AMC Update Friday 5/29/09

All My Children Update Friday 5/29/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.


Amanda is having labor pains, but she was told that she was having false labor, because it is too early for Amanda to be having the baby.

Krystal is at the Yatch Club and asks Marissa if she is really staying in Pine Valley. Marissa answers yes, then continue her job.

Annie tells Kendall that the first day in jail is the hardest, but she will get her through it. Kendall asks to be put into another cell, because Annie is crazy. Annie says that Kendall killed Stuart, which is why she is in jail. Kendall tells Annie that she did not Kill Stuart. Annie says Kendall was acting as a mom when she killed Stuart, and her reason for shooting him was because of Ian. Kendall talks about Annie’s crazy past; Annie explains her illness. Kendall acknowledged her part in Annie’s breakdown; she admits to being wrong in her treatment of Annie. Annie tells Kendall that she forgives her. Kendall does not believe that Annie forgives her. Annie is understanding, and tells Kendall to cooperate with the police, and tell them what they want to hear.

Erica accuses Liza of going for her gun to finish the job on Adam. Erica tells Liza that she came back to Pine Valley to kill Adam. Liza and Erica throw barbs at each other. Erica looks at Liza’s belly and tells her that someone should have had her spaded before she could breed again. Liza slaps Erica.

Jake and David exchange barbs; David is upset that Jake had him reviewed by an Ethics Committee. David offers to buy the baby, and ask Jake what is the going price for a baby now. Krystal overhears David and takes offense to his offer. Jake looks at David’s check and tells him to go to hell. Jake looks at Krystal as he heads out of the door, and tells her that her David is a real winner.

Liza tells Colby that she will not pressure her to let her be her mom. She wants to support Colby doing her loss of Stuart. She apologizes to Colby for her actions.

Krystal came to tell David that Marissa was back in town at her old job when she overheard his conversation with Jake. She accuses David of being obsessed with Amanda’s baby. She explains to him that the baby is a human being not a possession of his.

Erica continues to berate Liza to Colby. Colby tells Erica to shut up then leaves the room.

Liza arrives at the hospital and finds Amanda crying; she asks about Amanda. Amanda tells Liza that David is her baby’s father. Liza consoles Amanda. Liza tells Jake that she no longer thinks her idea to pass off Amanda’s baby as her baby is a good idea. Colby overhears Jake talking to Liza, and Jake saying that he was going to be Liza’s father until Adam interfered.

Adam, Scott, and JR talk about Adam’s fear of the dark when growing up in Pigeon Hollow, and how Stuart bravely supported him, and made him unafraid. Adam says that Stuart was the brave, and good one. Adam apologizes for pitting JR against Scott. Adam will step down from Chandler Enterprises, and allow Scott and JR to be a team. Scott and JR agree to be brothers.

Krystal packs to leave; David tells her that he needs her, and apologizes for offering the money to Jake for Amanda’s baby. Krystal points out David’s wrongdoings. David recognizes his shortcomings.

JR is at the Yacht Club talking to Marissa; Scott visits Marissa and asks her to hang out as her shift is ending.

Jack is Kendall’s defense attorney. He suggests that she pleads temporary insanity. Kendall tells the truth and tells Jack that she did not shoot Stuart, but she was at the mansion the night of the shooting with intentions of killing Adam.

Adam regrets treating Stuart poorly, and Erica consoles him. Adam and Erica talk about their relationship. Erica wants to know what does Adam see when he looks at her.

Krystal takes off her wedding rings, and gives them back to David.

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