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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/10/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Opal and Tad sit on the sofa watching a snowy, blank TV screen when a happy Jake and Amanda enter the room. Amanda warns Tad he only has until Friday to install the converter box that will allow them to watch TV. Opal wants them to install it right then because tomorrow is the big wedding when Hayley and Mateo tie the knot, but Amanda and Jake wave a marriage certificate which they hope will be theirs when Tad marries them. Later, Jake and Tad are at the computer where Tad becomes an ordained minister. When they finish that little exercise, Jake interrupts Amanda and Opal watching the Spanish soap and tells them they need to get the show on the road.

David, his counselor, Liza, the D.A., Henry North, and Jesse are all discussing Davidís activities the night of the murder. Mr. North thinks itís too convenient that Kendall pulls David into it when sheís being suspected of committing the crime herself. Jesse thinks Kendall was rushing into view when she stumbled. David followed her, picking up the gun Kendall dropped because she realized she couldnít shoot Adam. David decided he would use it himself to end Adamís life. However, David denies shooting Chandler but admits he hasnít been completely honest. He didnít have a clean shot at him, so he took the tunnel that goes directly under the parlor and out to the terrace where he could line up a good shot. But another shot went off, and he saw Kendall running away, but standing over Stuartís dead body was Liza.

Liza assures the D.A. and Jesse that she just went to the mansion to get the letters she wrote to Colby, who never saw them because Adam kept them from her. They tell her to show them the letters. Then the D.A. requests that in addition to producing the letters, he wants her to provide a new statement. She is to confirm what she stated earlier Ė that Kendall was on the terrace with a gun the night of the murder.Ē

Ryan and Erica are talking at the hospital. He is going to take Spike to the penthouse for the night, and Erica thinks thatís a great idea. Erica tells Zach and Kendall. Erica meets Adam in the hallway of the hospital. Adam is there to see Annie, which surprises Erica. Later, Erica pulls Adam into a room and speaks with him about Annie and how she will hurt him.

Zach and Kendall are in Ianís room, and Kendall suggests they close their eyes and imagine Ianís birthday party and him healthy and strong. She canít go beyond that because itís not that time yet and Ian isnít at home or healthy. She hopes she is there to see when he is at that place in his life, and Zach assures her she will be. Ian goes to the operating room. Now Zach asks Kendall to close her eyes and listen to the train Spike is driving. Somebody didnít buy a ticket. She thanks him but canít think of that right now. She brings up the case against her and wants to know if they still think she killed Stuart. Kendall thinks that because they got married so Zach couldnít testify against her, the D.A. is bent on locking her up and proving her guilty. She pleads with Zach not to keep anything from her. Zach brings up the point that the D.A. is young and ambitious and if he could prove the daughter of Erica Kane guilty, it could translate into votes in the next election. Kendall thinks Zach isnít 100% sure she didnít kill Stuart, but he says there are two things heís sure of: Ian will recover, and she didnít kill Stuart. She thinks there is a little flicker in him that isnít sure, and she feels sheís the only one who knows she didnít commit the crime. Zach tells her to be strong for the boys.

Angie and Aidan talk, and Angie assures him that although Annie has an infection, she will be all right. She then tells Adam he could see her but not for long. J.R. and Aidan talk. J.R. isnít happy that Adam is getting too involved with Annie, who could take advantage of Adam.

Adam questions Angieís doctoring skills and then goes in to see Annie. He tells her that since she saved his life, he will make everything better for her. He goes back to the hallway, and J.R. tries to calm down because he is worked up over Annie. Erica walks up, and J.R. tells her that Adam is upset over Annie. Erica looks surprised. J.R. lets Erica know how much she did for Adam after Stuartís death. He also says Adam wonít listen to a thing he says. Erica says one thing she knows ďÖis that anyone who hangs on to Annie Lavery winds up getting hurt, or worse.Ē

Ryan and Aidan meet, and Aidan asks about Ianís condition. Then Ryan says he must go check on Annie. Aidan wants to know how he left Annie. Ryan figures out that she has left Aidan, who finally understands that Annie has been playing him, and says Annie is crazier than ever and needs to be locked up. Ryan needs to help make Adam see that. Ryan tells him, ďYou go from being her biggest fan to her enemy just like that.Ē Aidan says he isnít her enemy, and Ryan tells him that heís just upset that Annie doesnít need him anymore.

Aidan goes in to see Annie, who is feverish and trying to say something about how she didnít have a choice but to hurt him and asking,Ē Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening right now when I was so close?Ē Aidan doesnít appear to understand what she is saying.

Opal brings Amanda a bouquet of flowers from the garden and helps the beautiful bride with her makeup. She says that she dreamed of her wedding with her mom and dad there and Tim waiting for her. She asks Opal what her parents would think if they knew how different from her dreams her wedding will be. Opal assures her that Janet and Trevor were there and that her dress or the size of the wedding doesnít matter. She picked the right guy. Jake appears and overhears what is said. Opal leaves. Jake tells Amanda that Tad is taking this very seriously, and Amanda says she is taking it seriously, also.

Amanda adds, ďIíve never been known for thinking things through, but I would never marry you if I didnít love you, if I didnít know I want to be with you forever. And Iíve never been so sure of anything in my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, watching sappy movies and eating beef nib-nibs, and laughing at your dorky jokes Ė and wondering how I ever got so lucky.Ē Jake replies, ďYou had me at nib-nibs.Ē Tad walks by and good-naturedly tells them to knock it off.

The ceremony begins with Tad getting too detailed for Jake, who wants him to ďtighten it.Ē Tad lets him know he will do it the way it seems bests, and when he gets to the part: ďIf anybody objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold his peace.Ē David enters with this line: ďThat would be me.Ē

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