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All My Children Update Wednesday 6/3/09


Written by Virginia
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Anoma

Jake is at the hospital, looking through a file belonging to Liza when she was pregnant with Colby, and Liza approaches him. He asks her how she is feeling, and she replies, "Jake, I'm not really pregnant." Jake assures her she will be soon. Jake tells her what is in the file - complete tests, notes, exams, and he explains he'll just have to change the dates and names and it will all work. He tells Liza he is taking Amanda to Barbados and she will have a C-section. Liza is to lay low for a couple of weeks, and then she will have the new baby. The file is a sort of insurance for Liza if anyone starts asking questions. Jake assures her the plan will work. He shows her a sonogram of Colby at 28 weeks, and Liza is tearful. Amanda enters, and when Liza leaves, she comments that she thinks she will like Liza, and Jake assures her she will.

Jake asks Amanda about the report from her doctor, and she assures him she's fine, but he wants to know why she looks a bit unhappy. She is just worried that, somehow, their plan won't work. He explains the plans about taking her to Barbados in a week, the birth of the baby and how important it is that everything needs to appear as though the baby died. He tells of having someone lined up to sign the death certificate. He assures her that a family is adopting the baby and all will be well, but he neglects to tell her that the adoptive parent is Liza.

Amanda comments that it all sounds so final, but Jake feels that's what she wants. Amanda asks what happens when they return from Barbados. Jake talks again about the baby having love surrounding it. Amanda asks if she should get a plane ticket, and Jake kisses her lovingly.

Colby walks by Liza's room, and Erica is looking around. Colby asks why she's there and learns Erica is looking for evidence that proves Liza killed Stuart. She tells Colby she knows she has refused to support Liza's alibi, and Erica keeps pushing Colby to realize Liza could be the killer. Colby tells her she's not interested in finding anything to prove her mother could be the killer. However, as she begins to look around, she finds the letters Liza has sent to her while she was gone.

Colby leaves her mother's room and starts going through the letters and reading them. She is very touched and emotional that her mother didn't forget her. Pete comes in, and she expresses her happiness at finding the letters. He is supportive and shares the moment with her. Then he discovers the last letter has blood on it. Pete says it was mailed in May and suggests it could be Stuart's blood. He is off to test the stain and make sure it's blood. Liza enters and asks Colby what she was doing earlier in her room. She learns Colby found the letters which she guessed that Adam was keeping from Colby. She tells Colby how angry she was at herself, which later turned into sadness because she realized after she left, that, without Colby, she had nothing. She never stopped loving her daughter. Colby asks her mother how she got the letters if her dad hid them. She then realizes Liza had to have been in the house that night, and Liza admits it but assures Colby she found the letters and left. Colby calls her a liar.

Pete is testing the blood on the letter and calls Colby telling her the stain on the letter is blood. Colby asks Liza why there was blood on the letter and accuses her of coming to Pine Valley to kill Adam. Liza tries to comfort her while denying this, but Erica walks in and tells her to take her hands off Colby.

David is at home, looking a mess. His hair is uncombed, his shirt unbuttoned and his mouth bloodied, and he is sound asleep on the sofa. Krystal is there with Scott, and she is telling him how frightened she was when David grabbed her last night when he was so very angry. Scott calls Jesse to come to David's home and he then tells David he will be on him day and night until he can prove he killed Stuart. When Jesse arrives, Scott tells him that Marissa heard David last night as he all but admitted killing Stuart. Jesse asks Krystal what she knows. She tells him that no one wanted Adam dead more than David, who then says, "Come on, just cuff me." He thinks she wants him put away so she can go back to her ex.

David tells Jesse there is nothing there. "Scott is desperate to pin his father's murder on someone other than the ones he gave a shoddy heart valve to. My beautiful wife just wants to hurt the man she loves." Krystal tells him she doesn't love him and she doesn't know how she ever thought she loved him before. Marissa had called Krystal and told her about David's behavior the night before. Krystal angrily tells him, "I know you, David. The pain gets too great so you grab a bottle and chug it until you can't think anymore, and then you can't fight and you can't lie. And that's when it all comes out. You shot Stuart and you drank to ease your guilt." Then David blames his drinking on Krystal leaving him.

David tells them all to get out of his house. Scott is angry but Jesse assures him they will eventually get the killer, but he's too angry to stay away from David. After all are gone but Krystal, David tells her that those he was thinking about last night were his children, not her.

At the hospital, Ryan tells Kendall and Zach that she should marry Zach so he can't testify against her. Kendall is shocked that they are telling her she must pick one of them to marry right now. Ryan makes Kendall realize she could end up in prison, and Kendall agrees to marry Zach. Zach asks Ryan if he thinks he shot Stuart. Ryan tells him he wouldn't have gotten out of prison because he would have been so "tied up in guilt for killing a man like Stuart."

Ryan tells Erica he suggested Zach and Kendall get married to protect her. She leaves to find Kendall and congratulate her. Kendall tells her it's just a marriage on paper.

A minister approaches Zach and Kendall to marry them, and a nurse appears as witness. The ceremony is very short and business-like. Both Kendall and Zach let their feelings show a bit through their expressions, but the ceremony stays cool. Zach had the rings, they say the vows, but when the minister says it's time to kiss the bride, Zach walks away. It's evident that Kendall is hurt. Zach follows her and tells her not to cry. She thinks of earlier times when she vowed to love him. Then she thought of telling Ryan her heart loves him. She tells Zach not to worry. She was thinking about Ryan.

Ryan is playing with Emma, and Opal suggests the little girl get her purse in the kitchen. Opal pulls out a drawing that Emma did and then threw away because she feels Ryan needs to see it. It's a picture of a woman pointing a gun. Emma finally admits to her dad that the woman is her mother.

Ryan goes to Annie with the drawing and shows it to her. She tells Ryan she will tell him at whom she was pointing the gun.

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