she needs his help. Kendall says that she did not kill Stuart and that Annie did it. Adam says that he is as certain of Annie’s innocence as he is of Kendall’s guilt. Adam asks what could possibly change his mind and Kendall says that she has a way to change it.

Randi tries to wake up Henry, but he won’t wake up. Jesse walks in and asks what happened.

Frankie says that he is worried about Randi. Angie says that Randi can handle a business trip. Frankie says that something is wrong because Randi called and sounded scared.

Jesse asks Randi to tell him that she found Henry like that. Randi says that Henry was an ex-client. Jesse tells Randi to slow down. Randi says that she just wanted Henry to forget about her. Randi says that Henry pushed himself on her and she grabbed the bookend. Randi says that she killed Henry. Jesse asks why Randi didn’t come to him about it. Randi says that she thought she could talk to Henry about it because he was never a violent man. Randi asks what she is going to tell Frankie.

Madison orders champagne. Zach says that she is in a better mood and she says that she showed Henry that she does have power.

Annie asks if Adam is okay. JR says to stay away from Adam. Adam says that he is fine and that he is starting to remember the night Stuart was killed. Annie says that Adam can’t remember it, but he says that he does. Annie says that maybe Adam should lie down, but he refuses because he is finally getting to the truth.

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