AMC Update Friday 6/5/09

All My Children Update Friday 6/5/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Angie intends to fly to Germany to see Frankie. The live webcam connects, and Brot is on. He tells Angie that Frankie is in surgery. Randi is in Frankieís room, and he yells at her to leave. Angie and Jesse hear him screaming from his room.

Frankie tells Randi that he has no life since his hands are damaged. Angie tells Jesse that no one knows Frankie as well as she does; she knows his moods and how to reach him when he is in despair.

Adam calls Liza to ask for Colby, who did not come home last night.

Jake tells David he got his Chandlerís mixed up when he killed Stuart.

Annie reads out loud the newspaper with a picture of Kendall on the cover. Kendall is named as the suspect in Stuartís murder. Her cellmate tells her to shut up. When Annie does not shut up, her cellmate reaches through the bars and stabs her in her back. Annie is rushed to the hospital and asks the nurse to call Ryan.

Kendall is being arraigned in court. Jack and Ryan are with her. Ryan is concerned that Zach is not present. Kendall does not know Zachís whereabouts. Kendallís trial will take place in six weeks.

Zach shows up at Adamís house. Adam asks what is it that Zach wants, but Zach is silent. Adam tells Zach that he calls Ianís nursery everyday to check on his progress. Adam wants to know if Zach is still planning on killing him.

Kendall is charged with first-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Kendall pleads not guilty to the charges. The district attorney wants the trial as soon as possible. David is in court in the back of the room. Kendall asks Ryan why David was at her arraignment. Kendall returns to Ianís room, and Ryan is behind her. Jack arrives and asks for an audience with Kendall. He asks Kendall to go over her story again. She remembers that as she was running, she tripped over something, but when she looked back, there was nothing there. Jack thinks that she could have run over the shooter.

Zach assures Adam that he is not at his home to do him harm since he is already in hell on earth over his brotherís death. Zach asks for Adamís help because he wants to solve the crime. He knows that Adam will help him catch Stuartís murderer. Liza comes into the room and advises Zach to leave so that he will not incriminate himself. Adam is surprised at her attempt to help Zach, and Adam wants to know if Zach fathered her baby.

Liza tells him that Zach and she are friends. Adam accuses Liza of Stuartís death. Liza tells Zach and Adam about her movements on the night of Stuartís murder. She tells them that her motive for being at the mansion was to retrieve her letters from Colby. Adam starts to remember something but does not say what it is.

Jake tells Ryan that David killed Stuart. He also tells him about David drugging Adam, which caused him to go into cardiac arrest. Ryan asks David why he was at the arraignment. David says he feels sorry for Kendall because of her troubles. David claims that Kendall is in trouble because she did not cover all of her tracks, and Ryan accuses David of covering his tracks.

Randi gets on the live webcam and asks Angie to come to Germany. She believes she is failing Frankie and needs help with him. Jesse convinces Angie that she needs to allow Randi and Frankie to work out their problems without her interference. Angie convinces Randi that she can handle her problems with Frankie if she just digs deep enough.

The knife did not hit any of Annieís major organs. As Annie was coming from under the anesthesia, she sees David looking over her. She tells Ryan that David gave her the creeps and reminded her of the night of Stuartís murder.

David comes into Ianís room, and Kendall gives him the silent treatment. Kendall asks David where he was when the shots rang out the night of Stuartís murder.

Ryan tries to question Annie, but Adam comes into her room and stops him. Adam demands that Ryan leave Annie alone because she is innocent.

David tells Kendall that they are not going to go back to the night of the murder, but Zach walks into the room and tells David that they will.

Brot sits next to Frankie's hospital bed and encourages him to persevere and make the best of his situation, because he doesn't need his hands to be a good doctor. Frankie, however, despairs that he will not be able to operate any longer.

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