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All My Children Update Monday 6/1/09


Written by Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jesse tells Zach that he is still looking for answers about the murder case. Zach says that the person responsible is behind bars and tells Jesse to close the case. Jesse says that it keeps getting more and more complicated and that he has arrested Kendall.

Kendall says that everyone had reasons to want Adam dead and that none of this should be happening. Jack tells her that she made bail a half-hour ago.

Colby eavesdrops on Liza and Jakeís conversation and hears them talking about how Jake was supposed to be her father.

Adam and Erica talk about their ďrelationshipĒ. Erica says that she doesnít need any man and Adam says that he doesnít want to be needed. Adam says that Erica was already missing him when she heard that he was dead, but Erica says that she pitied him.

David asks Krystal if they can talk about it. Krystal says that she sees no emotion in Davidís eyes anymore.

Liza says that she thought she left all the bad memories behind her with Pine Valley and Adam. Liza says that Colby doesnít hesitate to tell her what a rotten parent she is, but Jake says that Liza isnít a rotten parent. Liza says that she is afraid that Amanda will change her mind, or that Jake will. Jake says that it wonít happen. Liza asks if Jake can swear to her that the baby will never be taken away from her and she says that he canít tell her that.

David tells Amanda that Krystal left him. David says that the baby was conceived by people who actually liked each other and asks what happened.

Opal says that Tad is a cruel, mean son for beating her, but he says that she is still five games up on him. Opal says that she is too tired to participate. Krystal shows up and tells Opal that she left David. Opal asks what Krystal expected from Tad. Krystal says that she just came by to tell Tad that he was right.

Kendall asks Jack how he did it. Jack says that he called in a judge and a favor. Kendall thanks Jack.

Zach says that Kendall didnít shoot Stuart and asks if she confessed. Jesse says that he was forced to lock Zach up for a crime that he didnít commit and now Kendall is locked up too and asks who that leaves to take care of Ian. Zach says that Jesse doesnít have enough to convict Kendall for anything. Zach asks about Frankie and then suggests that Jesse should go spend some time with him.

Adam says that he doesnít want to be pitied, dead or alive. Erica says that Adam has unfinished business in this world. Erica says that she can tell that Adam is trying to live up to all the things Stuart represented for him and the family. Adam admits that he is reevaluating a few things in his life. Adam asks Erica where they stand. Erica says that Adam will never know what really is on her mind. Colby comes in and says that she needs to talk to Adam alone. Erica says that she was just on her way out. Adam asks Erica not to leave and says that she can use his study to handle her business calls. Erica agrees. Colby tells Adam that she overheard Liza and Jake at the hospital and asks if Jake was really supposed to be her father. Colby goes off on Adam when she realizes that everything Liza told her about him was true.

Liza says that she canít afford to get attached to another child and lose it because this is her last chance to make up for all the mistakes she made with Colby. Jake says that if they do it, the baby is hers - period! Jake promises. Liza tells Jake that if he tries to trick her, she will make sure he will lose the baby and Amanda.

Opal says that Tad is healing right now. Krystal says that she didnít come to try to steal Tadís heart back. Krystal says that she just came by to talk to Tad because she needs his friendship tonight. Tad comes over and tells Krystal ďWelcome backĒ.

Jesse says that Zach needs to consider what they talked about. Zach says that he did and Jesse has the answer. Zach asks about Ian. Kendall says that she is on her way to see him, but had to see Zach first. Kendall asks Zach if he killed Stuart.

Tad tells Krystal to come in and asks her if she and David are really kaput. Krystal says that it is really over. Tad asks where Krystal is going to stay and she says that she hasnít gotten that far yet. Tad says that she is staying there. Krystal says that isnít why she came there. Opal says that they have been down that road before. Tad tells her to cut it out and suggests that they wake the girls up for a picnic to toast to Krystalís return. Opal says that Kathy has school in the morning and that they arenít waking her up. Tad asks if it is okay to wake up Jenny. Krystal says that Tad doesnít understand. Tad says that he understands that Krystal isnít there for him, but needs a safe place to stay and that they are friends. Krystal says that Tad does understand.

David asks what makes Amanda hate him so much. Amanda says that David wants to take her baby. David asks if that is all and she says that he likes to hurt people. David says that there is no pleasure involved, but he does hurt people.

Jake asks Tad what is going on. Tad tells Jake to join the celebration. Opal says that the Martin Clubhouse took in another stray. Krystal says that she is going to get Jenny some more juice. Tad tells Jake that Krystal and David had a fight and she needs a place to stay.

