AMC Update Friday 6/12/09

All My Children Update Friday 6/12/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

David checks on Amanda’s hospital appointment, but is told that it was canceled. Liza visit tad’s home to see Jake, but Jake is not home. Tad and Krystal talk to Liza about Jake’s wedding. They tell her that David was at the wedding tied to a chair with a gag in his mouth. David enters Tad’s home looking for Amanda, telling them that he wants his baby. He asks Liza why she is at Tad’s home. Liza tells him that she and Tad are old friends.

Jake reviews his messages and calls Liza, who wants to know if their plan is still OK. David tries to track them, but Jake rented a private jet.

Jake and Amanda are on their honeymoon in Barbados. Amanda has a pain and tells Jake that she has Braxton Hicks that started on the airplane.

Marissa visits Babe’s grave and see JR and Little A. Little A has flowers for Babe’s grave. Little A runs off to catch butterflies. JR questions Marissa about her feelings for David. Marissa knows David’s dark side, but believe he has a soft side. Little A invites Marissa to see his mom, than they kneel down in front of Babe’s grave.

Aidan comes to visit Annie. He wants to take her for a walk, but she wants to stay in her bed.

Ryan brings Emma to see Angie for an upset stomach. Ryan checks on Ian and Zach asks about Kendall. Ryan has not seen Kendall all night. Kendall spent the night with Spike, who is hiding behind her in the bed. Ryan tells Zach about Kendall and his conversation at Greenlee’s.

Jack shows up looking for Kendall. Jack talks to Zach about Kendall’s case. He proposes that Kendall pleads guilty by reason of insanity and spend five years in jail. Zach is against that. Kendall walks in and overhears them. She rejects the guilty plea as well. They all agree to fight since Kendall is innocent. Later Kendall rethinks things knowing that Zach would be a good father to her boys. Zach insists that the boy’s need their mother, and five years without her would be too long.

Angie thinks that Emma is fine. Emma sees Aidan and wants to know if her mother is still in the hospital. Aidan tries to take Emma to see her mom, but Ryan stops him. Ryan knows that Emma was faking her illness in order to see Annie, but he does not let them visit with each other. Aidan get Annie to come see Emma. Emma tells Annie a secret; she faked her illness hoping to see her mom. Annie tells her a secret; she has a guardian angel.

Krystal gets Marissa to agree to keep David away from Amanda.

Liza returns to talk to Tad, and he tells her that David should not be deprived access to his kid. Liza tells him that David is horrific. They play a game of darts, and Tad throws a dart in her belly, but Liza did not make a sound.

Marissa meets up with David at Wildwind and tries to reason with him about the baby. When David finally tracks down Jake and Amanda, Marissa asks if he's going to be good or bad.

Amanda is admitted into the hospital in Barbados. The doctor tells Jake it will be a natural childbirth as opposed to a C-section, because she's completely dilated. During the delivery they see that the cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck, but Jake safely removes it and delivers the child.

Kendall talks about the kiss and her problem with wanting comfort. She talks, but Zach is uncomfortable, and tells her the kiss was a mistake, and he does not want to talk about it.

Amanda holds her baby, than she tells Jake that she cannot give him up.

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