AMC Update Thursday 5/28/09

All My Children Update Thursday 5/28/09


Written by Bonnit
Pictures by Laurie R.

JR will be the MC at the funeral. Scott does not want to speak at his father’s funeral.

Amanda regrets her current situation, and wants to be free like Liza Colby. Jake is confused about Amanda’s statement; Amanda explains that Liza has no complications with her baby. Jake advises her to watch her back with Liza. Jake remembers that Liza caution him about David finding out that her baby is fake. Amanda remembers Stuart when she was a kid. Amanda is sad that Stuart and her dad have died. Jake promises that he will not leave her.

Natalia bring Ryan to an inquisition room to meet with Erica. Erica blames Ryan for Jesse’s focus on Kendall as a suspect. Erica questions Ryan who tells her that Jesse had a witness against Kendall. Ryan tells Erica that he does not think that Kendall killed Stuart. Erica thinks Liza deserves to be a suspect.

Liza reneged her incrimination of Kendall; she tells Jesse that she slept with Zach and wanted Kendall out of the way, which is why she gave Jesse Kendall’s name. Kendall calls Liza a bitch and tries to slap her. Jesse interrupts the slap and arrest Kendall.

Tad is having a puppet show for his daughters. Opal tells him that she is going to the funeral. Tad wants to go as well.

At the chapel, Colby accuses her mother of being the killer. Liza states her innocence.

Kendall does not understand her arrest, especially after Zach has confessed. Jesse tells her that all of the evidence points to her. Jesse tells Kendall that Ryan’s and her story does not match.

Marian comes into the chapel and mistake Adam for Stuart. Adam hugs her. She does not blame Adam for Stuart’s death. Adam wants to make things up to Scott on Stuart’s behalf.

Marissa attend the funeral to support Scott as a friend. She encourages Scott to speak at his fatherís funeral.

Jesse brings Kendall to jail. Ryan and Erica see her and rush to her side. Erica tells Jesse about Liza. Kendall tells Erica that Liza has been working Jesse and Zach. Erica wants details, but Kendall does not tell her details. Kendall asks Erica to attend the funeral. Kendall blames Liza for her arrest. Ryan is released and Kendall tells him that she loves him, and to please look after Ian.

Angie arrives at the funeral and tells Marian that Jesse sends his love.

Adam says that he will never forgive himself for Stuart’s murder.

Petey tells Colby that Stuart was the only one who never treated him like a dork.

JR talked about Stuart and his love of Christmas.

Tad makes everyone join him in singing Stuart’s favorite song, “High Hopes”. The audience laughed, clapped and sung along with Tad.

Scott decides to speak at the funeral and he tells them how Stuart taught him a lesson on how loves never dies.

Ruth attends the funeral as well.

Ryan returns to the hospital and tells Angie that Kendall did not Kill Stuart. He promises to find a way to get Kendall off the hook.

After the funeral, Tad and his family decides to watch videos and have popcorn.

Amanda goes into labor.

Erica sees Liza at the chapel opening her purse, and asks if she is going for her gun to finish the job on Adam.

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