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All My Children Update Tuesday 6/2/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Colby reads the article on Kendallís arrest. Colby says that it is weird that Kendall showed up at Stuartís funeral when she is the reason that he is dead. Scott says that he is the reason that his dad is dead, not Kendall.

Marissa asks David if he has been drinking and he says that he is out of orange juice. Marissa asks where Krystal is. David says that Krystal packed up and left. Marissa asks what happened and David offers to tell her all about it.

Erica tells Liza that the Valley Inn has lots of rooms. Liza says that she likes it there, so Erica needs to get used to seeing her. Erica says that if Liza slaps her again, she will press charges. Jack comes in. Erica asks if Jack would like to join her for breakfast. Jack says that he already has plans and apologizes to Liza for being late.

Zach tells Jesse that he wants to recant his confession and asks what happens next. Jesse says that maybe he can set up a meeting with the DA. Zach asks if he can get out and Jesse says that it depends on what Zach has to say.

Kendall talks to Ian. Ryan asks how Ian is doing and Kendall says that he is great. Ryan asks if Kendall got any sleep and she says that she didnít get much. Kendall says that as long as she gets to be with her son, she doesnít care how much sleep she gets. Kendall says that Zach should be released soon. Ryan asks if Kendall is 100% positive that Zach didnít kill Stuart.

Marissa asks where Krystal went and that what happened isnít her business. David says that Marissa is family, so it is her business. Marissa says that she should go. David says that Krystal was right to leave him because she gave up so much to be with him. David says that Marissa was right to walk away and asks her why she thought about coming back. Marissa says that this was a mistake. David says that he would give anything to have Krystal walk back through the door. Marissa says that if David loves Krystal, maybe they can work it out. David says that Stuart is dead, not Adam, the person who should be in the grave. Marissa asks what Stuartís death has to do with Krystal leaving. David says that a good man is dead and Adam is alive because Krystal got in the middle of it. Marissa asks what happened that night. David says that Adam was supposed to be the one to die and makes a shooting motion with his hand.

Scott says that it doesnít matter who pulled the trigger because he loaded the gun. Colby says that Scott canít blame himself. Scott says that he brought the valve to the company and it almost killed Ian. Colby says that Scott meant well, but things got out of control. Scott says that things got out of control because he couldnít see past his ego. Scott says that he never should have come back. Colby says that it isnít Scottís fault. Scott says that he saw the fear in Kendall and Zachís eyes when he went to stop the operation and couldnít look them in the eyes. Colby says that the grief doesnít give Kendall and Zach the right to do this to their family. Scott says that he did this to their family and will have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life.

Liza says that she never meant to hurt Kendall. Jack says that every time someone is placed at the scene of a murder with a gun in their hand, bad things happen. Liza says that she had no choice because Jesse wanted answers and tagged her with motive. Jack says that several people in town have every reason to want Adam dead. Liza says that she is sorry that she saw Kendall and wishes that she hadnít, but at least she didnít see Kendall shoot Stuart. Jack says that Kendall didnít shoot Stuart. Liza says that Jack is a fantastic lawyer and will get Kendall off if it gets that far. Liza says that she recanted, so it should help. Jack says that Liza isnít going to risk disbarment by perjuring herself on the stand.

Mr. North talks to Zach and Jesse. Zach says that he wants to recant his confession and that he didnít kill Stuart. Jesse says that Zach confessed to protect Kendall. Zach says that he wants to do whatever he can to get out and see his son in the hospital. Mr. North asks Zach if he went to the Chandler house to kill Adam. Jesse says that Zach went to stop Kendall, but Zach admits that he went to kill Adam. Jesse says that Zach did it because he thought his son was dead. Mr. North asks why Zach didnít follow through with his threats against Adam. Zach says that he saw his wife on the terrace with a gun, but she didnít fire it. Zach says that his wife isnít capable of killing anyone. Mr. North says that he needs facts. Zach says that the fact is that even though Kendall thought that Ian was dead, she wouldnít leave Spike without a mother. Mr. North says that this is Zachís opportunity to recant his testimony, not protect Kendall. Mr. North asks who killed Stuart if it wasnít Zach or Kendall.

