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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/16/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse asks how Frankie is doing. Randi says that she begged Frankie to come home, but he wouldnít listen to her so she came home. Taylor comes in and says that Brot is bringing Frankie back home.

Brot says that Frankie owes him $20 because he had to bribe someone at the cab company to track Frankie down. Frankie says that he was thirsty. Brot says that it is time for Frankie to face his family and Randi. Frankie says that he is having second thoughts about that.

Adam asks Annie how she is feeling. Annie says that she is being discharged. Joe says that after a couple of signatures, Annie will be free. Adam says that Joe canít release Annie yet, but Annie says that it is okay. Adam says that Joe needs to find a reason to keep Annie and Joe asks why it is so important to Adam. Ryan comes in and says that Adam is Annieís guardian angel.

Dr. Sloane says that Ianís progress has been exceptional and that he can possibly go home tomorrow. Kendall and Zach thank Dr. Sloan. Kendall says that their boy is finally coming home. Zach says that he is proud of Ian. Kendall says that she wants to go home with Zach, Ian and Spike and be a family again.

Tad tells Liza that he canít go through with this. Liza says that she canít lose her baby. Tad says that it isnít Lizaís baby, it is Amandaís. Liza says that Amanda canít raise the baby because of David and that she will love and protect him. Liza says that he will be her son and Colbyís brother from the second he is put in her arms and begs Tad to let her have the child because she needs him.

David says that he wants to see his son and asks where he is. Jake says that he will handle it. David says that Jake killed his son because Amanda had no business traveling to a tropical island at this stage in her pregnancy. Jake says that David drove Amanda crazy and she was desperate to get away from him, so she lost her son in the process. David says that it was his son too and says that he has lost another child.

Liza says that she needs this child and Amanda needs to protect him. Liza says that it is the perfect solution. Tad says that Liza is asking 5 people to live with a lie for the rest of their lives. Liza says that she has tried to conceive, but canít. Liza says that she doesnít have the time or patience to wait for the disappointments of adoption. Liza says that she is head over heels in love with Amandaís child, and as far as she is concerned, Amandaís child is her son. Tad says that nothing about this could be legal, but Liza says that she doesnít care. Tad says that there are plenty of other bundles of joy out there, but Liza says that she loves this baby and doesnít care what DNA or anything else says. Liza says that as far as she is concerned, Amandaís baby is her child.

David asks why it keeps ending like this and says that all he wanted was to hear his little boy call him ďDaddy.Ē Jake tells David how sorry he is and David says that he has to see his son. Amanda comes out and tells Jake that she will handle it.

Annie asks Ryan why he is there. Ryan says that Emma told him about Annieís guardian angel. Ryan asks to talk to Adam outside and Adam agrees. Ryan asks what Adam is doing with Annie and Adam says that he is helping her. Ryan says that Annie doesnít need someone to run interference to help her avoid the consequences of her actions and that she needs psychiatric help. Adam says that Ryan only wants that so that he can go on with his life as if she never existed. Ryan says that Adam sounds exactly like Aidan did a few weeks ago. Adam says that Aidan is useless and that he can be very useful. Ryan asks if Adam is going to buy Annieís freedom. Adam says that he understands what it is like to be hated by everyone in town and it will be a cold day in hell before he walks away from Annie because she was the only one who protected him the night that Stuart was killed.

Kendall tells Zach that she is only doing this for the boys and that she isnít pushing for anything else. Kendall says that she is very confused, but she knows that she wants their boys to have the most loving home possible. Zach gets a call from Francesca about some vendors at the casino. Kendall tells Zach to go and that she will stay with Ian. Kendall says that she canít wait for them to go home and Zach says that he canít either.

