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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/30/09


Written by Mandy
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Ryan says that something happened. Kendall says that Jack just called and told her that the DA has moved her trial up to next week. Zach says that they donít have enough time to tear apart the case, but Ryan says that he can help. Ryan says that he thinks he knows who really killed Stuart.

Adam says that he got rid of the gun. Annie asks if he did it because he thought she was going to use it on him. Adam says that he didnít get rid of the gun because he thought she was going to shoot him. Annie asks if Adam thinks she could be a murderer. Adam says that he would have been foolish and blind not to have considered it. Annie says that she did some horrible things when she was sick, but she did not kill Stuart and she cares a lot about Adam. Adam says that he knows that Annie didnít kill Stuart and that he does believe her. Annie thanks Adam. J.R. walks in and asks when the wedding is, then says that they make an adorable couple.

Ryan says that Annie was standing there, holding a gun with it pointed at the place where Stuart died. Ryan says that Annie is hiding something. Kendall asks if Adam saw it. Ryan says that Annie turned the gun on Adam when he walked in, so he and Erica barged in because they thought that Annie was going to kill Adam. Ryan says that Adam wonít be defending Annie after he figures out that she used him to cover up her killing Stuart. Kendall says that Annie could have picked up the gun she dropped and states that nobody saw her during the time of the murder. Ryan says that he is going to the DA, but Zach says that Ryan isnít.

Amanda says that she was waiting for Jake to get off his shift. Jake asks what is wrong. Amanda says that she couldnít stay at the house anymore, so she went for a drive and ended up at the hospital. Amanda says that she canít stop thinking about Lizaís baby, even when she isnít around him.

Liza asks if Tad is all right. Tad says that he had a bad dream about the night Stuart died. Tad asks about the baby. Liza says that the baby is very hungry and she forgot how exhausting the late-night feedings were. Tad says that Stuart is just getting used to his new surroundings. Liza says that Stuart is trying to get used to his new mom too. Liza says that she is anxious because she wants the baby to love her as much as she loves him. Tad says that Liza is a terrific mom and will do just great. Liza thanks Tad and says that he doesnít look too good. Liza says that she has to get out of there and let Tad have his life back. Tad tells Liza to stay as long as she needs. Colby says that she couldnít stay away from Liza and the baby. Liza says that she is doing fine and suggests that Colby should go downstairs and see her brother.

Kathy and Emma run in. Tad asks Kathy to go play in the family room because he needs to take a nap. Tad remembers Emma saying that she wanted her mom the night of Stuartís murder.

Zach asks what new evidence that Ryan is going to take to the DA. Ryan says that Annie was holding a gun on Adam. Zach says that Adam is on Annieís side, so he will deny it. Ryan says that after they left, Adam got suspicious. Ryan says that Aidan bugged Adamís house. Ryan says that they will prove that Annie killed Stuart. Zach says that North isnít looking for other suspects because he wants Kendall to go down for it. Kendall asks what they do. Zach says that they have to find something on North to discredit him, so that they can delay the trial. Ryan says that they would only do that if Kendall was guilty. Zach gets a call saying that Madison is back at it. Zach says that he will be right there and tells Ryan to stay away from North. Kendall asks Rachel to tell Zach that she went to the office and leaves.

Adam says that it was rather rough last night and that they were trying to comfort each other because they were thinking about Stuart. Scott says that most of his nights have been like that since Stuart died. Annie says that she is very sorry about Stuart and that he was a beautiful man. Scott thanks Annie. J.R. says that they have business to discuss and suggests that they move it to the office. Annie says that she will prepare them a nice dinner.

J.R. says that Annie is trying to move in on Adam. Adam says that discussing Annie is none of their business. J.R. says that Adam kicked him and Little Adam out of the house and that he has a right to know the real reasons. Adam says that he is repaying a debt and that Annie will be staying there until the court finishes its psychiatric evaluation. Adam says that J.R. has no right to judge Annie because J.R. has had more than his share of criminal mistakes. Annie tells the maid that she and Adam will be dining on the terrace. Kendall shows up and says that she needs Annieís help.

Ryan shows up to see Tad. Emma asks if she can stay longer and tells Ryan about the new baby downstairs. Tad says that Liza gave birth yesterday. Ryan tells Emma to go play with Kathy while he talks to Tad. Ryan apologizes to Tad. Tad says that Emma is welcome to stay as long as she wants. Ryan asks if Tad is okay. Tad says that he started getting images from the night that Stuart was murdered. Tad says that he is starting to remember things that happened.

Amanda says that Jake has seemed fine since they left Barbados and asks him how he is doing it. Jake says that it isnít easy for him at all. Amanda asks Jake to tell her how he sleeps at night, knowing that they will never see her baby again. Amanda apologizes and says that she has no right to ask him because he has done everything for her and her baby. Jake says that he would do anything for her. Jake asks Amanda what would help and she asks if he really has to ask.

