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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/24/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Madison North is talking with Zach at the casino, telling him that his wife should take the deal her husband, the D.A., is offering her. Zach asks her what kind of deal he cut to get her to marry him. It’s clear Zach doesn’t believe that Madison married North out of love even though that’s what she says. Madison tells Zach that she has plenty to keep herself occupied at home. He asks her to cut the deck.

North is in the Slaters' home where Kendall is trying to offer him political favors if he drops the case against her. He has no intention of doing that. North calls her offer blackmail, and he knows that Zach confessed to killing a man he didn’t kill in order to keep Kendall from having to testify. He tells her he knows Zach is trying to work his own wife and they need to stop it. He threatens her by telling her he’s not someone she should want to mess with. He goes to the casino to get Madison, who is gambling and apparently having a good time. North and Zach are looking at her glee at winning, and Zach tells him he has a problem. North acknowledges that his wife has a gambling problem, but that’s not what Zach was talking about. North looks at Madison, and she walks out, but the D.A. tells Zach to leave his wife alone.

Erica is speaking with Adam at a clothing store. He invites her to join him and Annie for dinner tonight, and Erica says she would want to bring a guest. Adam thinks immediately of Jackson, but Erica tells him she is thinking of inviting Ryan, and Adam starts laughing. He thinks keeping a man in the family is being taken to a whole new meaning when both mother and daughter are vying for his attention. Erica is playing Adam and wants him to be sure to tell Annie that she and Ryan will be joining them. She doesn’t want Annie to flip out, but Adam stands firm in his belief in Annie.

Ryan and Annie are bickering. She is trying to shake his confidence and tells him that she has gained control and he’s lost it. Annie tells Ryan that paranoia is dangerous and nearly drove her insane, and Ryan mentions he thought Richie did that. She tells him to be careful and not keep all that anger locked up inside. He tells her she is just acting and she can’t keep it up and that when she drops it, he’ll be there.

Erica comes to pick up Ryan, but he doesn’t know about the dinner. Erica suggests she and Ryan can have a great evening pulling Annie’s buttons. However, when Adam tells Annie of the plans, she is not happy. Adam tells her they will have to see what he sees – a strong, independent woman.

Ryan and Erica enter the Chandler home to Adam’s welcome. He offers cider to Erica and tells Ryan he has no beer. Annie walks in the door wearing her new dress, which is covering little of her chest. The war of words begins. Erica praises her and then mentions that the color of it looks stunning with her ankle bracelet. Adam talks about how Annie is getting her life back together, but Erica again mentions the ankle bracelet, which keeps a tab on Annie’s whereabouts, saying she is limited to a few laps around the grounds. Adam asks Annie what she missed the most in the hospital and, of course, Annie says she missed Emma the most. She says she missed the “simple pleasures”, and Annie declares that there aren’t many of those in a sanitarium. Ryan says, “No, you get psychological help.” Erica tells her it’s not any better behind bars. Annie replies, “Oh I forgot. You’re a convicted felon while I’m innocent until proven guilty.” Adam asks Erica to tell them about her time in prison, and she comments that she tried to make the best of her time there. Annie retorted, “Every time?”

Erica ignores her and hopes that Annie will do as she did when she is jailed. Adam says they are getting ahead of themselves, and Erica replies, “It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. I only served a meager four months, but Annie is looking at twenty to life.” That strikes a nerve with Annie, who clutches her champagne glass and breaks it when she tries to put it down. Erica innocently asks if it was anything she said. Adam wants to blame it on the glassware. Adam asks Annie if she wants another drink, and Erica suggests he serve it in a plastic cup this time. Erica talks about what a sweet little girl they have and tells Annie she spends as much time as possible with her because every little girl needs a positive role model, or a stable one. Adam tries to quieten her, and Annie says that Emma has told her several times that she wants to be just like her mother. Erica responds with, “A homicidal maniac?”, and then she tells Annie that Emma has said she would like to grow up and have her own TV show. Erica taunts her by saying she thinks she will take her to New Beginnings for “Bring your daughter to work day.” Annie is furious. Ryan walks in and asks what is going on, and Erica asks Annie if she would like to tell him.

