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Amanda reads “The Dangers of Delivery” and Jake says that she is freaking herself out. Amanda says that things go wrong in delivery all the time. Jake tells Amanda to stop thinking about the worst-case scenario, but she says that she can’t because if something happens to the baby there will be a woman out there who will be losing him too.

Colby tells Liza that she wants to move out of the mansion. Liza says that Colby can move in with her, but Colby says that she found an apartment with Corrina and was hoping that Liza could help with the deposit.

Aidan asks about Annie and Adam says that she couldn’t be in better hands. Aidan thanks Adam for sitting with her and says that he can take it from there, but Adam says that he isn’t going anywhere.

Krystal tells Angie that she left David and is staying with Tad.

JR tells Jesse to arrest David for assault, but David says that he was protecting himself. Jesse says that he needs to ask David some questions about the night Stuart was murdered.

Zach says that if they don’t find anything on David, she is still the prime suspect. Kendall says that Ian and Spike will be men by the time she gets out of prison, if she gets out. Ryan tells her not to think like that, but she says that she has to because all evidence points to her and she could be facing the death penalty.

Adam says that Annie asked him to come after she was stabbed and that she didn’t want Aidan. Aidan says that he would like to spend some time alone with Annie. Adam says that Annie deserves a chance to get better and that Aidan put her in the hospital bed by encouraging her to escape. Annie asks them to stop and says that she has to talk to Aidan.

Liza asks how much Colby needs and says that she will write out a check. Liza says that whenever Colby needs help, she should just call. Colby thanks Liza. Liza tells Colby that she has to talk to Adam.

Amanda says that if the baby comes out too early, he could have trouble breathing. Jake says that the child is so strong that they could deliver him right now. Amanda asks what happens if she can’t say goodbye to the baby.

Krystal tells Angie that she finally walked away from David because he tried to buy Amanda’s baby. Angie asks if there is anything she can do and Krystal asks Angie to pray that she has the strength to stay away from David.

Jesse says that David hasn’t given a statement yet. Marissa says that two people have been arraigned already. David says that they are friends of Jesse’s, so they don’t count. JR says that he saw David at the front gate with a loaded gun. David says that JR knocked him out and stole the gun. David asks JR if he had enough scotch to accidentally put a bullet in Stuart’s back. Jesse tells JR to get out of there.

Zach tells Kendall to go home and get some sleep, but she says that he has been with the baby all night. Zach says that he and Ian have some talking to do and asks Kendall to give Spike a kiss for him. Kendall says that she will be back very soon.

Krystal asks Marissa what is wrong. Marissa says that David has been taken down to the station because Jesse is eyeing him as a suspect in Stuart’s murder. Krystal tells Marissa to call Mr. Stark, David’s attorney. Marissa says that Stark is out of town and Jesse is trying to nail David for a crime he didn’t commit. Marissa says that David told her that he didn’t do it.

Liza asks if everything is okay with the baby and Jake says that he is fine. Amanda says that it is just hormone overload. Amanda asks Liza for any words of wisdom for the delivery. Liza says that it was a long time ago and that she is kind of nervous too, but that Amanda doesn’t have anything to worry about. Liza says that Jake will be there to help Amanda no matter what. Amanda gets up to use the bathroom. Jake says that Liza doesn’t have to shove him down Amanda’s throat. Liza says that it is obvious that Jake and Amanda are very together. Jake says that it could change after the baby is born.

When Aidan asks what happened, Annie says she was stabbed. Aidan says that she should have had someone call her. Annie apologizes and says that she knew how Aidan would react. Aidan says that he will always be there for Annie and she says that it scares her.

Kendall says that it is a good thing that David was brought in for questioning. Ryan agrees and Zach says that he is thinking. Kendall says that she knows that she shouldn’t get her hopes up because David will find a way out of this, just like everything else he does. Zach suggests a road tip and Ryan agrees. Kendall says that Jesse won’t just let her off the hook because they ask him to. Zach says that they have to go higher than Jesse.

Jesse tells Natalia and another officer to search David’s house. Marissa says that it is illegal to search a house without a warrant and Jesse says that he has that taken care of.

Liza tells Amanda that everything will go exactly how it is supposed to go and leaves. Krystal comes in and tells Amanda and Jake that David has been brought in for questioning about the night of Stuart’s murder. Krystal says that if David goes to prison, he won’t be able to get anywhere near Amanda’s baby.

Colby remembers talking to Adam before Little Adam’s custody hearing. Adam comes in and asks where Colby is going. Colby says that she is going anywhere as long as it is far away from him.

Jesse says that he is trying to find out what happened at the Chandlers’ that night, but David says that they are trying to pin a murder on him. David says that he has the right to have an attorney present.

