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Written by Virginia
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Amanda and Jake are at ConFusion, and Amanda tells him he could really make her happy if he told her about her baby – where he is and the identity of his new parents. Jake tries to convince her it’s not a good idea, but Amanda says that since she saw the baby, everything changed. She must know about him. Finally, Jake asks her to close her eyes, and he begins to tell her a fictional account of the baby and his new parents. He asks that she picture a little home in the countryside which is big enough for now – two bedrooms and a bath. The father is a veterinarian, and the mother is a teacher, and they work hard. They also have a dog. They had been waiting for the perfect child to come along, and Amanda made that possible. Tad overhears Jake telling the story to Amanda, and when she leaves, he goes to the table and questions Jake about the lies. When Amanda returns to the table, Tad said he was just telling Jake about what strong lungs Liza’s baby has and then leaves. Jake has a meal in a bag and begins to read the menu and says how everything has whipped cream and kisses her. Amanda orders a hot chocolate sundae to go and smiles.

Ryan and Tad are in D.A. North’s office trying to convince him that it was Annie who killed Stuart. Instead, the D.A. convinces Tad that the woman he saw fleeing the scene of the murder could just as easily have been Kendall. Zach opens the door whereupon Tad leaves. North assures the two men that their little attack on Annie didn’t work. He brings up Zach and Ryan’s relationship to Kendall and rubs that in their faces. He wants to know what she has that keeps these men willing to do anything. He serves Ryan with a summons to appear in court and tells him he will be serving his buddy, Tad, one also. Zach is annoyed that Ryan is interfering in this. He thinks he can handle North better than they can, and Ryan takes offense, telling Zach that he doesn’t take orders from him. The case goes to trial next week, and Zach thinks they all need to be smart and think of something that will work.

Aidan is in his car listening to the bugging device that he placed in the Chandler mansion, and Erica gets in the car with him. She’s there because Ryan told her what Aidan was doing. She is frantic to prove that Kendall didn’t kill Stuart. At that point, we see Kendall and Annie having a visit which quickly disintegrates into a verbal fight. Kendall wants to see if she can upset Annie and get her to admit she killed Stuart, but Annie catches onto her game and instead starts accusing Kendall of the shooting. Erica and Adam arrive, and when he sees Erica, he picks up the phone to call the police. Erica and Kendall leave. Adam comforts Annie. He tells her he thinks Kendall killed his brother. Adam is going to beef up security until Kendall is put away.

Alone, Annie begins to relive the night of the shooting. She sees someone shooting Stuart and hears something (Aidan) and goes out to the patio. She remembers the gun and where she dropped it and bends down to touch that place. Aidan approaches her and asks what is on her mind. He tells her he thinks there is something she is hiding. She accuses him of working with Erica, and he tells her that is the exact spot where the person who shot Stuart stood. He said he thinks she shot Stuart and then ran into the house to grab Emma but then ran into Adam, who was drugged and confused. Aidan continues, saying that it was then that she realized she had shot the wrong man. She didn’t want to be slapped with another murder, so she used Adam as an alibi. She took Adam to the attic to hide. When Adam came to, she told him she saved his life. Annie acts as though it were a joke. Then Annie tells him he shouldn’t be surprised when she does this and screams loudly. Aidan tells her to confess if she did it and he’ll do everything to help her. Annie refuses.  She hears Adam coming and begins squealing and needs to be comforted again.  

Frankie and Randi are kissing in the hospital when Natalia comes in to see Frankie. She teases them and tells them they have to do better than that. Natalia tells them she is moving. They encourage her to stay, but she says it’s time. Natalia and Randi are packing up Natalia’s things and chatting. Randi tries to encourage her to say. Randi says her great life is just too good to be true. Randi asks her how Jesse is. Natalia tells her North is driving him up the wall. Randi tells her that Frankie really loves the cheese fries and onions, so Natalia is off to get something for Frankie to eat.

North approaches Madison at the casino. He is furious and accuses her of spilling secrets to Zach. She tells him that he isn’t the only one who will look foolish to her father. We can see that, evidently, North married her for her money and or power, and while he professes to love her, she tells him he never even tried to love her. Zach is now at the Casino talking to Madison, who approached him at a table with a drink. She assures him no one can get her husband to change his mind. Zach suggests she could, but she says no one could, not even her father. She tells him her husband is taking the weekend off and flying to D.C. Zach asks if he does hookers on the weekends, but she tells him you won’t be able to find anything on him. It doesn’t bother her, but she would like to know who the other woman is who turned him into the way he is. Zach comments, “The great love.” Madison responds, “How do you compete with a memory?” He asks for a car to be brought around to take Mrs. North home. Madison thanks him. She asks another favor. She asks him to tell her if he finds out who the woman is. Madison says this trip feels different. North is excited about more than winning the case. She asks him to tell her if he meets up with the same woman more than once.

Kendall and Erica go to Ryan’s home, and Erica tells him that Kendall went to see Annie and that she believes Annie definitely did it. Ryan tells them about his visit with Tad at the D.A.'s and what happened with Tad’s testimony and he said now he and Tad were called to testify. Kendall says it’s hopeless. Ryan assures her they will find a way to get a confession out of Annie. Erica says they will do everything they can. Kendall tells them they need to focus on North because someone that creepy must have skeletons in their closet. Erica mentions that he is working on North’s wife and asks how that is coming along. Kendall tells her that he has always had a way with women, so she thinks this will be no different. Kendall leaves, and Ryan says they need to turn up the heat somewhere, and Erica thinks he needs to bring in Emma. “Nothing pushes Annie’s buttons like the thought of losing her daughter.” Ryan isn’t comfortable using Emma. Erica fears they can’t get Kendall out of this mess.

Kendall and Zach meet at the casino, and Kendall tells Zach about going to see Annie. He wasn’t pleased. She asks him how things are going with Madison. The phone rings, and he answers but won’t tell Kendall who it is. He tells her to just sit tight. He asks Kendall to avoid going off all over the place with Ryan and to let him handle it.

North comes to see Randi. She assures him that her marriage is fine. He wants her to go with him this weekend. She asks how his wife would feel. “Shall I give her the back-story about how we met? Or maybe I should go straight to the press”? She tells him that if the jury found out about their story and his weekends, they might not look favorably on his case. He threatens Jesse. He tells her he might reconsider if she went away with him. He leaves, and Zach walks out of the shadows and makes note of who North had visited.

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