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Ryan asks Annie why David reminds her of the night of the murder. Ryan says that they should talk about that night again, but Annie is tired finds that night horrible. Adam tells Ryan to back off because Annie didnít kill Stuart. Ryan says that he was just trying to figure out what happened that night. Adam tells Ryan to go back and set up someone else for Stuartís murder because Annie was the only person in the house who didnít want to kill him.

J.R. and Scott talk about Chandler Enterprises. J.R. says that PR matters as much as profit and loss, so they will turn the spotlight on the man who is responsible for their misery. Marissa comes up and asks who they are talking about. J.R. says that they are talking about her father.

David says that Ian is getting stronger every day and they will be able to put the new valve in soon. Kendall asks David where he was when the gunshot rang out the night of the murder. David says that they are not going to build a case against him. Zach says that there is no way he is letting his wife take the fall for David.

Randi apologizes to Brot for not being stronger for Frankie. Brot says that Frankie is like this because he put up walls around his feelings. Randi asks what she is supposed to do. Brot says that Randi can either keep fighting Frankie or go home, but either way, Frankie will resent her for it.

Marissa says that David is suffering and that J.R. and Scott donít need to add to it. J.R. says that David is a scum-sucking slime ball who has not suffered as much as he has made J.R. suffer. J.R. tells Marissa what David did while trying to get custody of Little Adam. Marissa says that if J.R. hadnít kept David away from Little Adam, then David wouldnít have come after J.R. like that. J.R. says that Marissa is lucky that Krystal kept her away from David for so many years because she didnít end up warped like he did. Marissa says that she is just as alone as David is. J.R. says that it is better to be alone than to be mixed up with David. Scott says that J.R. has no idea what it is really like to feel alone in the world. J.R. tells Scott that David might have murdered Stuart and says that Scott shouldnít be so quick to defend Marissa. J.R. says that Scott needs to tell Marissa to get out of there as fast as she can before she ends up murdered, too.

Ryan says that he is just trying to figure out who is responsible for Stuartís death before anyone else gets hurt. Adam says that if Ryan was smart he would be thanking Annie instead of harassing her. Adam says that Annie is the one person who kept Emma safe from whoever was trying to kill him. Annie says that all evidence points to Kendall according to the newspaper. Ryan says that Kendall didnít kill Stuart and neither did Zach. Adam asks if Ryan thinks that someone attacked Annie because she saved Adam. Ryan says that he doesnít but it might have something to do with why David was there. Ryan asks Annie if she saw David at the mansion that night. Annie says that she saw David bring Little Adam into the nursery. Ryan asks if David had enough time to get outside on the terrace before the gunshot went off, and Annie says that he definitely had that much time.

Jesse tells Jack not to get his hopes up because they have been over the area before and havenít found anything that would exonerate Kendall. Jesse says that he hopes they do find something to help Kendall.

David says that it was no secret that he wanted Adam dead, just like Zach, but someone beat them to it. Kendall says that she did not shoot Stuart. David says that she shot someone who she thought was Adam, but was really Stuart. Zach says that there were a lot of people on the property that night ready and willing to shoot somebody. David says that J.R. took his gun before he left the gate. Zach asks where David was when the gun went off, and David says that he was not on the terrace. Kendall says that she tripped over David when she was running through the property.

Frankie tells Randi to get out and leave him alone, but Randi says that she is his wife. Frankie says that he doesnít need her if she canít give him his hands back and make them the way they were. Randi says that maybe she needs him. Randi asks Frankie if he is going to just toss her to the side like every other guy just because the world has come crashing down.

Jack says that the prosecution will claim that any evidence came from a tainted evidence field because too much time has passed. Jesse says that the area has been sealed since the night of the murder and has been under 24-hour surveillance. Jesse says that the killer could try again since Adam is still alive. Jack says that Kendallís motive no longer exists. An officer comes over and says that they found a manís shoe print where Kendall tripped. J.R. comes back and asks what is going on. Jesse says that they have a new lead. Scott agrees to be cooperative, and Jesse asks what size shoes they wear.

