AMC Update Thursday 6/18/09

All My Children Update Thursday 6/18/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Zach and Kendall arrive home with Ian. They call Rachel to come say hello to Ian, but Ryan and Emma come into the room. Kendall asks Ryan why he is there. He responds that Emma wanted to come over to say hi to Ian. Ryan tells them that Spike is resting. Kendall takes Ian to his room for a nap. Ryan apologizes to Zach for stepping on their homecoming. Zach and Ryan get into an argument when Kendall leaves the room. Zach does not like the fact that Ryan comes into his home whenever he likes. Ryan explains to him that he is not there because of Kendall because Kendall and he have broken up. Zach tells Ryan that what Kendall and he do is none of his business. He is concerned that Ryan feels that he can walk into his home whenever he pleases since he has slept in his bed with his wife. Ryan tells Zach that his son sleeps in his home. Zach reminds him that he used to sleep there, too. Zach wants to know if he will continue to come and go as he likes. Kendall breaks them up. She wishes that Greenlee were there to make them behave. Ryan does not want to talk about Greenlee. Kendall tells him that she does not want him to fight with Zach because she needs them to support her and help her with her murder case. They both agreed to get along. Emma asks if they can stay, and Ryan tells her that Zach and Kendall have their hands full right now. Kendall tells Emma that she can come another time.

Krystal wants to drive a drunk David home, but he gets the keys and insists on driving himself. Worried about his condition, Krystal gets in the passenger seat. When David hits a guardrail, Krystal hits her head. After David is arrested for drunk driving, Liza represents him and gets him released. Krystal is at the hospital talking with Tad when she faints in his arms. When David hears about her collapse, he goes straight to see her.

Krystal wakes up in the hospital to find Tad and Marissa in her room. She asks for David and then realizes that Tad is in front of her. Angie wants Krystal to stay in the hospital overnight for observation, since her CT scan shows a concussion. Tad is a little hurt that Krystal asked for David first. David arrives at the hospital. Tad and he exchange words before he enters Krystal’s room. David tells Krystal that he loves her and that he is sorry. She forgot what happened, so he tells her he was driving. He asks Krystal to take him back, but she says no. She tells him that if he loves her, he should leave, so he does. Marissa is distraught because she thought that she had lost another set of parents when she heard about their accident. Krystal is glad she came to see her.

Liza comes to the hospital and talks to Tad about wanting Krystal back. He is upset that Krystal asked only for David. Liza tells Tad that he is a heck of a catch. This makes him feel good.

Jesse comes to the hospital, and Angie and she talk about Frankie. Angie wants to find a way to reach Frankie, but Jesse tells her to back away and give Frankie time.

Taylor and Brot are at ConFusion when she asks him about their relationship. She feels that there is a problem because they have lost their connection. Brot does not see a problem.

J.R. talks to Marissa about her parents. Marissa tells him what happened to her parents the night they died in a car accident. She blames herself because she could have driven if she had been there and known her father was sleepy. Her father fell asleep at the wheel. He encourages her to be strong, and they hug.

Randi speaks with Taylor at ConFusion and talks to her about Frankie. Taylor suggests that Randi force Frankie to deal with her and not give up. Randi takes a meal over to Jesse’s place and asks Jesse to leave Frankie and her alone. She cooks dinner and tells Frankie to join her if he wants or not to if he doesn’t. He comes to the table and finally speaks to her, telling her he can’t feed himself. Randi feeds him his food.

Zach and Kendall talk about her case. Zach tells her that they can clear her name if they can get to the DA. The DA is looking for a high profile case, but Jesse is looking for other suspects. The DA wants to jail Kendall because she is Erica Kane’s daughter. Kendall asks Zach what he means when he says “get to the DA”. Zach tells her she knows. She asks him not to do anything crazy. He says OK, and she believes him. Zach cannot believe that she believes that he will do as she asks.

Liza visits Ryan at his home and asks him for details about Annie’s illness. Ryan does not want Annie to be set free without paying for her crimes. Liza wants details about the situation between Annie, Greenlee and Ryan. Ryan does not want Greenlee’s name trashed, so he asks Liza to leave.

Tad sees Taylor at ConFusion, and they talk about lost love. She calls him Mr. Happy. He tells her that ‘Tad the Cad’ is officially gone. Taylor does not understand his comment. Brot returns with flowers, but when he sees Taylor laughing and talking with Tad, he leaves.

J.R. gives Marissa some insight about Babe, and then they hug each other as friends.

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