AMC Update Thursday 6/25/09

All My Children Update Thursday 6/25/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Randi receives flowers and looks at the card. The flowers are from DA North, so she throws them into the garbage can. Frankie comes to the lobby to find her and shows her the movement in his hands.

Brot and Taylor run into each other at the hospital. Taylor is concerned because Brot did not come home last night. He explains that he is making up for time since he took time off to go to Germany. Brot gives Taylor a ring and then gets down on his knees. Taylor accepts the ring. Brot, Frankie, Taylor and Randi make a toast to the newly engaged couple. Taylor shows off her ring.

Colby, Marissa, J.R. and Little A are eating in a restaurant. Scott shows up to get a signature from J.R. and Colby. Colby leaves telling him that she will see him later. Scott and J.R. talk about Annie Lavery and Adam. Marissa and Little A are selecting songs from the jukebox. J.R. explains to Scott that they are just friends and he is not interested in replacing Marissa for Babe. He tells Scott that Marissa is different from Babe. Scott and Marissa talk, and Marissa tells him that she is happy being around her nephew. Scott tells her that he is fine at Chandler Enterprises. He reads her the new mission statement that he is working on, and Marissa really likes it.

Krystal finds Tad watching a blank TV. They talk about Amanda and David and both feel sorry for David and Amanda’s loss. Tad wants to go to the beach and get a roast beef sandwich.

Liza and Jake are talking at the Yacht Club. Liza repeats what Tad told her about Amanda holding her baby. Liza is fearful that Amanda may recognize her baby. Jake tells her that she can get the baby in a month if she moves out of Pine Valley.

David visits Amanda, and she asks him to leave. He tells her that they are both grieving and should be together. Amanda is not buying it because it sounds like the story he sold to Krystal. David apologizes to Amanda for antagonizing her during her pregnancy. Amanda tells him to shut up and calls him a liar. Krystal walks in with the baby ashes in an urn. Amanda cries when she sees the urn and tells Krystal to take it away. David takes the urn and decides to have a memorial service for his baby. Krystal helps Tad with his tie. He makes a corny joke, and she tells him it is OK to grieve. He yanks off his tie and decides not to go to the memorial. Jake, Amanda and Krystal arrive at the church. Liza shows up later. David enters the chapel and the minister brings in the urn. David sits next to Amanda and grabs her hand.

Liza meets Colby at the Yacht Club. Jake suggests that Liza move away from Pine Valley with the baby, and she asks Colby to move with her. Colby wants to be around her family and friends, so she will remain in Pine Valley.

Jake arrives home, and Tad gets on him about the baby. Tad talks loudly, and Jake fears that someone will overhear their conversation.

Little A, Marissa, and J.R. are at the Yacht Club. J.R. and Marissa talk about Babe and J.R.’s need to move away to be happy. Marissa wants the real J.R. to stand up because he is cool.

Taylor arrives at ConFusion, and Tad is there. She joins Tad and tells him that Brot gave her a ring but she does not know if she still loves him.

Henry, the DA, arrives at the hospital and asks Randi if she received the flowers. She tells him that he should not have sent them. He asks her to come with him to Washington DC and she reminds him that she is married. Frankie shows up and asks the DA if they have met.

Taylor is not happy about her engagement and asks Tad what to do. Tad leans over and tells her that Brot has arrived.

Colby arrives at Chandler Enterprise to sign papers for Scott.

Marissa gives J.R. a personal mission statement and then kisses her. He apologizes right after the kiss and then leaves to get Little A from the play area.

David speaks over his baby and apologizes to Amanda. Amanda stands up and tells him to stop. She calls the memorial a sham. Jake tries to stop her from talking.

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