David says that he doesnít blame them for wanting to find a way out but that they wonít be doing it at his expense. Kendall says that she knows what she saw. David says that it is convenient that she just remembered it. Zach says that Kendall isnít lying. David says that Kendall didnít see him at the mansion. Kendall remembers talking to Jack about what happened. David suggests that they find another surgeon to handle Ianís case. Ryan comes in and tells Zach and Kendall that there is another witness.

Randi tells Frankie to stop shutting her out. Randi says that she is done begging to be let in and leaves. Randi tells Brot that she is going to count to 10 before she goes home to give Frankie a chance to come after her.

Annie thanks Adam and he says that she saved his life. Adam says that his symptoms are gone and he hasnít had any more confusion since he stopped the pills. Annie asks about Adamís memory. Adam says that he will do everything in his power to get Annieís charges dropped and get her Emma back.

J.R. says that David will get away with killing Stuart because he would find a way around it. Scott says that they have to wait for the cops to pull all the evidence together, but J.R. says that Scott is wrong.

David tells Marissa that he is leaving because he isnít going to sit around and wait for the villagers to storm the castle. Marissa asks David if the things J.R. told her are true, and he says that he did all of them because he was not going to let his grandson be raised by a drunk. Marissa asks why David is running. David says that the Chandlers have turned the tables on him and are out for revenge. David tells Marissa all the things he has done and says that he wonít stop her if she feels like running away. Marissa says that she isnít going anywhere.

Ryan tells Kendall and Zach what he found out from Annie. Ryan gives them an alternative suspect in Stuartís murder, but Zach says that there are a lot of ďwhat ifsĒ in that scenario. Kendall says that it kind of makes sense, but Zach says that they need something more concrete. Jesse comes in and says that he found a footprint. Jesse asks Ryan and Zach what size shoes they wear, and they are ruled out as suspects. Jesse says that he is on his way to see David.

David says that he wanted Marissa to understand why he canít defend himself there. David swears that he did not kill Stuart. Marissa asks him to stay and offers to help him prove it. David says that she would be wasting her time and gaining a lot of enemies. David says that if Marissa wants to help him, she can give him a head start before she calls the cops. Marissa asks why she should call the cops, and David says that he doesnít want them to think that Marissa is on his side. Marissa says that David shouldnít have to run if he is innocent. David thanks Marissa for her help. J.R. comes up and asks David if he is going somewhere. David hits J.R. and runs as Scott comes in.

Adam and Annie talk about why she saved him.

Brot goes in to talk to Frankie about Randi. Brot says that Randi is halfway to the airport by now, and Frankie says that it is a good thing. Brot says that Frankie doesnít want to let Randi walk out of his life. Frankie tells Brot to stop quoting his words back to him. Frankie says that it was different with Brot and Taylor because Taylor was there. Frankie reminds Brot that Randi wasnít. Frankie says that it is better off this way. Brot says that it isnít better for Randi and that Frankie will regret this for the rest of his life.

J.R. asks Scott if he called the cops yet and Scott says no. Jesse shows up and asks if David is home. J.R. says that Jesse just missed David and that he is leaving town. Jesse starts to call in an APB but cancels it when David walks back into Wildwind.

Brot says that he blamed Frankie for saving his life but now he knows why. Brot says that Frankie saved his life so that Brot could return the favor someday and asks if Frankie can live without Randi.

At the airport, Randi listens as the final boarding call for a flight to Philadelphia is announced.

Adam sits by Annie's bedside holding her hand when Aidan walks in asking about her. Adam assures him that she couldnít be in better hands.

Kendall hopes the footprint could give her the reasonable doubt that she needs if it's David's. Ryan says that it could but they have to keep digging until they can prove that David killed Stuart. Zach says that if the footprint doesnít match and they canít find anything on David, Kendall will still be the prime suspect and will go to trial.

When Marissa asks David why he came back, he says that he couldnít let them run him out of her life like they did with Babe.

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