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All My Children Update Thursday 7/2/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Adam has beefed up security at the Chandler mansion and suggested that Annie sleep with him. Annie starts to protest sleeping with Adam when he makes it clear that he means she should sleep in his room, but not in the same bed. He say he feels calm when Annie is close by because she is the only person who knows what happened to him the night Stuart was killed. He asks Annie to repeat what happened that night. Annie retells how she saved Adam's life that night, but did not kill Stuart, because they both heard the gunshot when they were in the attic together. She asks Adam to believe her, and he does. Aidan is found in his car spying on a listening device and a bug is found in the living room. Though Adam wants Aidan arrested, Annie asks him to let Aidan go, and he does.

Erica is afraid of losing Kendall. Ryan promises not to allow Kendall to be jailed. Erica thanks Ryan for being so strong. Ryan asks Erica what is between Adam and her. Erica confesses that she does not love Adam but finds him interesting and amusing. Erica tells him that she is OK without a man in her life. She is glad she is taking a break from men. She believes there is no live connection between Adam and her, except maybe hatred.

DA Henry North visits Frankie, looking for Jesse. Frankie and North talk about love, lies and deceit. Frankie tells North that he believes that he questions everything, and North tells him that it is a lawyer’s nature to question everything. Jesse arrives and North and he leave to speak in private. Henry tells Jesse that he wants more information on Kendall and he believes that investigating Annie Lavery is a complete waste of time. North tells Jesse that he is leaving town for the weekend and then tells him where he is staying. He gives Randi his suite number as she waits in front of the nurses’ station.

Zach follows DA Henry North to Randi’s apartment and enters after Henry leaves. He asks Randi how she knows Henry. Randi lies and says the DA was looking for Jesse. Zach tells Randi to stop the bull and explain her relationship with Henry. Zach asks Randi to tell him everything she knows about Henry. She tells Zach that Henry was in love with her but he is not the same Henry she knew in the past. Zach advises her to stay away from Henry because he is a dangerous man. Randi wants to help Kendall and Jesse. Zach tells her that the conversation between the two of them never happened. Randi wishes there was something she could do. Zach advises her to live her life and let him take care of Henry.

Kendall tells Tad he cannot tell the truth about seeing her the night of Stuart’s murder. Jesse overhears them and tells them that they must tell the truth on the witness stand. Jesse is outraged when he learns that Ryan and Tad went to talk to the DA about their suspicion of Annie. They should have talked to him. Kendall envisions Tad and Jesse on the witness stand and feels that she will be convicted. She starts to feel helpless. Kendall shows up to see Ryan, and she and Erica run into each other in the hallway. Erica asks about Kendall, but Kendall does not want to talk about the case in fear that Erica will be called as a witness. Kendall rushes into Ryan’s apartment and hugs him. She believes that they will not be able to help her. Kendall is afraid to talk to Ryan. He tells her to have hope. Kendall tells Ryan that he is North’s star witness, but Ryan tells her that he will lie. Kendall envisions Ryan on the witness stand putting another nail in her coffin.

Kendall is giving up, and Ryan is surprised. Ryan tells her she is not guilty, but she says she is guilty of turning her back on her family and her husband to be with him. She believes that the affair with Ryan was not fair to him or her family and husband. Kendall returns home.

Erica finds Zach at the casino and tells him that Kendall is at Ryan’s and she is falling apart. Erica wants to know what they can do for Kendall. Aidan sees Erica and tells her that he was found out by Adam’s security. They cannot make a case against Annie now.

Frankie tells Randi about Henry and how he treats Jesse. He also talks about the unfair prosecuting of Kendall. Randi tells Frankie that she must leave town for the weekend on a business transaction for Fusion. Randi has decided that she must do what is best for everyone.

Zach looks for Kendall at Ryan’s, and he is worried because she is not there. Zach is worried that Kendall will mess with Annie again.

Kendall goes home and spends time with her boys, Ian and Spike. She envisions herself on the witness stand. She cries as she talks to her boys.

Erica lets herself into the Chandler Mansion and sets off the security alarm as she opens the terrace doors. Annie and Adam enter the room in their nightclothes. As Adam and security go to turn off the alarm, Annie boasts about how nice it is to be drinking brandy and looking at the moon with Adam. Erica locks Annie in the room and starts screaming at her.

Randi arrives at Henry’s hotel. She talks about the deal she and he have. He promised to lay off Kendall and Jesse if she would spend some time with him, like they use to. He promises to give her whatever she wants if she stays the weekend with him in the hotel.

Zach arrives home, but Kendall is not there. Rachel tells him that Kendall spent time with the boys then disappeared. Ryan is frantically trying to call Kendall on the phone but only gets her voicemail.

Erica blames Annie for Stuart’s death. She promises to make Annie tell the truth. Annie puts her hands around Erica’s throat and begins to choke her. Someone is knocking on the door trying to get them to open it, but the women continue to wrestle with each other.

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