Adam says that all of the things surrounding Colbyís conception, including tricking Liza, was part of wanting to get Liza back in his life. Colby asks why Adam kept it from her. Adam says that Colby will have to ask her mother because she stole Colby away from him and he didnít know where she was for years. Adam says that he wanted to make sure Colby was his daughter instead of Jakeís. Liza comes in and assumes that Adam told Colby the truth. Colby says that she overheard Liza and Jake talking at the hospital. Liza apologizes and Adam asks Colby to forgive him.

Kendall says that what happened was a horrible mistake, but that Zach canít do this to himself. Kendall says that Zach has to fight. Zach says that they both wanted the same thing and now all he wants is for Kendall to be out there. Zach says that he saw Kendall holding a gun and Kendall says that she saw Zach with a gun. Kendall says that she didnít do it because she got freaked out and ran. Kendall says that she thought Zach did it. Zach says that Stuart was shot from the terrace. Zach says that he was still inside the house when Stuart was killed. Zach says that they both know that he didnít shoot anyone. Zach says that he was about to pull the trigger when he heard the gun go off. Zach says that the boys need Kendall more than they need him. Zach says that they need to create some reasonable doubt for her case. Kendall realizes that Zach still believes that she killed Stuart.

Amanda says that she didnít set a trap for David because she didnít plan on having the baby. Amanda says that she has seen first hand how ruthless David can be and David says that he was only trying to see his grandson. Amanda asks David why he doesnít get back with Krystal because they are perfect for each other. Amanda asks David to promise that he wonít try to take her baby and they can work something out.

Jake asks if David sent Krystal over there to spy on Amanda. Krystal says that she left David, but Jake says that he doesnít believe her because she would forgive David for almost anything. Krystal says that she doesnít blame Jake because she has done some awful things for David, but it really is over this time. Krystal warns Jake that David will never give up on Amandaís baby. Jake says that if Krystal hurts Tad or goes anywhere near Amanda, David wonít be the only doctor that she needs to be afraid of.

Colby forgives Adam. Liza asks Colby if she is forgiven for not telling her. Colby asks how Liza could never say a word. Liza says that she wanted to, but she figured that it wasnít the right thing to do. Liza says that she didnít want to see Colby hurt. Colby says that it would have proven what a monster Adam was. Liza says that Adam didnít do it for an ugly reason and that Adam did it to make them a real family. Colby asks what happened if Liza and Adam loved each other so much. Liza says that they both wanted to be in control and that they were too much alike. Adam admits that Liza running off with Colby wasnít the worst thing that could have happened, but he has mellowed. Liza admits that Adam has done a great job with Colby since she has been back. Erica walks in.

Jake asks Amanda what she is doing home. Amanda says that she was freaked out and came home, but is more freaked out that there is a picnic going on with Krystal. Jake tells Amanda that Tad invited Krystal to move back in because she says that she broke up with David. Amanda says that David paid her a visit at the hospital. Jake asks what David did and said. Amanda says that David reminded her of the man she first met after Babe died. Jake says that David was probably trying to keep her off her game and reminds her that everything with David is a trick. Amanda says that David seemed really genuine. Amanda says that she is scared that the plan is going to go wrong. Jake says that he has a sneaking suspicion that everything is going to be perfectly fine. Amanda says that she knows she canít keep the baby, but they have to make sure the wrong person doesnít take it. Jake promises her that the right person is going to get the baby.

Kendall says that she couldnít bring herself to pull the trigger, even though she thought it was Adam. Zach says that the only reason he confessed was to protect Kendall. Kendall asks what they are going to do now. Zach says that he will do what he can to undo what he did and to clear Kendall, but they will have to work on it together. Kendall says that there were a lot of people there and any one of them could have picked up the gun and shot Stuart. Zach says that any one of them had a reason to want Adam dead too.

Liza says that she should go and asks Colby if she can be forgiven. Colby says that this isnít one of the things that canít be forgiven. Liza suggests that they have lunch some time and Colby says that it would be nice. Erica officers to show Liza out and Liza asks if there is anything she should know about Erica and Adam. Erica says that she wouldnít tell Liza anything. Liza says that her interests are only in regards to Colby. Erica says that she doesnít buy Lizaís contrition act.

Jake tells Amanda that it is all going to work out and the right person will get her baby. Amanda says that she is going to go upstairs and take a long hot bath. Jake says that he will bring her up some tea then sits at his laptop and researches possible adoptive parents.

Krystal asks if Tad can see his star. Tad says that it is nice and bright and that Dixie must want him to make a wish, but he canít figure out what it is. Tad suggests that Krystal should make a wish. Krystal says that she doesnít want to push her luck because just being there is enough.

David sits on the windowsill at Wildwind with tears in his eyes, while holding Krystalís ring.

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