AMC Update Thursday 6/4/09

All My Children Update Thursday 6/4/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Jake and Amanda introduce themselves to Marissa after finding out that she is Krystalís daughter. Marissa teases and asks if they are related to her. Jake tells her that he hates her father, David. Jake apologizes to Marissa for speaking ill of her dad. Marissa says that Jake was very confident in his feelings about David. Amanda notices that Jake has been very confident and at ease lately; he feels that way because he has a plan for her baby.

Colby and Liza are talking about the night of the murder. Erica interferes and tries to talk Colby against Liza. Colby dismisses Erica. Colby wants details of what Liza saw the night of Stuartís death. Liza saw Adam shot on the floor with the letters she wrote to Colby in his pocket. Petey arrives and Liza leaves. Pete tells Colby that the blood on Lizaís letters is Stuartís blood and he now thinks that Liza is the killer.

David talks to Krystal about the murder and his feelings.

Zach tells Kendall not to cry because they did not have a real wedding. She has flashbacks of her first marriage to Zach and remembers telling him that she loves him. She also remembers begging Ryan at his marriage to Greenlee and telling him that she loves him. She tells Zach that she is crying because she was thinking about Ryan. Zach tells her that it is OK because it makes sense that she was thinking about Ryan. Kendall tells Zach that the marriage hurts them all and it does not feel right. Zach tells her to look at their son because the marriage is for their boys. He tells her to go see Ryan. Kendall will not leave Zach with Ian alone, but he asks Angie to help him out if he needs a break. Angie agrees, so Kendall leaves to visit Ryan.

Ryan questions Annie about the picture Emma drew. Annie wants to make a call to her daughter before she will answer all of Ryanís questions. Annie gives Ryan details about Adam, J.R. and herself on the night of Stuartís death. She hid in the attic while the murder was taking place. When she heard the gunshot, she pulled out her gun in the attic. Ryan leaves to talk to Adam before he allows Annie to call Emma.

Tad comes over to Wildwind to pick up Krystal, but he is acting like the village idiot. David orders them out of his house. Krystal and Tad arrive at the Yacht Club, and Marissa asks about David. Krystal apologizes to Marissa for comparing her to Babe, and Tad plays music and asks Krystal to dance. Krystal makes sure that Tad understands that she is not coming back to him. Tad says he understands.

Angie heard about the remarriage of Zach and Kendall and wants to know why the couple is not spending their wedding night together. Angie tells Zach that he sacrificed so much for Ian and Kendall. Zach tells Angie that he is out of Kendallís heart and mind and that Kendall is out of his. Angie does not agree.

Marissa offer to fill the void in Davidís life left by Babeís death, Little A and Krystal leaving. Krystal does not want Marissa to get sucked in.

Erica came to stay with Ian to allow Zach and Kendall time alone. Erica tells Kendall that she knows for a fact that Zach loves her. Erica tells Kendall that Zach went to prison to protect her and laid his life on the line. She wants to know if Kendall is grateful and why she is not appreciative of what Zach did. Kendall tells Erica that she is grateful but she loves Ryan and that there is nothing Erica can say to make her change her mind. Erica leaves after agreeing with Kendall that she cannot make her change her mind.

Adam tells Ryan that Annie is innocent of killing Stuart.

David is depressed, drinking, and breaking things, and then sees a vision of Babe. She tells him he has done wrong and should try to be a good man. She asks him to leave Amanda and J.R. alone. Marissa visits David and nurtures him. He asks why she is so kind. She tries to understand him. She tells him that he is terrified of being alone and doesnít think that he deserves love. She tells him he pushes people away. Babe told him the exact same thing.

Kendall visits Ryan, but he tells her that she should be with Ian. She tells him that she loves him, but he feels as if she is asking a question not making a statement. She tells him that she needs to hear that he loves her, and he says the words.

Liza comes to the hospital to see Kendall to apologize for her statement to Jesse. She runs into Zach and apologizes for having sex with him. She tells him that it is too bad that he is Kendallís husband because every time she sees him, she wants to rip off his clothes. He shows her his ring and explains about being married again. She is shocked and cannot believe that Zach is trying to protect his ex-wife. She tells him that she did not believe that guys like him still existed. She tells him that Kendall is very lucky. Kendall arrives, and Liza tries to apologize, but Kendall is rude and mentions the fact that Liza and Zach slept together.

Annie is finally allowed to speak to Emma on the phone.

Kendall returns, and Zach tells her he did not expect to see her back. She tells him that she could not stay away. He asks her to take over watching Ian as he relaxes in the recliner.

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