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All My Children Update Monday 6/15/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Annie is talking quietly to Emma about having a secret, and when Emma leaves the room briefly, Ryan asks what it’s about. Annie tells him it’s silly girl talk, and he persists in questioning her. She finally tells him they’re planning to take over the government, and Ryan isn’t interested in her games. Ryan tells Annie their daughter learned to lie from her, and he reminds her she needs to do whatever the court asked her to do. Annie says she will have to do what the court tells her because of Emma. Aidan sees Emma in the corridor of the hospital and asks her if she had been playing the secret game, and he wants to know her mother’s secret. Emma refuses and says if she tells, it won’t be a secret anymore. Aidan tells her about his game. It’s the “cold, warm, hot” game, which is about answering questions in a way that tells how close the other is to the truth.

Ryan takes Emma home and as she draws a picture, he asks her about why she told him she had a tummy ache when she didn’t and how she knew her mother was in the hospital. She answers that she just wanted to see her mother and promises to tell him the truth next time. Then Ryan asks her about the secret, and she says if she tells, she loses the game she is playing with Aidan. Ryan keeps bringing up the secret and how she needs to tell him everything and not keep secrets, and she tells him that it’s about her mother, who told her Ryan was going to help her get out of prison.

Aidan goes in to see Annie, and Annie asks him why he doesn’t come right out and ask her the questions instead of asking her daughter to do it. She accuses him of not trusting her, and Aidan replies that he knows she’s hiding something. He wants to know what she tried to tell him in the hospital when she said, “…I came so close.” She tells Aidan that she allowed herself to be close to being happy. She isn’t going to let those doctors continue to dissect her mind. Aidan asks where Adam is since he’s usually there. Annie ignores him and turns away.

Tad is apparently unconscious as Liza tries to wake him up. He thought he had hurt her when the dart pierced her stomach. When he wakes up, Liza assures a relieved Tad it’s a fake - she’s not pregnant. He continues to poke her stomach to be convinced. That is when Liza begins to tell Tad about the plan she and Jake worked out to get Amanda’s baby. He actually catches onto to the plan before she finishes telling him she wants a child. She explains the plan to fake the baby’s death and pass it off as her own. Tad tells her she is “…out of your red-headed mind…” to think this will work. There are too many secrets and lies, and she is underestimating David. Krystal calls Tad to tell him David learned where Jake was and he went after him. Tad gets Liza to tell him where they’ve gone, and he calls Jake’s room in Barbados. David is there, and Tad talks to him, thinking he is Jake and telling him that David is on his way and to get out of there. David gets the cleaning woman to tell him where they are.

Tad and Liza continue to disagree, and Tad feels Jake needs a kick in the head, but he is more concerned about Amanda because Liza is getting her baby. Tad has a headache, and Liza tries to calm him down. He feels that Jake will suffer for the rest of his life because of what they are doing. He tells Liza, “No parent should ever be separated from their child.” Liza agrees, but then brings up Colby and how Tad helped her keep him from Adam. Tad asks how that went, but Liza feels that David is another matter. Although he wouldn't want David to take care of one of his children, Tad would also would never tell a parent, even David Hayward, that his child is dead. When Liza asks if he’s talking about Dixie, Tad admits he is and recalls how Dixie lied to him about Kathy for years, even allowing him to mourn for her and talk to her like she was dead. He believes that Dixie regretted her actions until the day she died, not because of the pain she put him through but because of what she did to their daughter. Therefore, Tad thinks Liza will hate herself for taking David and Amanda's child.

Marissa and Krystal are having a chat, and Krystal learns that David left Marissa and went off in a plane to find Jake and Amanda. Marissa tells Krystal that David didn’t listen to a thing she said when she tried to talk to him. Krystal says he is obsessed with his children, but Marissa is disappointed that he doesn’t seem interested in her. She hoped that he, knowing he had another daughter around, would refrain from going after Amanda’s baby. Krystal tells her of his reaction when she lost his baby and he grabbed and scared her. Marissa encourages Krystal to call Jake and let him and Amanda know that David is on his way to see them. Krystal doesn’t want Marissa to become David’s next obsession. Marissa misses her parents terribly, and she wants him as a second father and thought she might take Babe’s place. She then asks Krystal, “How pathetic is that”?

Amanda is in the hospital holding her baby. She is talking to him as Jake enters and tells her they need to move quickly because the people adopting the baby have arrived. When she balks at giving up her child, Jake assures her she doesn’t need to do so if she doesn’t want to. She is too afraid of David finding her and taking the baby. Jake offers to fight him face-to-face at home, but Amanda insists that David will not stop going after this baby and the little boy deserves better than that. Amanda asks for a minute to say goodbye to the infant.

Amanda tells the baby how beautiful he is and how she has made many mistakes, but she doesn’t want to make the mistake of letting David get him. She tearfully tells him how much she wants to keep him and that she wants to know what his voice and laugh will be like but that she can’t keep him. She will let him go for his sake. Jake comes in the room and takes the baby, and Amanda turns in her bed and continues crying. As she is saying to herself that she wants the baby, David enters the room and puts his hand on a startled Amanda. She begins to tell him to get out of there. He wants his son, and Amanda says he’s not there. Jake comes in and tells him the baby is dead.

Jake tells him it’s David’s fault because of all the stress he put Amanda under by constantly interfering and telling her he will get that baby. David goes for Jake’s neck, but an orderly stops him from choking Jake. Alone in the hall, David is upset and loudly demands that the nurse tell him where his son is.

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