AMC Update Thursday 6/11/09

All My Children Update Thursday 6/11/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Tad is in the process of marrying Jake and Amanda, and when he asks for objections, David arrives and states his. Tad is officiating the ceremony after getting his license over the Internet. The Martins tie up David so that he will not interfere with the wedding. David continues to talk, so Tad instructs Opal to put a gag in his mouth. Amanda and Jake do not have rings, so Tad allows them to use Kathyís Princess Diary flashing rings. Amanda says her personal vows to Jake, and then they kiss.

Annie talks to Aidan, who thinks she is crazy. Aidan is afraid that being with Adam will prevent Annie from getting healthy. Annie almost tells Aidan why she dropped him but caught herself. She apologizes to Aidan for rejecting him for Adam.

Erica visits Ryan and talks to him about Adam and Annie. Ryan believes that Erica is jealous. Erica explains to him that Adam is the vulnerable one since he has lost Stuart and his daughter has moved out. Erica calls Aidan crazy for being worried about Annie.

Zach and Kendall get good news about Ian. They are so excited that they kiss and go in for seconds. The kiss catches them off guard and slightly embarrassed. Erica comes in, and Kendall leaves to get air. Zach explains to Erica that he and Kendall are getting along very well. Kendall attempts to knock at Ryanís front door but remembers her kiss to Zach and leaves.

Jesse visits Zach and tells him that David has been released. Zach is upset that Kendall is still the suspect. David implicated Kendall. Jesse tells Zach that Liza represented David. Zach sees Liza walking towards him and brings her into the hospital lounge.

Liza tells Zach that she did not mention seeing Kendall with a gun. Zach reminds her that if she implicates Kendall, he will tell the truth about her pretend pregnancy. Liza tells Zach that she intended to throw Davidís case, but he turned on her instead.

Kendall arrives at Greenleeís old apartment and finds Jack packing boxes. Greenlee gave Kendall a key to her apartment. Jack tells Kendall about David being released. Kendall is afraid because she is still the main suspect. Jack leaves, and Kendall talks to Greenleeís picture about Zach and Ryan. She feels that Ryan and she love each other, but something is in the way. She believes that Ryan still loves Greenlee. She tells Greenlee that she kissed Zach and it felt good. She asks Greenlee to give her a sign telling her what she should do. Ryan shows up at Greenleeís, and Kendall wants to know why he is there. He tells her that sometimes he wants to feel close to Greenlee and he has not gotten over her. He tells Kendall that she is not over Zach.

Krystal talks to David and asks him to leave Amandaís baby alone. David rails at Krystal and tells her that she is not the one who should be lecturing him on the sanctity of love. Krystal reminds David that they had a one-night stand, and then she got pregnant. Marissa comes over to the Martinís and unties David. She defends him and calls out the Martins for the assault on her father. Krystal tries to talk to Amanda about being brainwashed, but Marissa now feels special, but once she wakes up to Davidís ways, she will feel used. Marissa rejects Krystalís message.

David runs into Liza at the hospital and tells her he knows that she is trying to get him away from his baby. He slams her against a hospital bed and tells her that he is not stupid. Liza tells him to stay away from her.

Erica visits Annie, and Annie apologizes for stabbing Erica.

Zach looks into his sonís bed and tells him that he will get stronger and better.

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