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David says that his love hurts and the babyís death is his punishment. Krystal says that God doesnít kill babies to punish fathers. David asks why he is always burying his children and apologizes to Krystal for everything that he has put her through.

Jake says that he doesnít know how much longer they can keep this up. Liza says that they canít stop now. Jake hears someone coming down the steps and assumes that it is Colby, but it is Amanda. Amanda asks if Liza is okay. Jake says that Liza is having some complications, but he is working her through it. Amanda says that Liza should be at the hospital and asks why Jake brought her there. Jake says that he didnít think that Liza should give birth in a car. Amanda says that the paramedics are on the way and goes back upstairs. Liza asks what they are going to do. Jake tells Liza that he has sheets, some fake blood from the gag shop and some spritz. Liza asks where Tad is with the baby.

An officer stops Tad and asks if he has been drinking. Tad says that he could use a drink, but hasnít been. The officer asks about the baby and Tad claims him. Tad steps out of the car.

Annie drops the gun and it goes off. Erica says to call the police. Annie says that it was an accident. Adam asks what Erica and Ryan are doing breaking into his house. Erica says that Annie was holding a gun on Adam. Annie says that she found the gun before Adam came in and asks Adam not to let Erica call the police. Adam says that Erica and Ryan have no right to barge into his house. Erica says that they were saving Adam from being killed and that she will call the police. Ryan tells Erica not to involve the police.

Tad tells Officer Stroupe that he went over the yellow line because the baby is colicky and the only thing that calms him down is driving around in circles. The officer finds out that there are no warrants out for Tad and says that Tad is free to go. Tad thanks the officer and leaves.

Jake leaves a message for Tad saying that the house is full of people, so he needs to be careful.

Marissa says that she came to have some spiritual time with the sister she never knew and confronts Krystal about kissing David. David says that Marissa doesnít understand. Krystal tells Marissa that she was helping David because they buried the babyís ashes next to Babe.

Colby, Pete and Amanda greet the paramedics. Pete and Amanda try to get Jake to unlock the basement door. Liza asks what they are going to do. Jake says that he will be there in a second. Tad brings the baby to the window and hands him to Jake.

Colby, Pete and Amanda talk to the EMT and then hear the baby crying.

Erica says that Annie is dangerous and belongs back behind bars. Ryan says that it was just a misunderstanding and the gun went off by accident. Adam tells them to get out of his house. Erica says that Annie was holding Adam at gunpoint in the same room that Stuart was murdered in. Adam tells Erica and Ryan to get out before he pulls out his panic button. Ryan tells Adam to put the gun someplace safe and leaves with Erica. Adam says that Annie was staring at the place Stuart was shot and asks if there is anything that she wants to tell him.

Erica says that she canít believe that Ryan is letting Annie get away with this. Ryan says that he was watching Annie and saw the look in her eyes when Erica mentioned Stuart. Erica asks if Ryan thinks that Annie would have killed Adam if they hadnít walked in. Ryan says that he doesnít know what Annie would have done, but it doesnít make sense that Annie would kill Adam now after he has gone out on a limb to help her. Erica asks what Ryan thinks was going on. Ryan says that he believes there is a very strong chance that Annie killed Stuart.

Marissa says that what Krystal and David do is none of her business and tells David that she is sorry about the baby. J.R. shows up and asks what everyone is doing there. Krystal says that she and David came to bury the babyís ashes next to Babe, so that she can watch over him. David asks what is going on between J.R. and Marissa. David asks Marissa not to tell him that she is involved with the drunken train wreck of J.R.

Jake announces that Liza has given birth to a healthy baby boy. Colby goes to see Liza, but Jake stops her by saying that Liza is cleaning up and wants a moment with the baby. Jake asks Pete to get some towels and Pete agrees. Jake tells the EMT that everything is under control. The EMT says that they still have to check out the mom and the baby. Jake tells Tad that Liza and the baby are both fine. Tad fakes chest pains and trouble breathing to get the EMT to stop focusing on Liza. Jake says that Tad has to go to the ER. Pete says that he will go with Tad, but Jake says that he thinks Tad will be fine.

J.R. asks why David is acting like he has a say in what Marissa does with her life. David says that J.R. will destroy Marissa, just like he did Babe. David says that he isnít losing another child to J.R. Marissa says that she isnít Davidís to lose. J.R. says that he isnít the sick jerk that dressed Amanda up like Babe in order to torture him. David says that J.R. is a pathetic drunk. J.R. says that David almost killed Krystal. David says that it looks like things have gotten serious between J.R. and Marissa. Marissa says that she kissed J.R. Krystal asks David to take her home. Marissa says that she and J.R. should talk. J.R. says that when he kissed Marissa, he was thinking about Babe.

