AMC Update Friday 6/19/09

All My Children Update Friday 6/19/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

J.R. texts Marissa and asks her to come over to the Chandler mansion. When Marissa arrives, he asks her if she can come over for a play date, and she decides to stay. Little A wanted a play date with Marissa since he found out she is his aunt.

Zach plays with Ian and Spike. Kendall comes to get Spike to take a bath. Jack and the DA are on the TV talking about Kendallís murder case.

Jesse gets a call from the DA telling him to focus his attention on the Kendall Slater murder case. The DA meets Jesse at the hospital and tells him he is not a team player. Kendall walks in with her baby, and the DA tells her she has an adorable baby that will be growing up without a mother. Zach walks in and tells the DA to back away from his wife. The DA asks Zach if he will get his boys to break his knee caps, and Zach replies that he does not need help with a weasel like the DA. Jesse breaks up the DA and Zach. Jesse tells Zach and Kendall that her case is not a slam-dunk and so to stay cool.

Annieís hearing is being held at the court, and Liza calls both Ryan and Adam to the witness stand. Adam speaks positively about Annie, but Ryan has negative things to say.

Aidan was at Annieís hearing as well. Liza was a good lawyer and got Annie released to Adamís custody; Annie will not be required to return to Oak Haven. The stipulation is that she not be allowed around children, so Little A and J.R. have to move out.

Frankie is in the hospital getting his hands examined by his physician. Angie gets a specialist to visit Frankie, but he refuses to be examined. Randi talks to Frankie in private; she asks him to have hope and be positive. The specialists examine Frankieís hands and tell him that he can operate and guarantees that Frankie will get more movement and utilization of his hands. Frankie tells Jesse and Angie he will try the surgery for Randiís sake.

Randi is so happy about the good news that she runs and tells Jesse. She finds Jesse with the DA. She and the DA recognize each other, but she returns quickly to Frankie.

Jack stopped by the Slaters with papers for them to sign. He was not happy to see them watching TV because he knew they saw him on TV. Zach wants to know whatís happening with the DA. Jack asks Zach to stay cool.

Erica and Ryan talk about Emma and Annie. They intend to look into the relationship of Annie and Adam. Erica asks Ryan for a drink at the Yacht Club. After talking, she asks him for a dance. Jack arrives, and Erica waves at him. Jack is looking for Kendall because he has more papers for her to sign. Erica asks about Kendallís case, and Jack tells her that Kendall is innocent and he will prove it.

Adam welcomes Annie home, and Annie kisses his cheek as Liza looks on.

Zach tells Kendall that they will take care of the DA.

The DA gets on the elevator with Randi and presses the stop button. After telling her it has been a long time, he pulls Randi into his arms for a kiss.


Erica sees J.R. and Little A at the Yacht club and she cannot believe her eyes. J.R. tells her that Adam kicked him out.

Liza questions Adam about his decision to allow Annie to stay with him but kick J.R. out. Adam promised Liza if she won Annieís case, they would make a deal regarding Colby. Colby overhears them and asks about the deal.

Aidan shows up at the mansion while Annie is on the patio. He pulls Annie into a kiss after telling her that everything worked out as she planned.

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