Randi says that Brot must have worked a miracle because Frankie got on a plane to come home. Taylor says that Brot told her it was Frankieís decision and that she is sure Randi had something to do with it. Angie says that they need to start working on a celebration party because Frankie is alive and home. Jesse tells Randi that Frankie came back for her. Randi says that Frankie doesnít want anything to do with her. Taylor says that Brot pretended to be dead to stay away from her and they are fine now, so Randi and Frankie will be too.

Brot asks Frankie what he is going to do. Frankie says that he loves Randi and wants to be with her, but is afraid that he might hurt her. Frankie says that he has a lot of rage that he doesnít know what to do with and canít afford for Randi to be in the line of fire. Brot says that all the rage and anger will pass. Frankie says that it will pass with another shot of whiskey. Brot asks what he is supposed to tell Frankieís family. Frankie says to tell them that he loves them, but canít be there with them right now. Brot says that Frankie is a coward.

Adam says that Kendall should be locked up because Stuart is dead thanks to her. Kendall tells Adam that she didnít kill Stuart. Adam tells an officer that he wants Kendall out of his sight because she is a murderer. Kendall tells the officer to get his hands off her.

Liza says that she is begging Tad to support her in this. Tad says that he supports Liza, but asks her why Amandaís baby. Liza says that it is her child. Jake calls Liza and says that David is there and she might not get the baby after all.

Amanda tells David that he canít see their baby and David says that she canít stop him. Amanda says that the baby isnít there.

Liza says that they canít take her baby away from her. Tad says that they should wait for more information. Liza says that she just wants her baby. Colby and Pete show up and Liza asks Tad to keep this a secret for now. Tad agrees and tells Liza to fix her hump. Colby asks if Liza is okay. Liza says that she is fine. Tad says that he told too may jokes about unwanted water-gain bloat. Pete says that all he sees is glow. Pete says that Liza has definitely gotten bigger since he saw her last and asks if the baby is kicking. Colby says that she got to feel Jenny move all the time and says that they should see what the baby can do. Liza says no and Colby apologizes. Liza says that she has to go because she is late.

Adam says that he wants Kendall arrested. Kendall swears to Adam that she didnít kill Stuart. Joe tells them that he could hear them at the other end of the hospital. Adam says that he wants Kendall banned from the hospital, but Joe says that it isnít going to happen. Adam says that maybe he will do something about it because they canít have killers walking the halls. Annie says that she is a killer and that Kendall is only a suspect. Adam says that Kendall shot Stuart in the back. Kendall says that she and Zach are not responsible for shooting Stuart and that she hopes the police find Stuartís killer real soon. Adam says that he is looking at Stuartís killer and hopes that she rots in hell.

Ryan finds a Christmas present at his front door.

Zach tells Francesca to go over the numbers again. She says that the vendors would rather hear it from Zach. Liza comes in and says that she needs a drink. Zach comments about her condition and she says that it turns out that she is barren.

David asks Amanda what she means by their baby isnít there. Amanda tells David that the baby is gone. David asks another person about the Martin baby. The man says that they did everything they could. David says that the baby isnít in the morgue and asks where he is. Amanda tells David the details about the delivery. Amanda says that she held the baby, but couldnít say goodbye because he was already gone. Amanda says that David doesnít want his only memory of his son to be a little baby in the morgue. Amanda tells David to say a prayer and hold on to the thought that the baby is in heaven with Leora and Babe.

Brot comes in and Angie asks where Frankie is. Brot says that Frankie isnít coming. Brot says that Frankie is a ConFusion and is having a hard time. Angie says that she will go talk to him and drag him back there if she has to. Taylor says that she will go get him because maybe it will be easier for Frankie to talk to her because she was over there too. Jesse agrees with Taylor. Angie asks Taylor to bring Frankie back home. Randi says that she must have totally screwed everything up, but Angie and Jesse try to convince her otherwise. Jesse says that Frankie loves Randi and came back for her and the rest of them. Angie says that she couldnít take Frankie vanishing like he did the first time he came home.

