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All My Children Update Monday 6/22/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

DA North tells Randi that it has been a long time and that he has never stopped thinking about her. Henry kisses Randi. Randi says that she doesnít do that anymore. DA North says that she is out of practice. Randi says that she is married and has a real job now, but DA North says that it doesnít have to limit her choices.

Erica asks JR about Adam kicking him out for Annie. JR says that Adam chose Annie over his own grandson. Erica asks JR what has gotten into Adam and JR says that if she can tell him, they will both know.

Liza says that she hopes Adam intends to keep his part of the bargain about Colby. Colby comes in and asks about the bargain and guesses that Liza agreed to help Annie because Adam said that he would help her get back in Colbyís life. Adam says that he only wanted to try to keep the peace between Colby and Liza. Colby says that they have both used her as a bargaining chip throughout her entire life, but they canít do it anymore because she is an adult and doesnít have to answer to either of them.

Aidan tells Annie that she is playing it beautifully and kisses her. Annie says that Aidan is spying on her. Annie says that she is trying to get her life back and that he can leave because she doesnít need him anymore, since she has Adam now.

DA North says that he was much more than a client to Randi. Randi says that it was a different life. DA North tells Randi that he keeps a room at the Yacht Club and that she will meet him there in an hour, but Randi says that she canít. DA North says that Randi owes him. Jesse comes up and tells the DA that Randi is his daughter-in-law. Randi asks Jesse if Frankie needed anything and Jesse says that he needs her. Randi leaves. DA North says that Jesseís son is a lucky man and Jesse agrees.

Annie apologizes and says that she owes Aidan so much because he was going to give up his life in Pine Valley to go on the run with her. Aidan says that she owes him the truth and asks what she is doing there. Annie says that Adam has been amazing and if it wasnít for his connections, she would be back in prison. Annie says that she could really be free. Aidan asks what Adam gets out of the situation. Annie says that it isnít anything like that and that Adam believes in her. Aidan says that he has always believed in her. Annie says that with Aidan there was always some doubt, but Adam believes in her 100%. Aidan asks if Annie really trusts Adam. Annie says that she doesnít need to explain herself to him anymore. Aidan says that Annie needs to think about what she is doing and Annie says goodbye to Aidan.

Colby says that she is not playing Adamís game. Liza says that they arenít manipulating Colby, but Colby doesnít believe them. Liza says that she is doing all of this because she loves Colby and is trying to be close in hopes that someday they can have a close relationship. Liza asks Colby if it is possible. Colby says that she will be around for her little sister or brother because as soon as the kid is old enough, they will need someone to explain their mom to them. Adam tells Colby that it isnít necessary to lash out at her mother, but Liza says that it is okay. Colby says that Adam and Liza are perfect for each other and leaves. Adam says that Colby is irrational and emotional and that she gets that from Liza.

Erica apologizes to JR and says that he must be furious at Adam. JR says that he is trying to understand. JR says that Adam is dead set on helping Annie. Erica says that Adam is lucky to have JR as a son. JR says that he would like to go a few rounds with Adam and knock some sense into him. JR says that he is going to wait and see what happens, but Erica says that she doesnít have that kind of patience. Marissa comes up and says that JR and Little Adam have a prime suite with a complimentary fruit basket. JR thanks Marissa. Erica says that Ryan is waiting for her and leaves. JR asks Little Adam if they should go check out the suite. Little Adam asks if Aunt Marissa can read him a bedtime story and JR asks her. Marissa says that there is nothing she would rather do and they head up to the suite.

Erica says that she canít believe that Adam threw JR and Little Adam out in favor of harboring Annie. Ryan says that he knows Erica offered to help, but she isnít going over to Adamís tonight. Erica says that she has a pile of production notes for ďNew BeginningsĒ and the color story for Fusionís fall line to sign off on. Ryan says that he will let Erica get to the stuff she needs to do and thanks her for the dance.

Taylor asks if she can get a ride. She asks Brot if he is okay and he says that he is fine. Taylor asks about him not coming home or returning her messages. Brot says that he had to work the graveyard shift and Taylor says that he is avoiding her. Brot says that he turned his cell phone off and that he canít talk right now because he has to deliver the supplies to the OR. Taylor says that Brot walked out on her at ConFusion and doesnít get to do it again, but Brot says that he is working. Taylor says that he is off in a little while. Brot says that he will deliver the supplies, then clock out so they can talk.

