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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/17/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Marissa asks what David is doing. David says that he is getting drunk as fast as possible because his baby is dead.

Jake says that they convinced David that the baby died and now they have to convince everyone else and asks if Amanda is ready. Amanda says that she doesnít have to pretend because she really did lose her son. They walk inside and Krystal says how sorry she is. Tad tells Jake that he knows all about the plan because Liza told him.

Adam says that Annieís loyalty is the only reason he is alive and that she doesnít belong in prison. Liza asks Adam if he wants her to defend a woman who is accused of a list of felonies a mile long. Adam says that Annie was ill when she committed those crimes. Liza asks if Adam expects her to convince a jury to let Annie walk and welcome her back into society and he says that he does. Adam asks if Liza will take the case and she asks him the real reason that he wants her to defend Ryanís ex-wife.

Ryan asks Erica what brings her by. Erica says that she thought she would come see how he was doing. Ryan realizes that Kendall told Erica that they broke up. Ryan says that he has already fallen in love with another woman. Erica asks who it is and Ryan says that he is in love with Erica. Ryan kisses Erica.

Krystal tells Amanda that sometimes it helps to talk to someone who understands. Amanda says that Krystal lost Davidís baby too.

Jake asks why Liza would tell Tad about the plan. Tad says that Liza didnít have a choice because he hit her in the stomach with a dart on accident. Tad says that he nearly had a heart attack and asks if Amanda is okay. Jake says that Amanda will be fine. Tad asks if Jake still loves Amanda. Jake says that they are talking about his wife and she is everything to him. Tad says that Opal took the kids and Pete to Pizza King. Tad says that he and Krystal will find a reason to get out of there, so that Jake and Amanda can get settled. Jake thanks Tad.

Marissa asks what David did. David says that Jake put Amanda on an airplane to an island and set her up in a clinic with substandard medical care. Marissa says that Jake and Amanda were running from him. David says that all he wanted to do was love his baby, but now he will never get the chance. David tells Marissa to leave him alone because that is how he is supposed to end up anyways, but Marissa says that he isnít alone.

Ryan reminds Erica that she told him if he played his cards right that maybe it would happen. Erica says that she is happy to see that he has lightened his attitude towards women. Ryan says that Erica doesnít have to worry about him and Kendall because she moved back home. Erica says that she never wanted to see Ryan hurt. Ryan says that it was a complicated situation, but this is better for everyone. Ryan gets a phone call letting him know that Annie is being released back to jail from the hospital.

Adam says that the night Stuart was killed someone was hunting him down with a gun. Adam says that Annie could have taken her daughter and ran that night, but she risked losing everything to save him. Liza says that Adam really spun the situation. Adam says that Annie has hurt a lot of people, but she also has been hurt by a lot of people. Liza says that maybe society will give Annie another chance once she has paid her debt and asks why Adam didnít call Barry. Adam says that it needs to be a woman who is smart enough to convince a judge and jury that Annie deserves a fresh start. Liza says that it wonít get that far until Annie is declared mentally competent. Adam says that he can get a sworn statement from Annieís doctor saying that she is no longer sick. Liza says that the court will decide who is going to declare Annie competent and it is a serious process because Annieís victims will be lined up to testify against her. Liza says that she has better things to do. Adam tells Liza what Annie has been through. Liza says that she will take the case if he helps her get back on Colbyís good side so that she can be a real part of Colbyís life. Adam agrees and says that he has to help Annie because she deserves her freedom and her child. JR walks in and says that the Annie obsession is out of control. Adam says that they were having a private conversation. JR tells Adam that Annie is a murderer. Adam says that Annie has a right to legal representation and JR says that she has a right to a public defender, not Adamís pocket. Liza says that it is a done deal and that she is doing it because she is intrigued by the emotional aspect of the case and Adamís sudden bout of compassion. Adam says that he canít tell Liza how much he appreciates her help. Liza says that she needs an office and an assistant or two, and reminds Adam that she doesnít come cheap. JR says that the company is on life support and Adam is spending the rest of their cash to keep a killer out of jail and asks what is wrong with Adam, but Adam says that there is nothing wrong with him.

Amanda says that when she looked into her sonís eyes, they connected and she will never forget it. Jake says that he understands that. Amanda says that if she ever sees her son again, she would recognize him. Amanda says that she and Jake could have a million other kids, but they will never replace her baby boy.

Marissa suggests getting some coffee. David says that he never got a chance to see his son. Marissa asks what happened. David says that Amanda went into early labor and the cord prolapsed, causing their son to die during childbirth. Marissa says that Amanda must be devastated, but David says that she will be fine because Jake will have her knocked up in no time. David says that Jake killed the baby because he knew that Amanda was having a hard pregnancy and should have been home resting. Marissa says that Jake must be in pain too. David says that it is all a game to Jake and he didnít lose a thing. Marissa says that David needs time to grieve and so do Amanda and Jake. David asks if Krystal sent Marissa there to lecture him or if it is a cry for attention. Marissa suggests that they go somewhere else. David asks if it is a pathetic attempt at trying to get him to care about her and she says that it is exactly that.

JR says that he is trying to understand what it is all about. Adam says that he isnít explaining it again. JR says that Adam has been under an incredible amount of stress and if Adam is still confused, JR can get him help. Adam says that his head is clearer than it has been in ages. JR asks why Adam is going so far out on a limb for some woman he barely knows. Adam says that before he buried his brother, he promised to try to be more understanding and generous. Adam says that he is leaving Chandler Enterprises in JR and Scottís hands because he has much more important things to do.