Ryan says that Annie looked like she was remembering or re-living something when Erica mentioned Stuart. Ryan says that it was the same look that Annie had in her eye when she talked about the night she killed her brother. Erica asks why Annie didnít take Emma and run, if she killed Stuart. Ryan says that maybe Annie realized she had killed Stuart and self-preservation kicked in. Erica says that Adam has been a little off for a while. Ryan says that Adam clearly thinks that Annie is innocent. Erica says that she believes that when Annie is ready, she will kill Adam as easily as she killed Stuart.

Adam says that he saw Annie standing with a gun in her hand, staring at the spot where Stuart died. Annie says that she saved Adamís life that night and asks why she would do that if she wanted him dead. Annie says that she didnít shoot Stuart. Adam says that it is just that room and that he should have it burned down or something. Annie says that she wishes there was something she could do to take Adamís pain away.

Jake says that Tad bought them a little time. Liza says that the baby is perfect. Jake tells Liza what to put away and what to leave. Jake says that Colby is getting anxious. Liza says that it is time for Colby to meet her little brother. Jake says that Amanda is up there and will want to see the baby too. Liza says that if Amanda looks into his eyes, she will recognize him. Jake says that he doesnít know what to do about it and Liza says that Jake has to stop Amanda.

J.R. says that he saw Babe in Marissaís eyes and wanted to know what it was like to kiss Babe again. J.R. apologizes and says that it was a selfish, ugly thing to do. Marissa says that it isnít so weird to imagine something like that, but she hoped that J.R. kissed her because he wanted to and not because she was Babeís sister.

Tad tells Pete and Angie that he is fine. Pete tells Angie that Tad is having a heart attack. Angie orders an ECG and blood to be drawn. Taylor asks what is wrong with Tad and Pete says that he is having a heart attack.

Colby says that she was so worried about Liza. Liza says that she was too. Colby says that she wishes she could have been there to help. Liza says that the only person she could really deal with was Jake because she panicked. Colby asks if she can hold the baby and asks if Liza has thought about a name yet. Liza says that she is going to call him Stuart!

Amanda asks if they should call another ambulance for Liza and the baby, but Jake says that Liza is fine. Amanda says that she would really like to see the baby. Jake says that he doesnít think it would be the best idea and Amanda agrees with him. Stuart cries and Amanda asks if she will always have the empty feeling inside when she hears a baby crying. Jake promises Amanda that it will be okay.

Aidan shows up at Ryanís and says that Adam definitely has doubts about Annieís innocence. Aidan asks why Ryan didnít get Jesse right over to Adamís house to arrest Annie. Ryan says that Adam wouldnít have let it happen and that he is hoping that Annie will make a bigger mistake.

Erica shows back up at Adamís and says that she just wants to talk to an old friend. Erica says that she would like to talk to Adam, but he says that it isnít possible. Erica says that Annie is dangerous, but Adam says that Annie is grateful. Adam suggests that Erica should go home and leave him alone. Erica says that Annie killed Stuart and will kill Adam too, when she is ready.

Krystal says that David has to let go of his anger towards J.R. Krystal asks if anyone has heard from Liza. Amanda says that Liza had the baby there in the basement and that she and the baby are fine. David says that it canít be easy for Amanda to listen to the baby crying. Amanda says that it is killing her.

Sitting at her gravesite, J.R. talks to Babe about the things he has done since he lost her. Babe places her hand on J.R.ís cheek and then disappears.

Jake asks what is going on. Krystal says that Amanda is having a hard time listening to the baby cry, but Amanda says that she is fine and asks about Tad. Krystal asks what is wrong with Tad. Amanda says that Tad might have had a heart attack and Krystal says that she needs to go to the hospital. David offers to take her and she thanks him. Jake tells Liza that Amanda is coming down. Amanda says that she canít go through life breaking down at the sight of every baby that she sees. Amanda asks Liza if she can see the baby. Amanda congratulates Liza and says that the baby is really beautiful.

Angie says that everything is okay and that Tad needs to come back if he has any more chest pains. Pete asks how bad it is and is happy to hear that Tad is fine and didnít have a heart attack. Taylor tells Tad that she gave Brot the ring back and that she is happy he didnít have a heart attack. Tad asks if he would be a vulture if he asked her out to dinner.

Adam puts the gun in his coat pocket instead of in the desk drawer. Annie tells Adam that it means a lot to her to have someone believe in her again. Annie says that she doesnít know how she will be able to repay Adam. Annie giggles as she hugs and kisses Adam, while Erica lurks on the terrace.

Aidan says that he never thought he would be comparing notes on Annie with Ryan. Aidan says that they both want to keep Emma safe. Ryan says that Kendall didnít kill Stuart. Aidan asks if Ryan has any proof that Annie did it. Ryan says that Aidan didnít see the look in Annieís eyes. Aidan says that ever since Stuart was killed, he has thought it was Annie.

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