Frankie remembers Randi telling him that things didnít turn out the way he wanted, but he will improvise and Brot saying that Frankie is a coward.

Colby says that her mom is psycho. Colby says that Liza wonít shut up about bonding, so she let herself go with it for a second and got blown off. Tad says that Colby has to cut Liza some slack because he upset her, but it is going to get better. Pete says that babies make everything better. Pete talks about wanting a big family and Colby says that they are friends and that is it. Colby walks out. Pete asks why Colby wonít love him. Tad says that you canít make love happen. Tad says that it might not happen with Colby, but Pete says that Colby is the only one for him. Tad says that Pete might have to prepare himself for another possibility, but Pete says that he would rather extrapolate polynomials.

Ryan reads a note from Jack saying that Greenlee did some early Christmas shopping. Ryan reads the note from Greenlee and reads the inscription on the goblets that she got him about how much she loves him.

Liza thinks it was the perfect plan, but it got blown to pieces because of David. Zach asks what David has to do with it. Liza explains that David and Amandaís baby was going to be hers, but now David is in the middle of everything. Zach says that it is a good thing that it is over because Liza was going to raise David and Amandaís baby in Pine Valley. Liza says that she just lost her child and Zach says that she will have another one.

Randi says that she canít do this anymore and that her marriage is obviously over. Angie asks where Randi is going. Randi runs into Frankie and hurts his bandaged hands, causing him to scream.

Adam asks Annie if she is comfortable. Annie thanks Adam and says that Kendall really upset him. Adam says that Kendall thought he killed her child, so she put a bullet in his brother. Annie tells Adam to sit down. Annie says that she looked in Kendallís eyes and saw the truth. Annie says that Kendall didnít kill Stuart.

Kendall shows up to see Ryan and tells him about Ianís progress. Kendall says that she has to pick up a few things because she is going to stay at the house for Ian. Ryan shows Kendall the Christmas gift from Greenlee that Jack found. Kendall asks how they got there and Ryan says that she went back to Zach. Kendall says that she and Zach arenít back together, but that Ryan is better off without her there right now. Ryan says that Kendall doesnít have to take absolutely everything. Kendall says that she has made a mess of Ryan and Zachís lives and asks Ryan not to comfort her because she doesnít deserve it.

Zach says that there are a lot of kids that need homes. Liza says that she has fallen in love with this baby and Zach says that she will fall in love with the next one too because kids make you love them. Liza thanks Zach for the drink and he says that he wants to help.

David says that Tad called when he was searching Jakeís hotel room. David says that Tad didnít know who he was talking to, but that David realized that Jake and Amanda went there for more than a honeymoon and it had everything to do with the baby.

At ConFusion, Josh asks Tad if he is alright. Tad says that he is fine. Tad orders a beer. Taylor walks in and smiles at Tad.

Angie asks Frankie about his pain meds. Frankie says that he is self-medicating himself and that it is time for another round. Frankie asks where the celebration is and starts going on and on about being a cripple. Jesse tells Natalia to put some coffee on. Angie says that everything is going to be okay.

Adam says that he wants to talk about Annie and helping her. Annie says that she doesnít think there is much that Adam can do for her. Adam says that if he sets his mind on something, he gets it. Adam says that he promised to keep Annie out of prison and reunite her with Emma and it is as good as done. Annie kisses Adam and laughs.

Ryanís phone rings and he answers it, but doesnít find out who it is. Gayle says that she told the person that they couldnít make any calls.

Jake says that Amanda was really amazing with David. Amanda says that she wasnít amazing enough and asks if the baby is okay. Jake says that the baby is miles away from here with his new parents. Amanda says that her baby boy is so beautiful and perfect.

Liza says that she has to go find another baby because she canít just stop being pregnant. Jake calls Liza and says that David bought the story, so she will get the baby. Liza hangs up and says that she is having a baby.

A woman brings the baby in to see Jake. Jake tells the boy that he will see him real soon.

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