Later, when they leave the Chandler mansion and are alone, they talk about the moment Annie was so angry. Ryan said that he thought she was mad enough to hit him with the fire poker when he mentioned Emma, and Erica wishes she would act out like that when they are around others. Once Annie shows the others how violent she still is, Emma will be safe. Erica leaves after they agree to go out together again. Ryan kisses her on the cheek.

Annie tells Adam how she is furious for lashing out, and he tells her she was provoked and proves that she was paying attention. He says she was attacked by Erica Kane and she’s still intact. They laugh.

Angie and Jesse enter Frankie’s hospital room and find Randi sitting with her fiancé, who is not hopeful about being able to use his hands again. Jesse offers something good to eat that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Frankie wants some music, and Randi goes to the car to get it. Frankie tells Jesse that Randi is being very positive and is buying into a dream. She thinks he will recover. Jesse wants him to be positive, also. Frankie doesn’t want Randi to be disappointed, and he wants Jesse to talk to Angie and ask her to tone it down a notch because she’s very optimistic. Jesse goes to Angie and encourages her to take a night off. Angie is all for it. Dr. Wexler walks by, and Angie quizzes him on Frankie’s prognosis. The doctor seems pleased that while his hand injuries are severe, they aren’t quite as severe as expected, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Frankie will regain full motion of his hand. The doctor goes in to see Frankie and test his finger, but Frankie feels nothing. The doctor says it’s early and they will try again tomorrow. Angie asks when he can start physical therapy, and that irritates Frankie, but the doctor says they will talk about that later. Frank is very annoyed, saying he feels useless. Randi tells him his mother just wants to help. Frankie jumps on Randi’s remarks about his getting well, and she leaves.

Zach and Kendall find Jesse in the hospital and request a favor. They want him to run a background check on Henry North to see if there is a history of violence or abuse. Kendall mentions his behavior today at her house, and Jesse was not happy to hear that they talked. He tells them they need to be very careful with the D.A. At this time, the evidence still points to Kendall, but Jesse feels the odds are in her favor, but she can’t do anything to agitate the D.A. North finds Jesse and wants Slater locked up for firing the gun on the night of his murder. They know what Zach said and he was nowhere near his officers. The bullet was in a tree 15 feet away from them, but North wants him locked up anyway. North then begins to suggest Jesse’s officers might turn away from him if he won’t lock up the one who took a shot at him. Then Jesse returns the warnings by asking if he’s afraid of what Zach might find in North’s background and suggests that if his dirty little secret winds up on Erica Kane’s TV show, he’ll be sorry. And then Jesse tells him he won’t do his dirty work for him. Randi approaches and asks Jesse what he wanted with the D.A., who has just left. He assures her it’s nothing that concerns her.

Randi sees North in a hospital room, and she goes in and asks him what he wanted with Jesse. North feels that everyone thinks he’s a backstabbing SOB and they may be right. She tells him he was never that way when she knew him. He puts his hand on her cheek and tells her she is the only one who ever believed in him and loved him. He asks why she had to leave. Frankie is in his room and suddenly realizes that two of his fingers are moving.

Zach and Kendall arrive home, and Zach is still thinking about North. Kendall tells him that the man acted like he hated his wife when he was there talking to Kendall. They talk about how exhausting it is to run for election and the Norths seem to have been the perfect couple. Zach suggests that if Madison had a new friend (himself), she might open up. Kendall cautions him to be careful not to irritate North or Jesse any further, and Zach says, “You know what Jesse and North need to worry about? Pushing me too far.” He is going to take care of the D.A. The phone rings and a tearful Madison won’t say anything and hangs up. Zach knows who it was.

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