Frankie says that he thought Randi got lost. Randi says that she got stuck in the elevator and asks if he is going through with the surgery. Frankie says that he is because if he didnít, she would kick his butt. Frankie asks Randi if she will sign the papers for him, since he canít do it and she agrees. Frankie thanks her for not giving up on him and she reminds him that he didnít give up on her. Frankie says that it means everything that she is there. Randi remembers being in bed with Henry North and him begging her to spend the rest of her life with him. Randi tells Frankie that she will always be there for him.

DA North asks Jesse why he isnít working on the Kendall Slater case. Jesse says that he has people on it, but there hasnít been any progress. DA North says that they have a problem and Jesse needs to solve it.

Marissa reads Little Adam a bedtime story. JR says that it is time for bed and suggests that Little Adam give Aunt Marissa a kiss goodnight. Little Adam asks for another story, but JR says that it is the only book he packed. Little Adam asks JR to tell him a story about ďMama.Ē

Frankie says that it is weird being on the other side as a patient because you learn so much stuff. Frankie suggests that they go somewhere once he gets out of there and take the honeymoon that they never got. Randi says that she would like that. Randi remembers Henry North asking her to come away with him. Frankie asks Jesse if he is okay and Jesse says that he doesnít like DA North.

Adam looks at a picture of him and Stuart. Annie comes out and asks if Liza left and Adam says that she did. Adam says that he misses Stuart being by his side. Annie says that she is sorry that Stuart is gone. Adam says that sometimes life deals them harsh cards and how you deal with them is what makes you stronger. Adam says that Annie has overcome more than her share of bad hands. Annie takes Adamís hand as Erica comes in. Erica asks if she is interrupting. Annie says that she has some unpacking to do. Erica asks Adam if he has lost his mind. Adam says that he is trying to help a woman in need, but Erica says that he is helping a killer and that he threw his son and grandson out on the street to do it. Adam says that the Yacht Club is hardly skid row. Erica says that JR might not come back, but Adam says that JR always does. Adam realizes that Erica is jealous, but Erica says that she doesnít care if Adam is shacking up with the road company of ďCats.Ē Erica says that she is just trying to convince Adam to stop making a fool of himself over a woman who is manipulating him. Erica says that Annie is chasing Adam for his money and power. Erica tells Adam to open his eyes and not let Annie manipulate him into getting her acquitted and getting custody of Emma back. Adam says that he never realized how delicious Erica is in green.

Ryan asks Liza if she should be at Adamís with a welcoming bottle of champagne for Annie. Liza tells Ryan not to be bitter. Ryan asks if Liza wants him to be happy that she got Annie back out on the streets again, but Liza says that Annie isnít out on the streets and deserves to be treated fairly. Ryan says that is more interested in what his 7-year-old daughter deserves. Liza says that she knows Ryan doesnít trust her, but Annie does love Emma. Ryan says to tell Annie to send postcards and picture books. Liza says that Annieís future depends on the psychiatric evaluation. Ryan says that the evaluation will be done by a court-appointed shrink bought and paid for by Adam, but Liza says that Adam will have nothing to do with who the court appoints. Ryan says that Annie could fool any shrink, just like she has Ryan, Aidan, Adam and Liza. Liza says that Ryanís testimony against Annie will be weighed very heavily. Ryan asks if Liza wants him to go easy on Annie. Liza says that when Ryan rejected Annie for Greenlee, it pushed her over the edge. Ryan says that he is really sorry about that, but sometimes things donít work out how you want. Ryan says that Liza is trying to help a dangerous, unstable woman take his daughter away and he wonít let it happen.

Taylor asks Brot to tell her what is going on. Brot says that after the fight, he came back and saw her sitting there with Tad. Brot says that she was sitting there laughing and being happy, which doesnít happen when she is with him. Taylor says that they laugh all the time. Brot says that Taylor looked so relaxed and worry-free. Taylor says that she was laughing with a friend. Brot says that Taylor isnít happy and they both know that she wants more. Taylor says that Brot has been walking around with an engagement ring in his pocket since he came back and that he always has an excuse for not pulling it out. Brot says that he loves Taylor. Taylor asks why he hasnít proposed. Brot says that his mother always told him not to ask the woman you love a question that you donít know the answer to. Taylor asks if he is afraid that she will turn him down. Brot asks what she would do if he got on his knee right now and asked her to marry him. Taylor asks if that was her proposal. Brot says that since he came back, she is always on one side and he is on the other.

Jesse says that DA North is a pompous ass. Frankie asks where that is coming from. Jesse says that Henry doesnít care about justice and that all he cares about is his trip to the governorís mansion. Jesse says that there is something off about DA North. Frankie laughs, while Randi looks guilty.

JR tells Little Adam about the night he met Babe. JR asks Marissa if she is okay and Marissa says that she has never heard anyone talk about someone they love like that. JR says that Babe was incredible.