Marissa says that David shouldn’t be in there alone. JR says that Marissa shouldn’t care because she doesn’t know David. Scott tells JR that it is enough, but JR says that David killed Stuart. Scott says that attacking Marissa won’t bring Stuart back. JR leaves and Scott apologizes. Marissa says that she doesn’t believe that David killed Stuart and Scott says that he doesn’t know what to think anymore. Jesse comes out and says that David is asking for his lawyer. Marissa says that Stark is out of town until Friday and Jesse suggests calling in a public defender. Liza says that it won’t be necessary and that she would like to represent David.

Annie says that she has to pay for the crimes that she has committed and nobody knows how long it will be. Aidan says that they will get through it together, but Annie says that he shouldn’t have to put his life on hold and wait for her. Annie says that she knows Aidan will never walk away, which is why she has to do it for him because he deserves more. Annie asks an officer to show Aidan to the elevator. Aidan asks Annie not to do this and she says goodbye to Aidan.

Adam says that he can explain about the letters. Colby says that Adam had her believe that Liza didn’t care. Adam says that Liza kept Colby for 13 years and that he wanted to love her without Liza’s interruptions. Colby says that Adam blew his chance. Adam says that they can work it out, but Colby says that the last 3 years have been a total lie. Colby says that she is leaving and it is Adam’s fault.

Liza introduces herself to Marissa and says that he would be happy to help David. Marissa says that David can use all the help he can get. Liza asks to see her client.

Zach and Ryan meet with Mr. North. Mr. North says that he has more than enough evidence to put Kendall away. Zach says that they have evidence on David too, but Mr. North says that it isn’t the same kind of evidence that they have on Kendall. Mr. North says that Zach only married Kendall to keep from testifying against her, but the damage is done because he has a case against her.

Angie says that if Kendall wants to take a break, she can stay with Ian. Kendall says that with the trial coming up, she doesn’t want to miss a second of time with him. Angie tells Kendall not to give up hope. Kendall tells Angie about David being questioned about Stuart’s murder and about the footprint.

Liza tells David that they need to focus on his case. David asks when Liza became a lawyer and she says that it has been a long time. David asks why Liza is doing this. Liza says that she is there to prove to the town that David has a heart too.

Zach says that the election is coming up and that the DA can’t afford to make mistakes and that is why he won’t pursue the David angle. Ryan asks what they are supposed to tell Kendall and Zach says that they should keep it between them because Kendall is scared enough.

Angie introduces Kendall and Dr. Sloane, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Seaview Hospital. Angie says that she called Dr. Sloane to consult on Ian’s case. Dr. Sloane goes in to check on Ian. Angie says that if David goes to prison, Kendall is going to need another surgeon. Kendall says that they want a different surgeon anyways. Kendall thanks Angie for looking into it. Angie tells Kendall to stay positive because David is long overdue for a karmic kick in the butt.

Liza says that she and David are a lot alike because they both went up against Adam and lost. Liza says that she knows what it is like to have the whole world against you and that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks except for Colby. David says that Colby won’t like it any more than Adam will. Liza says that she will get Colby to understand. David asks if Liza is sure about taking his case because stress isn’t good for the baby. Liza says that she knows what is good for her baby. David asks where they start. Liza says that Jesse has a warrant and is searching Wildwind right now. Liza asks David if there is a possibility that Jesse will find anything. Jesse and Mr. North come in. Mr. North says that the footprint is a match to a shoe in David’s house. Jesse asks what David was doing near the terrace.

Amanda and Jake talk about the possibility that David is going to be locked up. Jake says that anytime they have ever got close to nailing David, he slithered away.

Colby says that maybe she should stay and Adam says that she is making sense. JR tells Colby that she should move in with Corrina and that it is a great idea. Colby says that she is the closest thing that Little Adam has to a mom, but JR says that Little Adam will be fine and that Colby should take this chance. Adam says that Colby should be under that roof with her family. Adam says that all he cares about is what is best for his children. JR says that Colby wants to leave for the same reasons that he took off to San Diego because Adam controls his children’s lives with a stranglehold. JR asks Adam to let Colby go because she needs it. Adam says that Colby will always have a home and a father who loves her.

Amanda says that if David gets carted off to come jail cell, they could keep the baby. Jake asks Amanda to marry him and she says yes.

Krystal shows up at the police station and says that Marissa’s voice reminded her of when she defended David, which made her worry about Marissa. Marissa says that she is doing this for Amanda’s baby and for Little Adam. Krystal says that Marissa is helping David to get closer to him.

Jesse asks David what he was doing on Adam’s property that night. Liza says that David doesn’t have to answer that, but David says that he will tell them what they want to know.

Adam says that his whole world is disintegrating around him and he is the one to blame. JR tells Adam to blame David because the police believe he might have shot Stuart. Adam says that it should have been him lying on the floor and it would have been if it hadn’t been for Annie. JR asks what is going on between Adam and Annie. Adam says that Annie saved his life and he might get a shot at redemption.

Kendall asks Zach how it went with the DA. Angie interrupts and says that they have good news. Dr. Sloane says that he thinks Ian is ready for surgery.

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