AMC Update Friday 6/26/09

All My Children Update Friday 6/26/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Taylor talks to Tad about her relationship with Brot. She asks him for answers, but he has none. Brot walks into ConFusion and wants to talk to Taylor. Brot and Taylor ask each other if they are happy. Brot also asks Taylor if she is in love with him.

Annie has her psychiatric session. The therapist wants to talk about Greenlee. Annie says that she was jealous of Greenlee because Ryan loved her. She killed Richie before he killed her, and he threatened her. Ryan is looking through the window as Annie is having her session. Aidan arrives after the doctor leaves. He has a device that will jam the ankle bracelet to allow Annie to visit with Emma. Annie is suspicious because she knows that he wants her back in Oak Haven.

Erica meets Adam and Colby. Erica wants them to talk about their issues with each other. Colby is through trying to talk with Adam because she cannot forgive him for keeping her motherís letters and his relationship with Annie. Erica lets Colby know that she is there for her, but Colby rejects her offer and tells Erica that she is not her mother.

David apologizes to Amanda. Amanda tells him that the funeral is a sham. David asks what she means, and Jake tells him that Amanda is saying that David is a sham. Jake tells him that he is apologizing now but recently he was hounding Amanda. Liza pretends that she is going into labor in order to help Jake and Amanda and she creates a commotion. David tries to help, but Liza pushes him away. Jake insists that they do not call an ambulance because Tad and he will walk Liza to the car. David asks Amanda to continue with what she saying when she said that everything was a sham. Amanda is now composed and makes sure she does not say the wrong thing. Tad, Liza and Jake arrive at the house, and Jake sends Tad to pick up the baby.

Amanda tells David that his anger and hate killed her baby. She is glad that her child is now at peace and will never know the pain of being Davidís son. David agrees with Amanda, but he wants the ashes to bury alongside Babe. Amanda and Krystal agree to his request.

Tad leaves and picks up the baby.

Colby and Pete arrive home to find Liza in labor. Colby insists on helping even though Jake tries to get her to leave them alone. Jake tries to encourage Colby to leave. She helped with Jennyís delivery, and she wants to help with her momís.

Brot tells Taylor that he has had the ring since he returned from Iran. Taylor thinks that he was fast with the proposal but relaxes when she hears that he has had the ring for some time. Taylor and Brot are surprised that they have not been connecting.

Erica calls Ryan, and he tells her to continue to stall Adam. He tells her that he and Aidan are working together. Erica is surprised.

Krystal, Amanda and David bury the baby next to Babe. Amanda cries, and Krystal soothes her. David realizes his errors with his kids. Krystal hugs him.

Tad has the baby in the car and he is babbling about Jake, Liza and Amanda.

Taylor admits that she loves Brot but she is not in love with him. He feels the same way. They dance together.

Erica, Aidan and Ryan try to set up Annie by encouraging her to visit Emma. They want her back in Oak Haven.

Jake finally convinces Colby to leave the basement. He and Liza look for Tad.

Annie picks up Adamís gun and remembers seeing Stuart falling to the floor after he was shot. Adam arrives, and Annie points the gun at him.

David asks Krystal why he cannot give real love. He says that the babyís death is punishment for him. Krystal tells him that God does not use babies to punish.

Tad continues to talk with the baby. A traffic cop pulls Tad over.

Colby calls the paramedics.

Amanda arrives home and asks about Liza. She goes to the basement to find Liza and Jake. Jake is shocked because he thought Colby was coming down the stairs.

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