Kendall says that she is 100% sure that Zach didnít kill Stuart and asks if Ryan is disappointed. Ryan says that all he wants is the real killer to be caught and that he feels like it is his fault that Kendall is going on trial. Kendall says that Liza is to blame and that Ryan was just trying to protect him. Ryan says that Kendall wouldnít have ended up in handcuffs and says that they should have coordinated their stories beforehand. Kendall says that it isnít Ryanís fault that she didnít have an alibi. Kendall says that the police will figure out who killed Stuart. Kendall says that Liza canít be trusted and that Liza has been spending all her time with Zach instead of her daughter. Ryan asks why Kendall cares that Liza has been spending time with Zach.

Krystal says that she would tell Tad what she wishes for, but if you say it out loud it doesnít come true. Marissa calls Krystal and begs her to come to Wildwind to talk to David because he has lost it. Marissa says that David keeps talking about Adam Chandler should have died. Krystal says that she canít come over there because itís over. David bangs loudly on the piano.

Colby says that she feels torn because both of her parents need her. Pete says that his parents are in different countries, but when he was little, he wanted them back together. Colby says that she did too when she was little. Colby and Pete talk about how their parents combust and about their connections. Colby says that even with all the things her mom told her, she didnít hate her dad. Colby says that Adam isnít perfect, but he isnít the monster that Liza always said he was. Pete says that Adam is a scary guy. Colby says that Adam is the kind of guy who collects enemies and the kind of guy people want to kill.

Zach says that he doesnít know who killed Stuart, but that he knows Kendall didnít. Mr. North says that Kendall had a gun in her hand and lots of motive. Jesse says that there is plenty of motive to go around. Mr. North says that Zach and Ryan both lied to protect Kendall. Zach says that Kendall doesnít have it in her to kill anyone. Mr. North says that Zach confessed immediately after Stuart was shot and that he did it because he believes that his ex-wife was not only capable of murder but guilty of it.

Erica asks Jack why he would meet with the woman who had Kendall arrested. Jack says that Kendall had herself arrested and that he is trying to prove that she is innocent. Jack says that he canít help Kendall without interviewing all the witnesses. Erica says that Liza is the killer, not a witness. Erica says that Liza lied about Kendall to protect herself. Jack says that nobody saw Liza with a gun in her hand and that Liza seems very sorry that she even brought Kendall up, but Erica doesnít believe him. Jack tells Erica to stay out of it, if she wants to help Kendall. Erica tells Jack that there is no way she is going to stay out of until her daughter is cleared.

David says that Little Adam would be safe right now if it wasnít for Adam. Marissa suggests that David should take a shower or get some sleep. David tells Marissa not to change the subject. David says that he should have killed Adam when he had the chance. David says that Adam was supposed to die, not Stuart and throws his glass against the wall. Krystal shows up and David realizes that Marissa called her. David asks if Krystal came to sober him up. Krystal says that she doesnít care if David drinks himself to hell, but it isnít Marissaís problem. Krystal tells Marissa that she should go. Marissa leaves. David says that he knew Krystal would come back because she still loves him.

Ryan asks why Kendall canít handle Zach having a fling with Liza. Kendall says that she can handle it because she and Zach are living their own lives and that she doesnít care who Zach moves on with. Kendall admits that the pregnancy thing bothers her because Zach has a history of fathering children without telling her. Kendall says that if Zach did father the baby, that means that he slept with Liza while she was in her coma. Ryan says that it is crazy and suggests that Kendall should ask Zach if the baby is his. Kendall says that Zach was ready to throw his life away to protect her and it seemed a little tacky to ask him if he fathered Lizaís baby. Erica walks in and asks them not to tell her that there is more bad news. Ryan says that it depends on who Erica asks. Kendall says that Zach has been sleeping with Liza.

Zach says that he is cooperating and asks when he can be released. Jesse says that the DA might be a little leery about Zachís new cooperation, since the first time he cooperated, he gave a false confession to protect the ex-wife who is now being held for Stuartís murder. Zach says that he told Mr. North the truth. Jesse says that it didnít help Kendallís case because Mr. North is going to run with it until Kendall is put away for life. Zach says that he did what he could to get out of there and find the real killer before Kendallís trial starts. Jesse tells Zach that he is free to go.