Erica says that Adam needs to step back and take a really good look at exactly who this woman is. Adam says that he understands Annie. Erica says that Adam thinks he is playing hero to Annie, but she is making a fool out of him. Adam says that Erica needs to stand back before he has security throw her out. Adam says that he knows exactly what he is doing. Annie comes down and says that it must be hard for Erica to realize that Adam doesnít need her anymore. Annie says that she can take care of Adam in ways that Erica canít. Erica says that Annie wonít be in that house long enough to try anything and leaves. Adam apologizes to Annie. Annie asks if Erica is still in love with Adam.

Ryan says that he wishes Annie was a loving, sane mother that he could share custody of Emma with, but she isnít. Liza says that Annie loves her daughter and there is no doubt that Emma loves Annie. Ryan says that his priority is to protect his daughter. Liza says that Emma will need her mother some day. Liza says that she is trying to find a way to help Annie have a relationship with her daughter someday in the future. Ryan says that he isnít going to change his testimony because Annie is sick and needs help. Ryan tells Liza to get out.

Henry asks Randi if he can get her some wine. Randi asks what he wants. Henry says that he waited that whole day at the train station and Randi never showed up. Randi says that it wouldnít have worked. Henry says that he looked for Randi, but she vanished. Randi says that it was the only way. Randi says that she was a hooker that he helped out of a jam, not wife material for a hot new lawyer just getting into politics. Henry asks if he was just a get-out-of-jail-free card. Randi says that it was much more than that and they both know it.

Emma comes downstairs and asks why Annie doesnít ever visit them. Ryan says that she canít right now. Emma says that Annie is at Little Adamís house and asks if Annie loves her. Erica says that Annie loves Emma very much, but that Annie canít visit until the judge says that it is okay. Emma says that she hopes it happens soon. Ryan suggests that Emma should go back to bed because it is very late. Emma goes back upstairs after giving Ryan a goodnight kiss. Ryan says that he thought Erica was buried in Fusion and New Beginnings paperwork, but Erica says that she got sidetracked. Erica says that she went over to Adamís and Ryan wonít like what she saw.

Adam says that Erica just wants to be the center of everyoneís universe. Adam says that Erica helped him through a hard time recently and they became pretty close. Annie says that he doesnít need Erica anymore because now he has her. Adam asks Annie if she has gotten unpacked and if she is okay with her room and she says ďyesĒ to both questions. Annie says that now she is going to do something she has been dreaming about since she got there. Adam asks what that is and Annie says that she is going to take a long, hot bath.

Frankie thanks Brot for waiting. Frankie says that Brot was right about him being a coward, but he is going to see the wizard to get his courage back. Frankie says that Brot and Randi kept him on track and tells Brot that he is having surgery to see if he can get his hands back in action. Frankie asks Brot what is going on. Brot says that things between he and Taylor arenít the same. Frankie asks if they can make it work. Brot says that they canít because they arenít like Randi and Frankie. Brot says that it isnít the same and he doesnít know if they can fix it.

Taylor sits alone and thinks about Brot and the way they used to be. Taylor remembers Brot saying that they donít know how to get back to the way they were.

DA North asks Randi why she disappeared. Randi says that she didnít fit into the pictures of what he wanted to do with his life. Randi says that she would have ruined his life. Henry says that she did ruin his life, but she says that it has all worked out because he is married and successful. Henry says that he is successful because a career is all he has and he married his wife because her family is rich and connected. Randi apologizes. Henry says that he loved her more than anyone and she threw it in his face. Randi says that she loves her life and her husband, so Henry needs to forget about her. Henry says that if that is the way Randi wants it, then they are strangers. Randi thanks him.

JR thanks Marissa for helping out with Little Adam because he is starting to get attached to her. Marissa says that she is getting attached to Little Adam too. Marissa says that she will see them soon and leaves.

Colby asks if Liza is tracking her on GPS. Liza admits that she is helping Adam to get closer to Colby. Liza says that she needs Colby in her life, but canít force it. Liza says that she hopes someday Colby will choose to share her life with Liza.

Ryan says that Liza was there and was very clear about Annie getting access to Emma and the fact that they will fight for it. Erica says that neither Liza or Annie have a conscience. Ryan says that he canít let Annie anywhere near Emma because he canít trust Annie. Erica says that she is going to help Ryan to prove that Annie is still dangerous.

Adam asks Annie if she is hungry and she says that she is starving. Adam says that he had Lucretia make Annie something very special and uncovers it. Annie says that it is delicious. Adam asks her if she would like some champagne. Adam and Annie enjoy a glass of champagne.

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