Liza asks Colby to grab a bottle for her. Colby asks why Liza isnít breast feeding. Liza says that she tried, but her milk didnít let down, so they are going to go the formula route. Liza asks Colby to grab her a diaper too. Colby finds the pregnancy pad.

Zach greets Madison. Madison says that she will have to find a new place to gamble if Zach is going to show up every time she is there. Zach asks if the hospitality is disappointing her. Madison says that Zach is disappointing her because he is just trying to dig up dirt on her husband. Madison says that even if there was something, she wouldnít tell him. Zach asks Madison why she calls him and hangs up, but she says that he is mistaken. Zach says that Henry is trying to crucify his wife and he is trying to figure out why. Zach says that Henry wants to break Kendall, the same way he broke Madison.

Annie asks why Kendall would want her help. Kendall says that the DA moved her trial up and is determined to convict her, so she is running out of time. Annie apologizes. Kendall says that Annie knows what it is like to have to fight for her freedom. Kendall says that she didnít kill Stuart and that maybe they can piece everything together to find out who really killed Stuart. Kendall asks Annie to help her save herself.

J.R. says that Scott has come up with a new plan for the company and a mission statement. Adam asks if J.R. is on board with it. J.R. says that he hasnít heard it yet. Scott says that they need to become a company that gives back to the customers, community and the environment. Adam and J.R. criticize the idea. Scott says that Adam swore that Stuartís death wouldnít be in vain.

Tad and Ryan talk about the night that Stuart was murdered. Tad says that he remembers Emma on the stairs asking for her mom and a woman running outside on the terrace. Tad says that it could have been Annie, but he couldnít tell who it was.

Zach apologizes to Madison. Madison says that nothing can save Kendall now.

Ryan and Tad show up to see Henry. Ryan explains that Tad is remembering the night of Stuartís murder.

Madison says that Henry has decided that Kendall is guilty and will make sure the jury agrees with him. Zach says that Henry doesnít have enough evidence to convict Kendall, but Madison says that Henry is brilliant in the courtroom.

Henry tells Tad to have a seat and explain what he remembers.

Scott says that he promised Stuart that he would try to help change things, so he canít work at Chandler unless he can do that. Adam asks J.R. to go after Scott and keep him as part of the company.

Liza says that it is a cushion that she was using for her back during the last few months of her pregnancy. Liza says that the birth was a lot more difficult than she expected and was tougher than with Colby. Jake and Amanda go to the basement. Amanda asks if she can hold the baby and Liza says of course. Amanda asks how her wonderful baby boy is and then says that it was just baby talk and that she knows he isnít her baby. Colby offers to go make sure that Amanda is okay. Liza asks why Jake brought Amanda back so fast. Jake says that Amanda wonít recognize the baby. Liza asks how Jake can be so casual. Jake suggests that he and Amanda should go.

J.R. says that he would join Scott for a drink, but doesnít think it would end up well. Scott says that J.R. will have his resignation first thing in the morning. J.R. says that he doesnít want Scott to leave Chandler and neither does Adam. J.R. asks Scott if they can work past this.

Madison says that Henry molds and twists witnesses until they say exactly what he wants.

Henry and Tad go over what he remembers. Tad admits that there are still some things that he doesnít remember. Henry says that it could have been either Annie or Kendall that Tad saw running from the terrace.

Madison says that Henry will work his magic on every witness that gets on the stand.

Henry says that he has other witnesses who can place Kendall running from the terrace and none of them saw Annie.

Madison says that Henry will turn the jury in his favor and that Zach needs to accept it. Zach gets a call.

Kendall goes over what she did that night and asks if Annie saw her at any time. Kendall starts asking what Annie was doing that night. Annie gives Kendall a made up confession.

J.R. asks how they work it out so that Scott stays. Scott says that they have to take Chandler in the direction that he pitched. J.R. says that they have to get Chandler out of the ICU before they get it flying high again. Scott says that once they get Chandler out of the red, they go towards what he pitched. J.R. agrees on one condition: that they put it in Stuartís name.

Colby says that Liza will have her hands full with the baby and asks if Liza is considering getting a nanny. Liza says that she will probably get a live-in nanny or something. Colby says that she doesnít like the idea of a stranger raising the baby. Liza says that she will be raising him with Colbyís help. Colby says that she has changed her mind about moving in with Liza. Colby asks if they could do it in Pine Valley. Colby asks if they can get a house and Liza says that they can get a big house with a yard and a swing set. Colby asks about a dog and Liza says that she is pushing it.

Amanda says that she isnít hungry. Jake says that he wishes he could make it better for her. Amanda says that he can and asks him to tell her who has her baby.

Kendall asks if Annie is admitting to killing Stuart. Annie says no and says that Kendall wasnít after her help, she was after a confession.

Henry says that it is a little pitiful for Ryan to be trying to hang Stuartís murder on Annie, but Ryan says that isnít what he is doing. Henry says that Ryan is trying to get his lover off scot-free and it isnít going to work. Zach walks in.

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