Colby talks to Pete about Liza wanting to be a happy family now that she is pregnant again. Colby tells Pete about her conception and what her parents have done. Colby says that she wants things to be normal. Pete says that he doesnít think her family can do normal, but it doesnít mean that she canít get along with both of her parents. Pete says that Liza knows that she screwed up and maybe now she is trying to make things right. Colby says that Pete is pretty smart. Pete says that he has been studying relationships and talks about chemistry. Colby tells Pete to cut it out, but he says ďnever.Ē

Krystal says that she came because of Marissa, not David. Krystal asks why David keeps going on and on about Adam, Stuart and murder. David says that it wasnít murder, it was a terrible mistake. David says that so many good people are gone and Adam keeps on living. Krystal says that David needs some coffee. David asks Krystal not to go. Krystal says that she has to get back and David asks where she is staying, but she says that it isnít his business. David asks if Krystal went running right back to Tad. Krystal tells David to curl up with his drink. David says that Krystal will not walk out on him again.

Marissa stops to see Scott. Scott invites her in. Marissa tells Scott that she believes her father killed his father.

Erica says that Liza had Kendall arrested so that she could have Zach all to herself. Kendall says that she isnít stopping Liza from having Zach. Erica says that Liza can see the connection between Zach and Kendall. Ryan says that he has to leave for a meeting and that he will call Kendall later. Kendall asks if they are okay and Ryan says that they are good. Erica tells Kendall that Liza is the killer and all that has to be done is a gun has to be put in Lizaís hand. Kendall asks how they do it. Erica says that she will do it because Kendall has her hands full.

Liza asks someone about Jake. The woman says that Jake is somewhere on the floor. Liza thanks the woman and runs into Zach. Liza says that she recanted her statement about Kendall and that she didnít really think that Kendall would be arrested. Zach says that he isnít going to expose her belly to the world and Liza thanks him. Liza says that if there is anything she can do and Zach says that she has done enough. Kendall sees Zach. Zach tells Ian that he will never leave him.

Krystal tells David to let go and sleep it off. David says that his life doesnít make sense without her and that he needs her. David says that Krystal has to come back, but she says that she will burn in hell first. Krystal says that David never loved her and that he was only using her to get Little Adam and get back at Tad. David tells Krystal that he loves her. Krystal says that she has been loved and was with a man who embraced, understood and protected her. David reminds Krystal that she walked away from that safe love and chose him. Krystal says that she chose wrong. Krystal tells David to let go of her, but he refuses because she is his wife. David tells Krystal to put her wedding ring on, but she refuses to put it on.

Erica asks if a woman can help her get into her room because she misplaced her key. Erica promises the woman tickets to the show. The woman lets Erica in and Erica thanks her.

Ryan says that he heard that Liza recanted. Jack says that it is too bad that Liza had already said it. Ryan asks where it leaves him. Jack says that Ryan lying to protect Kendall and then Kendall admitting that she wasnít with Ryan when the shots were fired makes her look even more guilty. Ryan says that he canít be put on the stand and suggests that he will lie. Jack says that perjury isnít the answer. Ryan says that finding the real killer is the answer. Jack tells Ryan that if they donít find whoever killed Stuart Kendall can go to prison, but asks Ryan not to do anything crazy.

Zach says that he will read to Ian later. Kendall says that she is glad he is out. Zach says that he will find whoever killed Stuart because he wonít let her go to prison. Zach says that Kendall wonít go to prison because Ian needs his mom.

Colby finds Erica and asks her what she is doing.

Krystal tries to get free. David says that Stuart is dead because of Krystal because she interfered. Scott tells David to get off Krystal. Krystal gasps when Scott punches Davidís lights out.

Ryan asks Liza if the baby is Zachís and she says no. Ryan asks why Liza gave Kendall up. Liza says that she told the truth and never meant to hurt Kendall. Ryan says that Kendall is innocent and he and Liza are both lined up to testify against her. Liza says that it is killing Ryan that he canít do anything about it.

Kendall says that the DA is convinced that she killed Stuart, but Zach says that he is going to un-convince the DA. Kendall says that Zach is going to have to testify against her. Ryan tells Kendall to marry Zach because spouses canít testify against each other.

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