Liza shows up to see Annie and introduces herself. Annie says that she is going back to jail today. Liza says that they need to get that changed. Annie congratulates Liza on the pregnancy and asks when she is due. Liza says that she is due in a few weeks. Annie says that she loved being pregnant. Liza says that Adam hired her to represent Annie and Annie realizes that Adam really does want to help her. Annie tells Liza everything that she has done. Annie says that she killed Richie in self-defense. Annie says that she really is better now and that everything she has done, she did for Emma. Annie asks if Liza understands how far a mother will go to protect her child.

Amanda asks Jake to tell her again that her son is in a great home with people who will give him everything that he needs. Jake says that her son will be loved, protected and cherished. Amanda says that they need to be extra careful from now on because if David figures out that they lied, he will go after the baby. Jake says that David is never going to know about the baby.

David says that at least Marissa is honest. Marissa says that she thought they could help each other, but David says that he is beyond repair. Marissa says that she thought if they spent some time together, he would be less lonely and sad. Marissa says that she misses Babe too, but at least David had some time with her. David asks if it is his fault that Marissa never got to know her sister. Marissa says that it is Davidís fault. David suggests making it easier for both of them by disappearing. Marissa says that either she will drive David home or he will call a cab and they argue about the keys. Krystal comes up and tells David to get his hands off her daughter. Marissa tells Krystal and Tad that Amanda lost the baby. Tad asks Marissa if she is okay and she says that she is fine, but David isnít because she was pretty harsh with him.

David tells Krystal that he has already heard whatever she has to say. Krystal says that she is sorry he lost the baby because she knows how much he wanted another child. Krystal tells David not to lash out at Marissa. Krystal says that if David wants to yell and scream, that he needs to do it with her. David says that Krystal is the only one he could do that with that would understand. David says that he has to go home. Krystal offers to give him a ride and he agrees. Krystal tells Tad that she is going to give David a ride home and leaves. Marissa asks about Amanda and Jake. Tad says that they are hanging in there. Marissa says that at least they have each other to help them through it. Tad says that he is going to call home to check up on them.

Annie says that her daughter is her world and that she did everything to hang on to Emma. Liza says that Annieís story is compelling and asks if it is true. Annie tells Liza that she is sane now. Annie tells Liza the story about Dr. Sinclair. Liza says that it could go a long way in her defense. Liza says that she believes that she can help Annie. Annie thanks Liza, but Liza says that Annie should be thanking Adam. Liza says that they need to find a reason to keep Annie in the hospital. Ryan bumps into Liza outside of Annieís room. Liza says that she is representing Annie because she is intrigued by the case. Ryan says that Annie needs a psychiatric institution so that she can get the help that she needs. Liza says that she is going to prove to everyone that Annie deserves a second chance. Ryan says that every chance Annie gets, she hurts Emma. Liza says that no mother should ever be kept from her child. Liza says that the facts tell her that Annie has a chance at being a free woman and leaves.

An officer finds Tad and tells him that Krystal has been in an accident.

Marissa tells JR that Amanda lost the baby. JR asks if Amanda is okay and says that he feels so bad for her. JR says that for a while he thought the baby could be his. Marissa says that JR almost lost custody of Little Adam because of Amanda. JR says that Amanda may not be the most stable woman in the world, but nobody deserves to lose a child and Amanda was just a victim of David in all this.

Adam tells Ryan that he doesnít have time to discuss gossip about him and Annie. Ryan says that he doesnít care about what Adam is doing with Annie. Ryan says that if Adam thinks that there is a chance that Annie will get Emma back, he is wrong. Adam says that if Annie is exonerated in court, there is nothing to keep her from getting her child back. Ryan says that Adam doesnít stand a chance. Adam gets a phone call.

Liza tells Jesse that she is representing Annie. Liza says that Annie is not to be removed from the hospital until she undergoes further treatment for her injuries. Jesse says that he has a court order to take her back to jail. Liza says that her judge got Jesseís judge to change his mind and the paperwork is in the mail. David is brought into the station and Liza asks what happened to him. An officer says that David drove into a guardrail because hew as drunk and that the lady who was with him is in the hospital. Jesse asks who the lady was. David says that Krystal is fine, but he has lost everything. David says that his baby is dead.

Marissa says that losing the baby has destroyed David and asks how JR can be so cruel. JR says that David deserves whatever he gets. Marissa says that JR should learn to cut people a break. JR says that instead of slamming David, he should be seeing if there is anything he can do for Jake and Amanda. Marissa says that JR might be the one who needs help because now that David has lost his son, he will be coming after Little Adam again.

Adam tells Erica that she had no right to pull strings to get Annie back in jail. Erica says that maybe Adam needs to get Annie a smarter lawyer. Adam says that Erica canít send Annie back to jail because that is where she got stabbed. Erica says that Annie should be behind bars for the rest of her life and that she is going to do everything she can to make sure it happens.

Jesse tells David that there is no excuse for drunk driving. David says that he will take a cab home. Jesse says to put David in a cell until he sobers up. Liza tells David to sleep it off. David says that Liza wouldnít want to be near him because he is known for stealing babies.

Jake says that he hopes Amanda knows how much he loves her and tells her that he has everything covered with her baby.

Tad asks Krystal what is going on. Krystal says that she has a bump on her head and that she shouldnít have had the cop call him. Tad asks what happened. Krystal says that David grabbed the car keys and she couldnít just let him drive off. Tad says that Krystal could have been killed. Krystal says that David was weaving all over the place and passes out.

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